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Convictions that changed our world

One of the two most recent “convictions” that have changed our world by triggering violent responses was that Israel had targeted a Gaza hospital as part of its response to the Hamas atrocities of October 7, 2023. The other was … Continue reading

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Tasmania: new Sheriff, same old cover up

Andrew L. Urban There is a new sheriff in Hobart town: Attorney-General Guy Barnett was appointed (in turbulent circumstances) to succeed Elise Archer in October 2023. But after years of stonewalling on calls for an inquiry into the murder conviction … Continue reading

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The justice of science for Folbigg

Andrew L. Urban Kathleen Folbigg’s case is finally heading to the Appeals Court where it is expected her convictions for the murder of her children will be quashed, after findings in the latest inquiry, completed earlier this year, digested the … Continue reading

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Should prosecutors take the oath?

Andrew L. Urban.  The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth … that’s the oath taken by witnesses in criminal trials. But not by prosecutors. In our adversarial system, the truth can be an incidental benefit to a … Continue reading

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Call to hold off on Criminal Cases Review Commission “baffling” – Dr Bob Moles

The call by The Bridge of Hope Innocence Initiative (BOHII) to hold off on the development of a Criminal Cases Review Commission “is quite frankly baffling,” comments Dr Bob Moles, “and can, in my opinion, only serve to alienate them from their main client group – … Continue reading

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A decade of denial, Tasmania still a legal laughing stock

Andrew L. Urban. It was 10 years ago: “This case calls for an inquiry,” said the late and great defence barrister Chester Porter KC, after a public screening (at Sydney’s Chauvel Cinema) of Shadow of Doubt, Eve Ash’s documentary about … Continue reading

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The wrongful conviction that harms children

Andrew L. Urban. Why am I writing about climate change on a blog devoted to wrongful convictions? My justification is that carbon dioxide has been wrongfully convicted of causing global warming, according to climate scientists, and the alarmism is causing … Continue reading

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Imagining what Tasmanian justice might try to be

Today is the second anniversary of the tabling of papers in the Tasmanian Legislative Council that dissect many serious problems with the investigation and prosecution of Sue Neill-Fraser for the 2009 Australia Day murder of her partner, but Tasmanian media … Continue reading

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Lucy Letby – serial baby killer or wrongfully convicted nurse?

A fascinating and gob-smacking interview of Dr Scott McLachlan by Norman Fenton that raises much doubt about Lucy Letby’s guilt is part of a report that takes the lid off the most sensational multiple death case in the UK. NIALL … Continue reading

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Open Letter to The Hon Elise Archer, Attorney-General of Tasmania

Dear Attorney, In my new book, The Exoneration Papers – Sue Neill-Fraser (Wilkinson Publishing), I challenge your claims as to why you have not and will not instigate a Commission of Inquiry into the case of Sue Neill-Fraser. I invite … Continue reading

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