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Strictly legal – seminar provides lesson in law for judge

The President of the Law Society and the Attorney-General of Tasmania must provide legal references if they disagree with the points raised by Dr BOB MOLES* in his address at the seminar, Lifting the Lid on Miscarriages of Justice – … Continue reading

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Everyone pays the price for silence … Tasmania warned

The Hobart Mercury’s crime reporter David Killick’s Nov. 26, 2022, scathing analysis of Tasmanian Attorney-General’s latest decision makes sobering reading.

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Tasmania’s O’Farrell Review – questions raised by MP

Andrew L. Urban A series of probing questions have been placed on the Legislative Council Notice Paper about the already disgraced O’Farrell Review into illegal surveillance in Risdon prison, a fallout of the Sue Neill-Fraser case. 

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Why the courts have not silenced the uproar over Sue Neill-Fraser case

Andrew L. Urban. Tasmania’s legal establishment wants to shut it down but the continuing uproar of dissent over the demonstrable wrongful conviction of Sue Neill-Fraser will not be silenced. As we show here, there is a great deal to uproar … Continue reading

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Sue Neill-Fraser injustice product of ‘our Tasmanian legal fraternity’

Andrew L. Urban. Former Hobart prosecutor Tony Jacobs has reviewed the case of Sue Neill-Fraser and found many reasons for the conviction to be overturned, urging the Law Society to “help correct this injustice, the product of our Tasmanian legal … Continue reading

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Review of illegal surveillance possibly illegal, too

A media release by the Independent member for Nelson, Tasmania, reveals the O’Farrell Review into the illegal prison surveillance of Jeff Thompson would possibly be illegal itself. The following is a media release issued yesterday by Nelson Independent, Meg Webb, … Continue reading

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Kathleen Folbigg conviction next under microscope – others on the way

Andrew L. Urban The high profile case of Kathleen Folbigg’s 2003 conviction for the murder of her very young children will be under the microscope again in a second inquiry starting November 14, 2022 (listed for two weeks), with former … Continue reading

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Sue Neill-Fraser out on parole

Sue Neill-Fraser was released on parole this morning and driven to the parole office in Hobart by her two daughters, Sarah Bowles and Emma Fraser-Meeker, reported the ABC. 

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The truth will set you free … from totalitarianism – Tasmania please note

“When a society loses the desire to know the truth, that is a precursor to totalitarianism,” observed author, Holocaust survivor and political philosopher Hanna Arendt (1906 – 1975). Tasmanian society is now seeing that observation come closer to realisation around … Continue reading

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Clayton’s review into police prison surveillance

The terms of reference for an inquiry into the unlawful use of surveillance devices in Risdon Prison downplay any wrongdoing by Tasmania Police involved in the operation, reports David Killick in the Hobart Mercury today (Sept. 30, 2022). 

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