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Grey dinghy turns white on water and shrinks – DPP tells appeal judge

The Etter/Selby papers reveal ‘what a difference a dinghy makes’ in the 2010 Sue Neill-Fraser murder trial – and how at the 2021 appeal, the DPP insists that the grey dinghy described by an eye witness turns white on the … Continue reading

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Why a Parliamentary Inquiry is the best process to scrutinise the case of Sue Neill-Fraser

Andrew L. Urban The entire Tasmanian legal and law enforcement establishment is under the cloud of the 2010 Sue Neill-Fraser murder conviction, which many claim is not proven beyond reasonable doubt. 

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What a difference a dinghy makes – incorrect testimony misled the court

The following excerpt from the Etter/Selby papers reveals how the jury, the defence and the judge were all misled at the murder trial of Sue Neill-Fraser in 2010 by the eye witness testimony describing a dinghy alongside Four Winds (crime … Continue reading

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Curse of the wrongful conviction of loved ones

Partners and other family members are the first people of interest in criminal investigations – and often rightly so. But when the justice system fails and the accused is innocent, the wrongful conviction vastly increases the impact of the punishment. … Continue reading

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Forensic evidence not always scientific but how would the courts know

Andrew L. Urban. The best first thing that could happen in the criminal justice system is the rending apart of the police from the forensic services around the country, and the establishment of a full scale national forensic institute. The … Continue reading

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‘The homeless girl’, the bikie, the blue rag, TasPol, the lawyers and how it all went pear shaped

The inside story of eyewitness Meaghan Vass, ‘the homeless girl’ at the centre of the Sue Neill-Fraser drama, told by the woman who became her friend, her supporter and her champion – ANDREA ‘ANDY’ BROWN. 

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What the Sue Neill-Fraser jury heard – and not heard: Letter to Editor

In the wake of public comments from senior police and the prosecutor, former DPP Tim Ellis SC, Lynn Giddings, an observer at the Sue Neill-Fraser trial, responds to the prosecutor’s published defence of the conviction.

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Why Sue Neill-Fraser should not have been charged, let alone convicted

Andrew L. Urban. “No one needs to go to sea, your Honour,” said David Gunson SC somewhat lightheartedly, just moments into the opening of the murder trial of Susan Blyth Neill-Fraser, on September 21, 2010. It’s eleven years to the … Continue reading

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Conviction Drive – the cartoon

As writer, actor, philosopher Stephen Fry has said, “It is easy to forget that the most important aspect of comedy, after all, its great saving grace, is its ambiguity. You can simultaneously laugh at a situation, and take it seriously.” … Continue reading

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Do the Police and the Prosecutor in Sue Neill-Fraser case stand by the forensic scientist’s evidence?

We respectfully request Police Commissioner Darren Hine, Police Association’s Colin Riley, Sue Neill-Fraser prosecutor Tim Ellis SC and the Director of Forensic Science Service Tasmania to confirm their trust in the validity of the evidence given by the forensic scientist … Continue reading

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