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Now it’s cancel forensic science, champion junk

Andrew L. Urban. “The events surrounding the retraction of a properly peer reviewed journal article point to a forensic science community in Australia that can over-ride scientific publishing processes in order to suppress criticism.” So conclude Chris Brook, Niels Lynoe, … Continue reading

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Dead babies, experts dead wrong, in deadly consensus

They call it Shaken Baby Syndrome, an outdated medical consensus that is just junk science yet it deprives parents of their living children. Last week’s tragic story of Michigan’s Tonia Miller on the online journal On Shaken Baby is another … Continue reading

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‘Shaken baby syndrome’ evidence reliability shaken

Victoria’s highest court has flagged serious concerns about the scientific diagnosis known as “shaken baby syndrome”, which has been used to prosecute and jail a number of young men for child homicide and abuse in recent years, according to an … Continue reading

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Is there evidentiary basis for shaken baby syndrome? The conviction of Joby Rowe

Chris Brook. Joby Rowe’s 2018 conviction for child homicide was based solely on forensic evidence that openly and overtly lacked any scientific basis, with expert opinions based instead on confession studies. This case raises fundamental questions for forensic science in … Continue reading

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