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Did “mistakes and misdirections” prompt Marco Rusterholz murder conviction?

Andrew L. Urban.  It’s one thing for a man convicted of murder to protest the verdict. It’s quite another to painstakingly dissect the trial judge’s summing up, as Marco Rusterholz did, to point out where he thinks “mistakes and misdirections” … Continue reading

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ALERT: ‘chip-in’ to petitions doesn’t help the cause

Don’t let your generosity be fooled: when signing a petition, you’ll be asked to ‘chip in’ to help promote the cause. ‘Chipping in’ sounds benign but it’s just a way of asking for money while you are in a vulnerable … Continue reading

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Calling for disclosure – why mobiles matter

The role of mobile phones in sexual assault cases is crucial, often providing exculpatory evidence – which is why some police investigations prefer not to answer the call for disclosure, as gender issues commentator BETTINA ARNDT explains with a couple … Continue reading

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Could reform help secure safer convictions in circumstantial cases?

Andrew L. Urban.  The most recent – and highest profile – murder conviction based on circumstantial evidence was that of Christopher Dawson, for the murder 40 years ago of his then wife Lynette. The conviction, in a judgement delivered August … Continue reading

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