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Pulitzer-winning Greenwald exposes anti-Assange lies on MSNBC

Andrew L. Urban. December 17, 2021: Deconstructing a two minute clip from MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald reveals Joe Scarborough’s anti-Assange lies, as Assange awaits extradition from the UK to the US – on charges Greenwald … Continue reading

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Hobart rally calling for Sue Neill-Fraser inquiry

Sue Neill-Fraser supporters will hold a rally on Saturday December 18, 2021, calling for an inquiry into her case. Speakers at the Rally will commence at 11.00am and include Andrew Wilkie MP, Lara Giddings, former Tasmanian Premier, and Sarah Bowles, … Continue reading

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NSW A-G in ‘state sanctioned abuse’ over Folbigg

A ground-breaking development within clinical practice has prompted Kathleen Folbigg’s lawyer Rhanee Rego to accuse NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman of failing to act on the evidence “which unequivocally supports innocence” without anything to contradict it. She told Lawyers Weekly that … Continue reading

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Canadian Commission delivers report to establish MoJ Commission

Far reaching recommendations that go well beyond anything so far established in other countries are contained in the report by the Canadian Commission advising the government on the establishment of a Criminal Cases Review Commission, including that the new body … Continue reading

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Why Sue Neill-Fraser jury verdict is unsafe

Andrew L. Urban In the long-running matter of Sue Neill-Fraser’s 2010 murder conviction, some people still rely on the jury’s guilty verdict; but a jury’s verdict is (usually) based on the facts and evidence presented to them. What might have … Continue reading

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ABC RN Law Report guests consider the DNA ‘possibilities’ after dismissal of Sue Neill-Fraser appeal

Andrew L. Urban.  Meaghan Vass’ DNA deposit on the Four Winds being the sole focus of Sue Neill-Fraser’s second appeal (decision announced November 30, 2021), it was central to the ABC RN’s 30 minute Law Report program on Tuesday, December … Continue reading

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Sue Neill-Fraser appeal judges contribute to catastrophic failure of the Tasmanian justice system

Andrew L. Urban. Legal errors and mistakes in the majority judges’ reasoning in dismissing Sue Neill-Fraser’s latest appeal against her murder conviction further disgrace Tasmania’s legal system, bringing to six the judges in this case to have contributed to a … Continue reading

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ACT cop Scott White found guilty of perjury – the flipside of a wrongful conviction

Dan Jones was imprisoned as a result of false allegations made by his ex girlfriend Sara Jane Parkinson and her crooked ACT cop boyfriend, Scott White, in March 2014. Parkinson was finally caught out and sent to prison – and … Continue reading

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‘Enough’ is not enough, Sue Neill-Fraser supporters stand firm

Andrew L. Urban. It is not surprising that TasPol would want legal challenges to Sue Neill-Fraser’s 2010 murder conviction shut down, but it is somewhat surprising that the late Bob Chappell’s family would – according to The Australian’s Hobart reporter, … Continue reading

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If our criminal justice system were an airline it would be grounded

Andrew L. Urban The latest forensic disaster, in which one of Australia’s most respected forensic scientists, Kirsty Wright, laid out the serious errors and problems in the ­Queensland government-run laboratory’s handling of forensic evidence in the murder of Shandee Blackburn, … Continue reading

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