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Famous last words – the prosecutor’s closing address at the Sue Neill-Fraser trial

Andrew L. Urban Former DPP Tim Ellis SC claimed Meaghan Vass was bullied, treated ferociously at trial; ironically enough, eleven years later it was Ellis’ successor Daryl Coates SC who, allegedly, did the bullying. 

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Sue Neill-Fraser – the crux of the appeal & best case scenario

Andrew L. Urban After hearing the appeal against Sue Neill-Fraser’s controversial 2010 conviction of the 2009 murder of her partner Bob Chappell, the three judges walked out of No 1 court in Hobart’s Supreme Court on March 3, 2021, and … Continue reading

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Junk science to keep littering courts

Andrew L. Urban National cabinet (that bastard child of the pandemic) has dumped the review by the nation’s Attorneys-General into junk science that was to lead to reforms in crucial evidence presented in courts.

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Robert Xie hounded, wounded, wrongfully convicted

Following our exhaustive, 3-part examination of the case starting on April 23, 2021, now, 10 years after his arrest, we expose the cumulative injustice that was perpetrated on Robert Xie in the wake of a vicious attack that killed almost … Continue reading

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Laughter in court

We believe in the importance of comedy, and agree with writer, actor, philosopher Stephen Fry who once said, “It is easy to forget that the most important aspect of comedy, after all, its great saving grace, is its ambiguity. You … Continue reading

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