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Complaint to the Integrity Commission Tasmania

Assistant Commissioner Richard Cowling made a misleading statement to the media on or about March 10, 2019.  At a hearing in Hobart on Thursday, April 18, 2019, the prosecution told Deputy Chief Magistrate Daly that key murder witness in the … Continue reading

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Did he say “I shot the prick” or “I can’t breathe”?

By Andrew L. Urban. The choked, panicked words “I shot the prick!” recorded in an emergency call played at a murder trial would have been significant evidence … unless what the man actually said was “I can’t breathe!”. Deciphering recordings … Continue reading

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George Pell appeal: how compelling victim and conflicting facts co-exist

Andrew L. Urban. This appeal underlines the conflict at the heart of many sexual abuse cases: the conflict between a compelling, moving and credible victim on the one hand, and conflicting facts on the other. They can co-exist, with one … Continue reading

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