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Pell appeal judges reversed onus of proof

In seeking leave to appeal to the High Court, George Pell’s lawyers argue that the approach taken by the majority judges at his appeal ­required Pell to “establish actual innocence”, rather than “merely pointing to doubt”, which was a reversal … Continue reading

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Steve Fennell not a murderer – jury got it wrong

Andrew L. Urban. The High Court in Canberra adjourned for just four minutes before resuming at 2.45pm on Wednesday, September 11, 2019, with a unanimous decision that Steven Fennell’s appeal against his murder conviction should be allowed. A verdict of … Continue reading

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Is there evidentiary basis for shaken baby syndrome? The conviction of Joby Rowe

Chris Brook. Joby Rowe’s 2018 conviction for child homicide was based solely on forensic evidence that openly and overtly lacked any scientific basis, with expert opinions based instead on confession studies. This case raises fundamental questions for forensic science in … Continue reading

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Sarah Ward – the dead of night

It happened around 4am on June 7, 2008. Sarah Ward had been drinking and smoking dope. She took a friend’s car and went out for cigarettes with another friend. The young musicians they came across that dark night in Christie … Continue reading

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Qld & Vic prosecutors set example for Tas prosecutor

Dr Bob Moles & Andrew L. Urban.  It was made clear last night on the SBS program Insight – Wrongfully Convicted Part 2 (September 3, 2019), that the prosecutor in the Queensland case of Frank Button recognised that a significant … Continue reading

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