ACT cop Scott White found guilty of perjury – the flipside of a wrongful conviction

Dan Jones was imprisoned as a result of false allegations made by his ex girlfriend Sara Jane Parkinson and her crooked ACT cop boyfriend, Scott White, in March 2014. Parkinson was finally caught out and sent to prison – and last week Scott White was finally found guilty of perjury.

White played a key role in the persecution of Dan Jones and his family and lied on oath in Parkinson’s trial. A classic recipe for a wrongful conviction.

“Funnily enough,” reports Bettina Arndt, “amidst the pack of lies he told the court, the one that did him in was his claim that he never used condoms, but it turned out he and Parkinson did use condoms during anal intercourse. A condom packet featured prominently in the alleged violent rape which Parkinson had staged to frame Jones. When asked by detectives what happened to the condom, she claimed the cat ate it!”

White spent nearly two years suspended on full pay while he waited for trial and is will appear in the ACT Supreme Court for sentencing in February 2022. His bail is continued.

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5 Responses to ACT cop Scott White found guilty of perjury – the flipside of a wrongful conviction

  1. Nola Rae Scheele says:

    Scott White is back in ACT Supreme Court on the 14th February 2022. This is on the same charges. Please let justice prevail by sending him to Goulburn gaol. This way he can get a taste of what Dan Jones went through for years.
    He is as guilty as Sara Jane Parkinson-White who he married.

  2. owen allen says:

    Good work Andrew, thanks.
    And for those that are interested in criminal cops, this biker site keeps us informed as well as biker drug busts.

  3. Poppa Maddo says:

    Every Cop who failed to forensically investigate a claim of historical sexual crime which resulted in tbe arrest & imprisonment of an innocent VICTIM OF FALSE ALLEGATIONS should be outed for their ineptitude, inaction and Claimant bias, stripped of their rank and dishonourably discharged. Also made to pay financial compensation to the Victim of their failings, tbe VFA, who was THE REAL VICTIM in the case.
    We must not just sit by and let them get away with it!
    For one, I name Melissa Bingham of the Australian NSW Police, a woman blinded by her own misandry and intent on gaining promotion and higher pay, NO MATTER WHO SHE CAUSED TO SUFFER in her SELFISH enterprise. Don’t worry, I have all the factual physical evidentiary PROOF to validate & justify my assertion either publicly or in any forum or Court of In-Justice. Challenge me Bingham, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO IT and YOU WILL be OUTED!

  4. Nola Rae Scheele says:

    If Scott White only get’s Community Service for perjury there is no justice.

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