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Alabama Attorney-General catches Tasmania’s stonewall disease

Alabama’s Attorney-General does a Tasmania’s Attorney-General … dismissing calls for a new trial even after an investigation by a county DA into a murder conviction. It’s the case of a man on death row, after evidence is uncovered of $5,000 … Continue reading

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Skeletons in the legal closet – look inside

They are prisoners. But they are wrongfully convicted, as we have shown here and elsewhere, supported by legal argument. They are skeletons in the legal closet; catastrophic failures- – but the legal system seems unable and/or unwilling to admit error … Continue reading

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The Sofronoff Express at Platform ‘Speed’

Andrew L. Urban. The Magna Carta meets the ACT’s legal system on the Sofronoff express in what promises to be a historic and relevant journey into pretty wild legal territory. That territory is strewn with the carcasses of legal reputations, … Continue reading

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Conviction based on fraud, appeal rejections unlawful

Andrew L. Urban. The tone is measured, professional, but the content is explosive, exposing the litany of judicial errors that have contributed to Derek Bromley being stuck in jail for the past 40 years – for a murder conviction that … Continue reading

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The stonewall of justice

Andrew L. Urban. Call me naïve. It came as a shocking realisation, at 13:33 on May 16, 2024, to be exact. I’ve been wrong all this time. Before that moment, I actually imagined that the legal system, often mischaracterised as … Continue reading

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Downside of Lyn’s Law

Andrew L. Urban  Convicted murderers have a choice: reveal the whereabouts of their victims’ bodies or lose access to parole. Wrongfully convicted murderers have no such choice. 

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Should Lehrmann appeal? The new dispute

Andrew L. Urban. What’s worse than the stigma of being labelled a rapist? Being unable to wipe the label clean. Why would anyone not try, if they claimed innocence? For Lehrmann, the label is a life sentence, even though it … Continue reading

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The Lehrmann verdict – your say 2

The following are some of the comments / excerpts in response to Andrew L. Urban’s article in The Spectator Australia on May 1, 2024, ‘Was Lehrmann’s presumption of innocence left in the lions’ den?’ Reader comments were taken down and … Continue reading

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