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Tommy Robinson not free to speak on rule of law

In the final interview the day before being imprisoned for nine months on contempt of court charges, British activist Tommy Robinson spoke to Middle East Forum Sentry Radio on July 10, 2019. The charges stem from his livestream reporting in … Continue reading

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Complaint to the Integrity Commission Tasmania

Assistant Commissioner Richard Cowling made a misleading statement to the media on or about March 10, 2019. ¬†At a hearing in Hobart on Thursday, April 18, 2019, the prosecution told Deputy Chief Magistrate Daly that key murder witness in the … Continue reading

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Did he say “I shot the prick” or “I can’t breathe”?

By Andrew L. Urban. The choked, panicked words “I shot the prick!” recorded in an emergency call played at a murder trial would have been significant evidence … unless what the man actually said was “I can’t breathe!”. Deciphering recordings … Continue reading

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George Pell appeal: how compelling victim and conflicting facts co-exist

Andrew L. Urban. This appeal underlines the conflict at the heart of many sexual abuse cases: the conflict between a compelling, moving and credible victim on the one hand, and conflicting facts on the other. They can co-exist, with one … Continue reading

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Sue Neill-Fraser petition close to 15,000 signatures

Andrew L. Urban. The petition calling for a Royal Commission or a judicial enquiry into the conviction of Sue Neill-Fraser for the 2009 murder of her partner Bob Chappell continues to attract signatures and is now close to 15,000.

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Open letter 2 to Tasmanian Attorney General Re TasPol & Meaghan Vass in matter Sue Neill-Fraser

Andrew L. Urban. I refer to this matter which I raised over two weeks ago. I now have the audio of the court hearing of April 18 in which the prosecution explained to the court that police advised that Meaghan … Continue reading

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Murder by the Prosecution – Live On Stage

A presentation by Andrew L. Urban on Saturday May 18 at Parramatta College, Sydney, will bring to life the contents of his book, Murder by the Prosecution.

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Kourakis report re Keogh: Chief Justice position now untenable

The report at the centre of South Australia’s scandalous miscarriage of justice in the case of Henry Keogh has finally been released, over 13 years after it was delivered by then Solicitor General Chris Kourakis (now Chief Justice) to then … Continue reading

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Murder scene DNA – Coroner shrugs

Andrew L. Urban The DNA of the eye witness to Bob Chappell’s murder is central to the new appeal in the Sue Neill-Fraser case. Its importance had been downplayed by the prosecution at every step of the legal process ever … Continue reading

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Barbara Etter – the facts

In view of recent interest in Sue Neill-Fraser’s former lawyer Barbara Etter APM, as expressed by readers in various comments, we publish the relevant facts about Etter’s withdrawal from her legal practice in mid 2018, and her statement at the … Continue reading

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