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Science in service of the court – or not?

Andrew L. Urban How really reliable is testimony from expert witnesses? How can juries and judges tell if what they are told is unbiased, grounded in solid scientific knowledge and not just opinion? How should such witnesses conduct themselves? Try … Continue reading

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Separation of powers – the downside

The ancient proverb, ‘Physician, heal thyself,’ can be repurposed to our criminal justice system, argues ANDREW L. URBAN. The separation of powers should not be a barrier to much needed reforms, but politicians are as cowardly on the subject as … Continue reading

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Forensic evidence not always scientific but how would the courts know

Andrew L. Urban. The best first thing that could happen in the criminal justice system is the rending apart of the police from the forensic services around the country, and the establishment of a full scale national forensic institute. The … Continue reading

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Do the Police and the Prosecutor in Sue Neill-Fraser case stand by the forensic scientist’s evidence?

We respectfully request Police Commissioner Darren Hine, Police Association’s Colin Riley, Sue Neill-Fraser prosecutor Tim Ellis SC and the Director of Forensic Science Service Tasmania to confirm their trust in the validity of the evidence given by the forensic scientist … Continue reading

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Sloppy evidence gathering = wrongful conviction

Faulty bite mark analysis and the unreliable testimony of a prisoner delivered a rape & murder conviction against Robert DuBoise in Florida 37 years ago. He has just been released after the forensic testimony was discredited and DNA evidence confirmed … Continue reading

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Robert Xie – exonerated by autopsy evidence

Andrew L. Urban. 26 June, 2020: With the backdrop of the appeal against his conviction, (started 22 June, 2020), a proposition emerges that it wasn’t Robert Xie who killed five members of the Lin family in 2009, but at least … Continue reading

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Forensic evidence under the microscope – looks sick

Andrew L. Urban. Within a single week in October this year (2019), the quality of forensic evidence tendered in criminal trials across Australia came under the microscope of public attention – and was found to be infected with the disease … Continue reading

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Did he say “I shot the prick” or “I can’t breathe”?

By Andrew L. Urban. The choked, panicked words “I shot the prick!” recorded in an emergency call played at a murder trial would have been significant evidence … unless what the man actually said was “I can’t breathe!”. Deciphering recordings … Continue reading

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Australia’s greatest forensic disaster

By Andrew L. Urban The chronic, long term failure of the South Australian legal system to ensure that its chief forensic pathologist was suitably qualified to give evidence was a ticking time bomb that is now about to explode, with … Continue reading

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Henry Keogh: forensic evidence withheld by the Crown

“ … we conclude that the applicant has established that a substantial miscarriage of justice has occurred.” Andrew L. Urban reports. When Henry Keogh walked out of jail just in time for Christmas 2014, he had served 10 extra years … Continue reading

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