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Dear NACC, tell us about the $2.44m Higgins payout probe

In this open letter to the NACC, ANDREW L. URBAN, explains why the NACC must publish the terms of its investigation into the hurried and secretive payout of $2.44 million to Brittany Higgins, based on what are now revealed to … Continue reading

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The Lehrmann/Higgins “omnishambles” and the omniquestions

Andrew L. Urban. Justice Lee called the Lehrmann/Higgins drama an omnishambles, finding that Lehrmann effectively raped Higgins by not getting consent while she lay in a drunken stupor. It is “an outcome that must be respected but one that is … Continue reading

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Lehrmann ‘probably’ recklessly disregarded absence of consent

Andrew L. Urban. Justice Lee filled 332 pages detailing his judgement in the defamation case of Lehrmann v Network Ten and Wilkinson, with all but three of the multitude of individuals involved subject to criticism in the matter. But only … Continue reading

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Presumption of Innocence conference under attack

Andrew L. Urban. A petition to cancel the upcoming Restoring the Presumption of Innocence Conference inadvertently makes the very point of the conference: the need to protect the presumption of innocence. The Conference, organised by Bettina Arndt and hosted by … Continue reading

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The law as manhunt

Andrew L. Urban. I visited Noel Greenaway in maximum security last year. As he came out to greet me, I made a mental note that he was wearing spotless white overalls; prison issue. How ironic, I thought, yet how fitting. … Continue reading

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Milat in hint he did not act alone

Serial killer Ivan Milat hinted other people may been involved in his backpacker murder spree during a jailhouse conversation, it has emerged, reports MARK BUTTLER in The Daily Telegraph (2/4/24). 

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Respect is earned; so is disrespect, Your Honour

Andrew L. Urban. In a timely warning to his fellow judges, High Court Chief Justice Stephen Gageler has raised concerns that increasing media “attacks” made on individual judges may reflect on the judiciary as a whole, saying judges need to … Continue reading

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