Reynolds claim: the plot allegation behind Higgins’ rape allegation

Andrew L. Urban.

“The Plan … started long before Lisa Wilkinson’s infamous Project interview in February 2021. Shortly after meeting Sharaz in May 2020 – some 14 months after the alleged rape – Higgins crafted a note about an ‘anatomy of a political sex scandal’,” as reported in The Australian (9/7/2024) 

The plot, or what Linda Reynolds calls “the Plan” – a carefully orchestrated, pre-meditated political hit job where Brittany Higgins and David Sharaz used allegations of a rape and a political cover-up “as a weapon to inflict immediate political damage” on Reynolds and the then government of the day. It was the allegation of a political cover up that turned the rape claim into a political torpedo. That claim was found to have no merit by Justice Lee in the course of the defamation trial bought by Lehrmann against Wilkinson and Network Ten.

Cover up claim has no merit

We can draw a straight line between that finding and the new material which comes from a copy of Reynolds’ statement of claim (as at June 4, 2024) obtained by Ellie Dudley of The Australian, which the Higgins team tried to block from being available to The Australian, according to Dudley’s colleague, columnist Janet Albrechtson, who writes: “…no wonder they tried to block us from seeing it.” The Reynolds defamation case against Higgins will be heard in the WA Supreme Court, from August 2, 2024.

Reynolds has told reporters she wants to see justice for the “many people whose lives had been destroyed” in the fallout of Higgins’ allegation that she was raped by her former colleague Bruce Lehrmann in the Senator’s office, a claim he denies.

Here’s how Reynolds’ claims are summarised in The Australian:

SHE SAYS: Katy Gallagher and Penny Wong’s ‘aggressive questioning’ of Linda Reynolds in the Senate was centred on information provided by David Sharaz and Brittany Higgins

SHE SAYS: David Sharaz teed up meeting for Higgins with Labor members to discuss her allegations, including then opposition leader Anthony Albanese and Tanya Plibersek, as well as former Liberal prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and former Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd

Reynolds & Team Higgins

SHE SAYS: Higgins’ Instagram posts are in breach of a deed the pair entered into in the wake of the ‘lying cow’ settlement, which stated that ‘the parties agree not to make any adverse, critical or disparaging statements, allegations or comments … with respect to the conduct of any other party’

SHE SAYS: Higgins posted on Instagram to ‘taunt’ her and she did so around the time of mediation talks, with the express purpose of the media picking it up

SHE SAYS: Higgins’ social media posts ‘brought (Reynolds) into public hatred, scandal, odium and contempt’. ‘(Higgins) acted maliciously in publishing the publications, as they were published in furtherance of a plan by the defendant and Mr Sharaz to use the defendant’s allegations of a rape, and the political cover-up of the same, as a weapon to inflict immediate political damage’

It goes on: “The overriding impression from Reynolds’ claim is clear: Reynolds believes that Higgins and Sharaz left little to chance in furtherance of their Plan. Higgins would later boast in her draft book outline sent to Penguin Random House, “We had become quite a twosome when it came to game planning. My experience as a media adviser, David’s experience as a producer; together we understood how the gallery media sphere operated.”

That much is true. Curated in remarkable detail, the statement takes 20 pages to set out their game planning of various kinds.

“The statement of claim sets out how the Plan involved Higgins speaking with Emma Webster, a former Labor adviser, to discuss how to manage the media when the Project interview dropped; Sharaz lining up Grace Tame to “do media” the day after The Project interview aired.

Katy Gallagher – “really invested”

“The alleged Plan is said to have involved Sharaz co-opting senior Labor figures. Sharaz shared the Project transcript with Gallagher before it aired, providing her with a copy of the dossier timeline. Sharaz told Higgins that “Katy is going to come to me with some questions you need to prepare for … she’s really invested.” All this occurred before the Project aired. Reynolds says that when Sharaz acted it can be inferred from the circumstances that “Mr Sharaz’s conduct … was on the instructions or with the consent of the defendant”.

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11 Responses to Reynolds claim: the plot allegation behind Higgins’ rape allegation

  1. Heinrich says:

    OMG and (Andrew). “We understood how the gallery media sphere operates” – 20 page game plan – the twosome team – the best laid plans of mice and men
    (or Sheilas) Some silly persons seem to have forgotten that 25 million Australians don’t watch channel 10 toothy paste commercial TV Ever ! Silk purses and pigs ears – springs to mind ! Many citizens are not “left” – not “right” – just seek the truth – down the middle -could not give a —-about Senator Reynolds being left or right – she sure smelt a RAT . When commentators of any ilk (not meant in a nice way) talk of left or right – I smell a rat ! Leave that stinking perversion for the Appeals Court System – Let’s not let the system do over another lovely Grandma -Sue Neill-Fraser. Southern France (Ancestoral home of the Neanderthal and my inlaws)

  2. Williambtm says:

    Too much dodgy behavior by the collective in the Liberal party.
    The prominent Liberal party males were known as the swinging dicks well before the allegations of rape by Brittany Higgins.

    Defending Bruce Lehrmann, will not deliver you any favors, Andrew.
    You have too much to lose by siding with the accused rapist, when one considers the rape allegations in Queensland.
    The Queensland DPP has recommended a trial will be set in place.

    • andrew says:

      Bruce Lehrmann has a legal defence team in place; they don’t need me, but thank you for your concern.

      BTW, it was not the Qld DPP but a Toowoomba magistrate who committed Bruce Lehrmann to stand trial.

      AND …from the Urban Dictionary:
      big swinging dick 

      1. the financial industry’s term for a rainmaker; a Wall Street executive who brings in enormous amounts of money for the firm, possibly because he has just screwed a customer.

      An expression made famous by Michael Lewis in Liar’s Poker, published in 1989.

      2. a mover and shaker in any organization

      Calling some one a dick is an insult.
      Calling some one a big dick is a bigger insult.
      Calling some one a big swinging dick is a term of respect.

      • Roscoe says:

        My recollection of that term, and I had not heard of it before it was mentioned, was from Julie Bishop at the time referring to AG Porter & certain unnamed males in the Parliament.
        Hopefully Ms Bishop looks at the third description of it, from Andrew above, and gives it a thumbs up.

    • Heinrich says:

      Williambum – can we presume that your verdict is GUILTY ? You can’t possibly have that finding of guilt without some sort of trial and (heaven forbid) even proper legal representation for the accused ? Maybe you can – if you got a smile like a 48 Buick ? All part of the toothsome twosome game plan of media manipulation ?Many (most) of us don’t want favours – and will never lose our good reputation amongst the thinking citizens- when dilingently seeking justice – especially for those Wrongfully Convicted and worse still – without a trial at all ! Swinging Dicks is a confused political attempt to deny justice – and irrelevant ! The type of rubbish used on many a gullible jury – Spanners and screw drivers to you matey !

    • Jim Plevick says:

      These are just the sort of cases everyone should be defending.
      “Gender crimes” are the new modus operandi of the Left, most of which don’t stand up upon scrutiny.
      If you’re not aware of the dangers the Feminazis present to the rule of law, then you haven’t been paying attention.

  3. David Smith says:

    How much has this Cost Australians beside the Questionable Payment???

  4. Garry Stannus says:

    Some parallel/further reading:

    (It would be good to read the ‘amended statement of claim’!)

  5. John H Slaby says:

    Gov at time, PM comments Higgins lucky
    she wasn’t shot !!!
    Minister for Defence,monumental cost
    to Aust in French submarines contract
    Lehrman vs Higgins a very convenient

  6. owen allen says:

    Isn’t there a song with lyrics, bye bye, bang bang; if there isnt those lyrics are mine, read here first; but I am surevthere is something close.
    What a dirty little rat nest; and we, the public are paying the salaries for these shenanigans. How low does it have to go?

  7. Heinrich says:

    Andrew – I need it explained clearly – why did Higgins want to damage those who were her former friends and workmates? What was the motive ? Most – if not all the readers of these pages would seem to be not swayed against Senator Reynolds – In fact -many of us were impressed and agree with the “reported” first remark from Senator Reynolds – did Higgins really say that she and Sharaz were quite a game planning twosome ? OMG ! They may yet come unstuck . Actually, we do know exactly what the plan was ! (and I sure as hell ain’t a liberal voter- yet ! Keep that up and I will be )

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