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Articles relevant to the subject of wrongful convictions

Solitary confinement in Australian prisons – a study note

A further punishment other than that imposed by the courts? A breach of Australia’s international human rights obligations? PETER NORDEN AO explores these questions in the following brief extracts from his paper, published in 2019.

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Something has to be done

Our report (Aug 17, 2021), Wrongful allegation of child sexual abuse as weapon has drawn a heart wrenching response from “MARY”, the wife of a man who she firmly believes has been wrongfully convicted of sexual abuse of a minor. … Continue reading

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Wrongful allegation of child sexual abuse as weapon

Andrew L. Urban. There’s nothing worse than being wrongfully accused of child sexual abuse – except being wrongfully convicted of such a crime. Two books explore how the law and how society treat this explosive subject; allegation as weapon.

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Justice may depend on where you live

Andrew L. Urban. If you’ve been wrongfully convicted, just hope you’re living in a jurisdiction with well developed correcting functions in the legal system. Differing legal mechanisms in different places produce uneven outcomes. And while Australia has yet to even … Continue reading

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Bromberg v Bolt: who was right v left?

Controversial, lamentable, anti free speech – or perfectly justified? In the wake of the Menzies Research Centre’s Judicial Impartiality Report (see our story on July 22, 2021) and its findings regarding Justice Bromberg’s judgements, we review some responses to his … Continue reading

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Compensation – the higgledy-piggledy method

Andrew L. Urban.  Consistency in the administration of the law is absolutely paramount – yet compensation for mistakes (or malpractice) that convict the innocent is applied higgledy-piggledy by politicians throughout Australia. 

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Talking to Strangers – why we (and police and judges) mostly get it wrong

Andrew L. Urban. The full title of Malcolm Gladwell’s book is Talking to Strangers: what we should know about the people we don’t know. For someone who did in fact talk to many, many strangers on the streets of Australia … Continue reading

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Fool proofing the Attorney General

The Attorney General’s Transparency Branch has a fool proof tactic, straight out of Yes, Minister, to shut down anything it doesn’t want to address. 

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Judicial Impartiality – needs work; report

Andrew L. Urban. The majority of Australians (82%) don’t trust judges’ impartiality, according to the Menzies Research Centre’s (MRC) submission on Judicial Impartiality to the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC), which was tasked with examining the subject by former Attorney … Continue reading

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Can justice be seen to be done in the Territory?

Andrew L. Urban A young white policeman in the Northern Territory, Zachary Rolfe, is facing trial this week (July 19, 2021) charged with the murder of a young Aboriginal man, Kumanjayi Walker. These words alone trigger preconceptions that will cloud … Continue reading

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