Noel Greenaway – the evidence in his defence

The following excerpt from PRESUMPTION OF EVIL, Andrew L. Urban’s latest book, challenges Greenaway’s convictions for the sexual and physical abuse of teenage girls at Parramatta Girls Training School nearly half a century before the trial.  Continue reading

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Justice denied – and painted

Andrew L. Urban.

Striking intimate portraits in oil on canvas capturing faces of wrongfully convicted and those advocating for them, by Queensland artist Sky Parra, will be displayed in the DENIED exhibition at Salamanca Art Centre’s Social Gallery, (67 Salamanca Place, Hobart) in August – September this year.  Continue reading

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Presumption of evil

In his new book, Presumption of evil, Andrew L. Urban examines one of the most egregious miscarriages of justice: the case of Noel Greenaway, convicted on the say-so of a handful of women.  Continue reading

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Shopping to improve The System

Andrew L. Urban

Jury research, divorcing forensic services from police and quality control of The System – a shopping list for reforms in a new book by Professor Stephen Cordner AM and Dr Kerry Breen AO.  Continue reading

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The UK post office scandal of wrongful convictions began 14 years ago

ANDREW BRIDGEN, Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire, reveals the back story of this serial miscarriage of justice. “In 2010, as a newly elected MP, nothing prepared me for a constituency surgery appointment with Michael and Susan Rudkin, a couple who gave me their account of how they had been treated by the Post Office.”   Continue reading

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Presumption of guilt & the burden of proof

The presumption of innocence is under attack, writes DAVID RICHARDS, founding member of Australians For Science and Freedom (ASF).  Continue reading

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Folbigg’s lawyer (also) questions the system

It has taken two lawyers working pro bono, lifelong friends who won’t give up, experts who worked for free, strong supporters behind the scenes and much more. What does this say about our system if we need all of this support to get one person the justice they deserve, asks Rhanee Rego, Kathleen Folbigg’s lawyer. It’s not so much a question as an accusation; the system and especially the appellate mechanisms, are not fit for purpose.  Continue reading

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Faked admission of a rape that didn’t happen

The day before the rape trial began, the complainant’s deception came to light: she had rehearsed a script for a phone call to manipulate Gardner Dowling into making admissions to a rape that didn’t happen. In the interest of public debate on the subject of false rape claims, we publish in full BRENDEN HILL’s exclusive report in the Sunday Telegraph (11/2/2024) and ask what consequences follow for women making false claims of rape?  Continue reading

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UK Post Office scandal: 700 wrongly convicted

Channel 7 will screen UK ITV’s drama Mr Bates vs the Post Office over two evenings on 14 and 21 February, the dramatised true story that finally broke the UK’s shocking post office scandal into the public consciousness, and has rocked British politics.  Continue reading

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New York takes the wrongful conviction cake

Andrew L. Urban.

Bypassing the police with her rape allegation, the complainant publishes it in a book, some 37 years later. But it may have been 36 years …The case goes to trial in a civil court.  Continue reading

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