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The law as manhunt

Andrew L. Urban. I visited Noel Greenaway in maximum security last year. As he came out to greet me, I made a mental note that he was wearing spotless white overalls; prison issue. How ironic, I thought, yet how fitting. … Continue reading

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Respect is earned; so is disrespect, Your Honour

Andrew L. Urban. In a timely warning to his fellow judges, High Court Chief Justice Stephen Gageler has raised concerns that increasing media “attacks” made on individual judges may reflect on the judiciary as a whole, saying judges need to … Continue reading

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Rape or sour grapes?

Andrew L. Urban  The day before the rape trial began last month, the complainant’s deception came to light: she had rehearsed a script for a phone call to manipulate the accused into making admissions to a rape that didn’t happen. … Continue reading

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CCRC would relieve politicians of impossible choice

As things stand, politicians burdened with the responsibilities of Attorney-General often face the impossible choice of advising the relevant Governor on petitions from innocents convicted of sexual abuse. It should not be their choice; legal matters should stay within the … Continue reading

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Why Mark Speakman is the wrong man to lead the NSW Liberals

Andrew L. Urban There is no such thing, I don’t suppose, as a ‘wrongful leader’ but if there were, I would nominate Mark Speakman, the recently elected leader of the NSW Liberal Party. This is my ‘j’accuse’ …

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Letter from the rip

This private letter is from a man who has led an exemplary life, but when accused of historical sexual molestation by a vengeful woman, then a youngster, years after the alleged events, he was tried and convicted, his life ruined. … Continue reading

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Is this Australian justice?

Andrew L. Urban. A man, without a single other legal blemish, convicted of historical sexual abuse of a little girl in his family, 22 years before, believes he could prove his innocence if the NSW Attorney General advised the Governor … Continue reading

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What do Justice Kavanaugh, Cardinal Pell and this man have in common?

Andrew L. Urban. The following note was sent to me on Saturday, March 2, 2019, by a man whose life has been damaged in much the same way as have the lives of Justice Kavanaugh and Cardinal Pell, by allegations … Continue reading

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