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Clayton’s review into police prison surveillance

The terms of reference for an inquiry into the unlawful use of surveillance devices in Risdon Prison downplay any wrongdoing by Tasmania Police involved in the operation, reports David Killick in the Hobart Mercury today (Sept. 30, 2022). 

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Sue Is Innocent – new YouTube channel

A small group of activists in Hobart, with a small investment and a big target – Tasmania’s legal establishment – has launched ‘Sue Is Innocent’, a YouTube channel that intends to give an audio-visual voice to the concerns of Sue … Continue reading

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Parole for Sue Neill-Fraser doesn’t correct the miscarriage of justice

Andrew L. Urban.  She’s on parole. But Sue Neill-Fraser’s 2010 conviction for the 2009 murder of her partner Bob Chappell remains undisturbed – and controversially unjust. Her two appeals were dismissed; her two High Court applications seeking leave to appeal … Continue reading

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Sue Neill-Fraser paroled

It’s been a bitter-sweet day for wrongful convictions today (16/9/22) with Derek Bromley’s leave to appeal his 38 year old murder conviction referred to the full Court (as we reported earlier) and Sue Neill-Fraser granted parole after 13 years in … Continue reading

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Derek Bromley leave to appeal referred to full Court

The High Court today (16/9/22) referred the application seeking leave against Derek Bromley’s murder conviction to the full Court; the matter will be heard early next year at a date to be scheduled.

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Illegal TasPol snooping to be reviewed by TasPol defender Michael O’Farrell SC

Andrew L. Urban. That great State of renowned legal probity and justice, Tasmania, has announced its response to Brett J’s judgement that police illegally recorded prison conversations for two months: it has tasked a defender of TasPol to conduct an … Continue reading

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Risk in ‘no body, no parole’ law

Andrew L. Urban. Immediately after the Chris Dawson guilty verdict was announced this week, Lyn Dawson’s brother Greg Simms called on Dawson to do the decent thing and reveal the location of her body, to allow the family to give … Continue reading

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