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Should we lower the bar to get ‘justice’?

Andrew L. Urban. Well now, the Law Reform Commission, which has never looked at reforms that might minimise wrongful convictions, is conducting a probe into the nation’s sexual assault laws to examine whether civil ­remedies, with lower standards of proof, … Continue reading

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“Wrongheaded narcissists and zealots” threaten rule of law – Sofronoff

Andrew L. Urban. The risks to the rule of law in Australia are subtle and internal and “I do not believe that there are any risks to our way of life in terms of the rule of law from the … Continue reading

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Mothers of sons: beware!

“The morning after my son’s 18th birthday he was charged with rape,” one mother, Erin, reports. Sexual assault allegations against males are easy to make … and all too often damage the reputation of the accused, even if those who … Continue reading

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Judge Instructs Jurors They Need Not Believe Trump Is Guilty To Convict Him

NEW YORK, NY — As the criminal trial involving former President Donald Trump winds to a close, the presiding judge instructed jurors that they don’t have to believe Trump is guilty to convict him. (The Babylon Bee, May 30, 2024) 

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Alabama Attorney-General catches Tasmania’s stonewall disease

Alabama’s Attorney-General does a Tasmania’s Attorney-General … dismissing calls for a new trial even after an investigation by a county DA into a murder conviction. It’s the case of a man on death row, after evidence is uncovered of $5,000 … Continue reading

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The stonewall of justice

Andrew L. Urban. Call me naïve. It came as a shocking realisation, at 13:33 on May 16, 2024, to be exact. I’ve been wrong all this time. Before that moment, I actually imagined that the legal system, often mischaracterised as … Continue reading

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Judges deciding badly: Mossop J sends 93 year old to jail

Andrew L. Urban.  Justice David Mossop of the ACT Supreme Court is the latest judge in Australia to make a bad decision in a criminal trial, by sentencing a 93 year old husband to nine years in prison for the … Continue reading

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NY court overturns Weinstein conviction, slams tendency evidence

New York’s highest court on Thursday overturned disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s 2020 conviction on sex crime charges, a shock reversal in the landmark case that launched the #MeToo movement. 

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Milat in hint he did not act alone

Serial killer Ivan Milat hinted other people may been involved in his backpacker murder spree during a jailhouse conversation, it has emerged, reports MARK BUTTLER in The Daily Telegraph (2/4/24). 

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Why … ?

Andrew L. Urban. In a criminal legal system that relies for legitimacy on uniformity of application and consistency of outcomes, apparent anomalies stand out. 

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