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Sue Neill-Fraser case moves out of Tasmania to the High Court

Andrew L. Urban At 9.30am on Friday, August 12, 2022, the (probably three) High Court judges assigned to hear the seeking leave to appeal her 2010 murder conviction by Sue Neill-Fraser, will watch their screens wherever they are geographically, but … Continue reading

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Speculation undesirable (and impermissible) prosecutorial tool

Andrew L. Urban Society does not want prosecutors to win convictions in circumstantial cases based on speculation. It is also impermissible. If it weren’t for professional immunity, the practice would cease. 

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Science in service of the court – or not?

Andrew L. Urban How really reliable is testimony from expert witnesses? How can juries and judges tell if what they are told is unbiased, grounded in solid scientific knowledge and not just opinion? How should such witnesses conduct themselves? Try … Continue reading

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