Hobart rally calling for Sue Neill-Fraser inquiry

Sue Neill-Fraser supporters will hold a rally on Saturday December 18, 2021, calling for an inquiry into her case. Speakers at the Rally will commence at 11.00am and include Andrew Wilkie MP, Lara Giddings, former Tasmanian Premier, and Sarah Bowles, Sue Neill-Fraser’s daughter.  

Spokesperson for the Neill-Fraser Support Group, Rosie Crumpton-Crook, stated that: “Supporters are raising awareness that Sue is about to face her 13th Christmas Day in prison. A day that will no doubt be clouded by the fact that she recently lost her second Appeal in the Supreme Court. Sue is however encouraged by the decision of His Honour, Justice Stephen Estcourt, who stated that he would have upheld the appeal, quashed the conviction and ordered a retrial. Two Tasmanian Supreme Court Judges have now identified issues with Sue Neill-Fraser’s conviction. His Honour Justice Brett granted her second Appeal.”

On 31 August 2021, the Hon Michael Gaffney MLC tabled the Etter / Selby documents in the Tasmanian Parliament and stated that, “None of us can ignore these papers establish a miscarriage of justice…”

The new 12-part podcast, Who Killed Bob? (on Apple Podcasts / Spotify)  is exposing multiple serious issues about this case. “This case is becoming well known around the world and the reputation of the Tasmanian justice system is being damaged,” she said. The podcast is one of the most popular in the true crime category.


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7 Responses to Hobart rally calling for Sue Neill-Fraser inquiry

  1. Keith says:

    The Attorney General tried to hide behind the fact that as the case was before the courts, she could not act in the capacity bestowed upon her. This was indeed a spurious argument at best, but now clearly cannot apply. She has the petition with 26,000 signatures, she has the Etter/Selby papers in front of her, she has the informed views of Justices Brett and Escourt as well; it is hard to see how now she can justify sitting on her hands any longer.
    History will not treat her well if she fails to act, as supporters of SNF will surely press on for as long as it takes to expose the incompetence of the Tasmanian police investigation and the legal system.
    In the end, the truth will out, and politicians of all colours who have lacked the courage to do anything about this matter will forever be guilty of failing to do their duty.

  2. Keith says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Late notice I know, but is it possible someone could video the speeches and post on You Tube so those unable to attend can watch later?

  3. Garry Stannus says:

    Trevor, Peter and Robert:

    I will be there and I will be there as a proxy for you three – if you allow me.

    Can you indulge me, by reading the following comment which I’ve entered onto [https://www.facebook.com/groups/296902363829088]? I’ll slightly edit it here, but I hope you and other readers will view it and find some merit in it:

    Thanks for posting this, Geraldine. Obviously we who have disagreed with the conviction of Sue, would like to know more about the details of Porter’s judgement.

    It seems like (at first appeal), it was a single judge decision. I will read it when the SC posts it. The question for me is:

    How does a judge decide whether a jury decision is ‘unsafe and unsatisfactory’?

    Geraldine, you and I know that there are indications of much relevant evidence that has post 2nd Appeal emerged (Etter-Selby) and other evidence which is still in the shadows. A 2-1 majority decision of the SC discounted Maxwell Jones’ expert evidence as not being ‘fresh and compelling’.

    I have not had time to finely read the Etter-Selby papers. I will have time after Boxing Day. Then, I will finely read the Full Court’s (majority) decision on Sue’s failed 2nd Appeal.

    We know that opposition to her conviction will continue while we all still draw breath. There may well be developments in train even as I write. You and I – and other supporters of Sue – will rally at the Parliamentary Gardens tomorrow morning (Sat 18 Dec 2021) to again press the case for Sue. I wish Meaghan would be able to be there and to speak to us, in a climate of support, rather than the grilling she might expect if she were to be called back into court…

    Lastly, Geraldine Allan: What could I say after the terrible tragedy in Devonport, yesterday? It has ‘knocked me for six’…

    – Garry Stannus.

  4. Trevor Garland says:

    I have just listened to the podcasts Who Kilked Bob by Eve Ash. It is a well researched series with interviews with Sue, prerecorded conversations and grest commentates proving that Sue is innocent of the charges.
    If you haven’t subscribed to this eries then do do as it is compelling listening and I am learning more and so will you
    I cannot be at the rally in Hobart calling for an official Enquiry into Sue’s wrongful conviction as I am in WA but encourage everyone you can to be there to listen to these high profile people who will speak
    Free exonerate and compensate Sue

  5. Peter Martin says:

    I’m from interstate and unfortunately I won’t be there. In fact, I won’t visit Tasmania again until SNF is exonerated.

  6. Robert Greenshields says:

    I would love to be there, but travel is out of the question for me at this time.
    What I tend to further embrace though is that the movement, or for want of any other words, supporters of Sue, are effectively hitting the ground, in a public, pragmatic response to the fundamental absurdity of the now recognised either choreographed, or blundering policing and judicial systems and administrations that have undoubtedly, transparently, failed the citizens of Tasmania.
    I wish everyone well, and will look forward to positive national media coverage that hopefully hastens the release of Sue Neill Fraser from what I consider an obvious insidious, and deceitful administratively supported and sustained, wrongful conviction.
    All the best, and continue to be strong Sue.

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