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Articles relevant to the subject of wrongful convictions

Murder by the Prosecution – Live On Stage

A presentation by Andrew L. Urban on Saturday May 18 at Parramatta College, Sydney, will bring to life the contents of his book, Murder by the Prosecution.

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Kathleen Folbigg judicial review begins

Thanks to media pressure on the NSW Attorney General, a judicial review of the controversial case of Kathleen Folbigg begins today (three years after her petition was lodged) at Lidcombe coroner’s court. Folbigg is serving a 30-year prison sentence for … Continue reading

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Wrongful & doubtful convictions snapshot

Andrew L. Urban. It will be a momentous Thursday (March 21, 2019), in Sue Neill-Fraser’s quest seeking leave to appeal her 2010 murder conviction. Via a sworn affidavit, Meaghan Vass is expected to admit that she witnessed the murder – … Continue reading

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Guilty – without evidence and without accountability

Andrew L. Urban. With the example of three current cases on foot across Australia, the legal system is shown to be dangerously flawed. In each of the three examples, the accused was convicted by a jury – without durable evidence. … Continue reading

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Advice for the innocent

Andrew L. Urban. Do NOT be cool, calm, stoic and collected. From the moment you are interviewed by police, innocents even suspected of a serious crime should be indignant and emotional, otherwise you may not be believed. And if you … Continue reading

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Murder by the Prosecution now on Kindle

Andrew L. Urban’s ‘troubling expose’ (as Margaret Cunneen SC put it) Murder by the Prosecution is now available digitally from the Kindle store, at A$8.55. Writing in The Spectator Australia (Sept. 22, 2018), Cunneen says: ‘Murder by the Prosecution is … Continue reading

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She must be believed?

Andrew L. Urban. There is a special place in hell for women who do things like Sarah Jane Parkinson (pictured), the Canberra woman jailed for making false accusations of rape and domestic violence against her ex boyfriend Daniel Jones – … Continue reading

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Tunnel vision and bad ‘science’ – a deadly mix in the justice system

A year before Julie Rea’s exoneration for the murder of her 10 year old son, the National Academy of Sciences released a report that called into doubt the reliability of bloodstain-pattern analysis – exactly what led to Rea’s conviction, coupled … Continue reading

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What percent innocent?

Andrew L. Urban. A former heavy duty senior detective friend of mine (now a security consultant with a caustic sense of humour) and I have a standing joke: when he mentions a convicted criminal he grins, saying to me, ‘He’s … Continue reading

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Colin McLaren searches, finds, tells

Andrew L. Urban. ‘Failure to search is failure to find’ goes the investigator’s mantra, and boy, does Ex-Detective Sergeant/Task Force Team Leader and latterly author Colin McLaren prove that to be true with his exhaustive and explosive book, JFK: The … Continue reading

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