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Eddie Howard – another murder conviction bites the dust

A Black man who spent 26 years in prison on charges of raping and killing an 84-year-old white woman from Mississippi, was exonerated on January 18, 2021, after new evidence and the dismissal of bite mark evidence that was the key … Continue reading

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When ‘she said’ removes safeguards of the law

Andrew L. Urban. It is not the first time that police have recklessly charged and detained an innocent man on child sex abuse related charges, just on the say-so of an accuser. Evidence would be a good start … (Most … Continue reading

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Something rotten with Australian justice

Recent events in Australia give little cause for optimism that we have either a clean, efficient and effective criminal justice system or an incorruptible and just policing regime, writes DR AUGUSTO ZIMMERMAN in Quadrant (3/1/21), as he deconstructs the appalling … Continue reading

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The dingo took over my life – book review

Andrew L. Urban. Journalist Malcolm Brown managed to irritate both sides: the Northern Territory Police (and Government) as well as Stuart Tipple, the lawyer for Lindy and Michael Chamberlain, which makes the two men ideal co-authors of Tipple’s journey through … Continue reading

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