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Caught on camera – cameras in court

Andrew L. Urban.  The recent world famous Kyle Rittenhouse trial was televised, live from the Kenosha Court; had it not been, the malicious misrepresentations of the case which most mass media echoed would have left the public unaware of why … Continue reading

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Two out of three Malcolm X murder convictions were wrong

Muhammad A. Aziz and Khalil Islam are innocent of the 1965 murder of Malcolm X – it has now been revealed. The Innocence Project has announced that a joint investigation unearthed new evidence of the men’s innocence, including Federal Bureau … Continue reading

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The criminal justice system seemingly cannot reform itself

Andrew L. Urban. What has the criminal justice system learnt from the wrongful convictions decades ago of Lindy Chamberlain, Derek Bromley, Henry Keogh, Andrew Mallard, Gordon Wood and many others? With at least three murder convictions currently under a cloud … Continue reading

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A federal ICAC?

Where is the case that screams the need for a federal ICAC, asks MARGARET CUNNEEN SC *? 

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The disturbing case of Derek Bromley – marking International Wrongful Conviction Day 2021

To mark International Wrongful Conviction Day, Harold Levy *, publisher of The Charles Smith Blog in Toronto, invited Dr Bob Moles of Flinders University in Adelaide to provide his insights into the case of Derek Bromley, which, he says, features … Continue reading

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International Wrongful Conviction Day, October 2, 2021

International Wrongful Conviction Day began as an effort of the Innocence Network in the US, an affiliation of organisations dedicated to providing pro-bono legal and investigative services to individuals seeking to prove innocence of crimes for which they have been … Continue reading

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Curse of the wrongful conviction of loved ones

Partners and other family members are the first people of interest in criminal investigations – and often rightly so. But when the justice system fails and the accused is innocent, the wrongful conviction vastly increases the impact of the punishment. … Continue reading

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Forensic evidence not always scientific but how would the courts know

Andrew L. Urban. The best first thing that could happen in the criminal justice system is the rending apart of the police from the forensic services around the country, and the establishment of a full scale national forensic institute. The … Continue reading

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Solitary confinement in Australian prisons – a study note

A further punishment other than that imposed by the courts? A breach of Australia’s international human rights obligations? PETER NORDEN AO explores these questions in the following brief extracts from his paper, published in 2019.

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Something has to be done

Our report (Aug 17, 2021), Wrongful allegation of child sexual abuse as weapon has drawn a heart wrenching response from “MARY”, the wife of a man who she firmly believes has been wrongfully convicted of sexual abuse of a minor. … Continue reading

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