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Sue Neill-Fraser petition close to 15,000 signatures

Andrew L. Urban. The petition calling for a Royal Commission or a judicial enquiry into the conviction of Sue Neill-Fraser for the 2009 murder of her partner Bob Chappell continues to attract signatures and is now close to 15,000.

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Open letter 2 to Tasmanian Attorney General Re TasPol & Meaghan Vass in matter Sue Neill-Fraser

Andrew L. Urban. I refer to this matter which I raised over two weeks ago. I now have the audio of the court hearing of April 18 in which the prosecution explained to the court that police advised that Meaghan … Continue reading

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Murder by the Prosecution – Live On Stage

A presentation by Andrew L. Urban on Saturday May 18 at Parramatta College, Sydney, will bring to life the contents of his book, Murder by the Prosecution.

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Kourakis report re Keogh: Chief Justice position now untenable

The report at the centre of South Australia’s scandalous miscarriage of justice in the case of Henry Keogh has finally been released, over 13 years after it was delivered by then Solicitor General Chris Kourakis (now Chief Justice) to then … Continue reading

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