Pulitzer-winning Greenwald exposes anti-Assange lies on MSNBC

Andrew L. Urban.

December 17, 2021: Deconstructing a two minute clip from MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald reveals Joe Scarborough’s anti-Assange lies, as Assange awaits extradition from the UK to the US – on charges Greenwald debunks. 

“Within the span of two minutes, these NBC personalities (Scarborough and former two-term Democrat Senator from Missouri, Claire McCaskill) told four blatant lies about the Assange case,” Greenwald says. “I do not mean that they asserted dubious opinions or questionable narratives or even misleading claims. I mean that they outright lied about four separate matters that are crucial to understanding the Biden administration’s attempted extradition and prosecution of Assange.

“These lies were not just misleading but pernicious, as they were designed not merely to mislead the public but to provoke them to believe that one of the gravest attacks on press freedom in years — the imprisonment of a journalist for the crime of reporting true and accurate information about the crimes of power centers — is something viewers should applaud rather than denounce.”

On his System Update YouTube program, Greenwald has produced a video dissecting one specific two-minute segment that NBC aired “in order to demonstrate how casually, aggressively and constantly NBC’s highest-paid personalities lie to the public. As I note in this new video, I use the term “lie” here not the way it has been used by the liberal CNN/NBC/Atlantic/NYT corporate media axis over the last five years: 1. anything Donald Trump or his supporters say; 2. anything that contravenes liberal orthodoxies. In this video report, I use the term “lie” in its most literal, restrictive and classic sense: namely, the assertion of demonstrably false factual claims with either the knowledge that it is false or complete indifference to its truth or falsity.

“We did this video report in order to illustrate how easily and reflexively these corporate outlets lie; to demonstrate that the public’s view that these outlets are completely untrustworthy and contemptible is valid and correct; and to set the record straight about the Assange case.”

Glenn Greenwald is a Pulitzer prize winning journalist, former constitutional lawyer, co-founder of Freedom of the Press Foundation and author of four New York Times bestselling books on politics and law. His most recent book, “No Place to Hide,” is about the U.S. surveillance state and his experiences reporting on the Snowden documents around the world.

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  1. Noeline Durovic says:

    Andrew, As an ancient seeing life in all its reality I protest simply by not including media press what ever in my daily life…I research happily and include trustworthy reads by persons such as yourself offered out to us. Your truth so much more satisfying to learn from.. Those whom we have rabbiting at us from the media pack globally suffer from a syndrome deficit..to our detriment..Certainly even a small dose of NBC is a sad disgrace of ‘Wouk’ socialistic gender persona. NBN is a ‘use by’ pathetic prop for the megalomaniacs of Silicon Valley – Facebook Hollywood Tatts etc…However worst of all NBN is sordid pursuing disgustingly pernicious lies in a frenzy propping of a Democratic USA President suffering from obvious symptoms of the cruelness of Dementia.. A puppet USA President living a lie heartlessly and unscrupulously planted and backed by the likes of deceit of NBC (plus others – media press and politicians ). Politics for the USA people be dammed? Andrew what a lie! Of course they would lie maliciously about Assange for he was but a journalist reporting truth! Truth of mammoth documents of ‘true and accurate information of the power centres’ as you reported Andrew.’ Assange reported truth and furthered truth in a vast catch off documents! For this happening Assange is being dammed for it’s release! The documents release underline and inform on the falsity of named criminals hiding villainous deeds. Not ‘power of the press’ just plain dirt and worthless power hungry shameful unscrupulous socialistic reprobates grovelling for power at any cost. Misleading claims of lies by lier’s falsely misusing the likes of NBC’s villains to prosecute an innocent courageous man! Assange as a journalist reporting and publishing the truth! How can truth telling be a crime?

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