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Convicted for Cash – false sexual abuse claims as cash cow

Speaking on camera from his New Hampshire prison, Fr Gordon MacRae details how unscrupulous claimants and lawyers can swindle the system out of hefty cash payouts with false claims of sexual abuse. He should know: it happened to him. That’s … Continue reading

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The back alley of justice in Fr Gordon MacRae’s wrongful conviction

Malevolent shenanigans behind the scenes in the Fr Gordon MacRae case, from withholding evidence to witness tampering…It seems justice took a holiday – and hasn’t returned. Fr Gordon, now 70, has been in New Hampshire Prison for Men in Concord, … Continue reading

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Sexual abuse – or justice abused? A priest’s tale

False allegations, a corrupt detective, flawed judicial decisions … no wonder Father Gordon MacRae’s life has been ruined, sentenced to a 67 year jail term, after refusing a one year plea deal, wishing to maintain his innocence. 

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