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Is Victorian justice dependent on your politics?

In the wake of ACT’s DPP Shane Drumgold’s public shaming for his handling of the Brittany Higgins rape allegation, Victoria’s DPP, Kerri Judd KC, is mauled for her refusal to lay charges in the (expensive) Lawyer X scandal. GERARD HENDERSON … Continue reading

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Sue Is Innocent – new YouTube channel

A small group of activists in Hobart, with a small investment and a big target – Tasmania’s legal establishment – has launched ‘Sue Is Innocent’, a YouTube channel that intends to give an audio-visual voice to the concerns of Sue … Continue reading

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The Dawson verdict – good news guilty / bad news innocent

Chris Dawson yesterday convicted of murdering his then wife Lyn, 40 years ago. Derek Bromley wrongfully convicted of murder almost 40 years ago – still in jail. Sue Neill-Fraser wrongfully convicted of murder 13 years ago – still in jail … Continue reading

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Dysrationalia can explain wrongful convictions new study shows

This 2021 April Fool story has now been taken down.

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A year of blunders – 2020 in review

Tunnel-vision-blighted police investigations, junk science as evidence, prosecutors ‘impermissibly straining for a conviction’ (as Justice Fullerton has put it) and judges failing to adhere to the rule of law are all causes of blunders resulting in wrongful convictions and failed … Continue reading

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We are delighted that many readers contribute commentary to our coverage and most abide by the rules applied in the traditional media regarding anonymity. Some, however, use pseudonyms or fake names – often for their own agendas. Given the often … Continue reading

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Mystery woman with my email at Tamworth Court

Would the woman dressed in black at Tamworth court on Wednesday, November 6, out on bail apparently, who gave my email address to the distraught mother of a man in police custody please make contact with me when she can. … Continue reading

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Wrongfully Convicted – on SBS TV … and from a tavern

Wrongfully Convicted – the SBS Insight program over 2 episodes – August 27 & September 3, 2019 – discusses the Australian cases of Henry Keogh, John Button, Frank Button and the US cases of Debra Milke (spent over 20 years … Continue reading

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