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What is it with prosecutors?

A man in Oklahoma who spent 48 years in prison for a murder he did not commit has been exonerated. Oklahoma county district attorney, Vicki Behenna, said prosecutors had failed to turn over new evidence in the case. That included … Continue reading

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Will the legal system learn from Folbigg, have the guts for reform?

Andrew L. Urban. The question of the title is posed without optimism. The legal system has no proud history of reform. All three past Attorneys-General have ignored or rebuffed calls for a Criminal Cases Review Commission network in Australia. Kathleen … Continue reading

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Genuine rape victims betrayed by unsubstantiated claims

As Bruce Lehrmann’s contentious rape defamation trial of TEN and The Project’s Lisa Wilkinson enters its final week, the whole subject of sexual assault allegations and the law are in the spotlight.

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Neither High Court nor juries guarantee fair trials

Andrew L. Urban. On reading the story of the High Court’s refusal to grant leave to Derek Bromley’s appeal, reader Peter Gill writes: “Reminds me of this article about the High Court’s disgraceful 3-2 stuff-up in the Lindy Chamberlain High … Continue reading

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Bromley – “extraordinary judgement” but still a way forward

Andrew L. Urban. The High Court’s unexpected decision to refuse Derek Bromley leave to appeal his murder conviction yesterday drew a considered response from Flinders University legal academic Dr Bob Moles … and perhaps a way forward to another appeal.

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Folbigg’s four baby deaths convictions quashed on Appeal

After a month of deliberation the NSW Appeal court has quashed Kathleen Folbigg’s convictions for three counts of murder, one count of manslaughter, and one count of maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm. She has spent 20 years in jail and … Continue reading

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High Court split decision against Bromley appeal

Andrew L. Urban. In a cruel blow that is bound to raise legal eyebrows, Derek Bromley’s appeal against his conviction for the 1984 murder of Stephen Docoza has failed in a 3:2 decision by the High Court yesterday, rejecting submissions … Continue reading

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Will High Court grant Derek Bromley special leave to appeal?

The decision on Derek Bromley’s application seeking leave to appeal to the High Court will be announced on Wednesday, December 13, 2023, seven months after it was put before the court. 

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Lehrmann v TEN & Wilkinson – a most consequential trial

Andrew L. Urban. It began on November 22, 2023 and will continue for another fortnight from December 5, 2023: the defamation trial in which the respondents (TEN & Lisa Wilkinson) are trying to prove to the court that Bruce Lehrmann … Continue reading

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