Conviction Drive – the cartoon

As writer, actor, philosopher Stephen Fry has said, “It is easy to forget that the most important aspect of comedy, after all, its great saving grace, is its ambiguity. You can simultaneously laugh at a situation, and take it seriously.” And a single cartoon can say a thousand funny, serious, and satirical words …

CARTOON by Rosemary

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Truculent police response to new evidence in Sue Neill-Fraser case backfires

If so confident, police should welcome Sue Neill-Fraser Inquiry; SNF Group President 


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14 Responses to Conviction Drive – the cartoon

  1. Keith says:

    I often muse about those involved in the conviction of Sue and what they think when their head hits the pillow at night. The police who conducted the investigation, successive AG’s, Blow, Ellis, the rest of the prosecution team, current and former Premiers and now Elise Archer.
    With all of the revelations in books, documentaries, this site, the legal luminaries from around Australia and others, surely one of them must lose just a little bit of sleep about their involvement in this case and question privately if they got it right. Their quest now is to protect the verdict at any cost lest they be found to have been incompetent or dishonest.
    Methinks they may have many more sleepless nights into the future

    • Noeline Durovic says:

      Keith by now their form actively utilises harsh bullying tactics as contenders dishing out sleaze and slime from the way back. Most of them could not lie strait in bed. Corruption where would I start? Their form is a disgrace! In other words those you have named each one carries baggage they cannot unload..Go back as far as the late 80’s..At 80 I’m still alive to tell as are few others ..Bring on a Royal Commission please!

  2. Diane Kemp says:

    Agree with Peter – it infuriates me that these people go home to their families every night while they deliberately deny Sue the same right. Sue can never get back these lost years. Appeal judges – just hand down your decision so we can see if you have been objective and looked at the facts provided.
    Time for Sue to exchange Risdon Prison for those who have continued to pervert the course of justice instead of them saying – we made a mistake!!
    Stay strong Sue.

  3. Peter Martin says:

    I get annoyed when I think about the Prosecution mob, the AG and Appeals Judges going home and enjoying their home comforts with no consideration to Sue Neill-Fraser being locked up in prison for a crime she should not have been convicted. There seems to be nothing to pressure for them to change the status quo in a hurry. The time is right for them to do something urgently. It is almost as though they get in a huddle and discuss how best to get this debarcle to go away. Ie:- just ignore it. The longer that they procrastinate the greater the amount of egg on their faces.

  4. David Jones says:

    When is all of this going to end – given the extraordinary events of the past month surely a full judicial inquiry into Sue’s case is urgently needed. In fact this case would seem to warrant a Royal Commission but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for one. We have now reached the farce stage. We can only pray that Sue will be released shortly.

  5. Jerry Fitzsimmons says:

    Thanks Rosemary, nothing like a bit of humour. We’re all so serious, and as I’ve said before, Sue’s case IS serious, but I believe no more serious than Sue would ever want it to be. Adding a bit of humour or to use the best resources possible, that is, to now and again have a laugh, even if it has to be at the behest of those responsible for their judgement, then let’s have fun with their idiocy. Surely they deserve it and surely we all need a smile. Can’t wait to see the smiles when the woman we are all supporting, gets released. 😁😁😁

  6. Marion R Hosking OAM says:

    Thank DOG for cartoonists! My questions after Sue Neill-Fraser? What about Witness K? What about his lawyer? and what about Kath Folbigg?

  7. Williambtm says:

    This case matter has gone beyond an agreed-to unsafe conviction admitted by the Tasmanian justice functionaries.
    Ain’t no way that the State’s Justice authorities can win back any respect after the Justice dept’s over-extended period of cogitation, from the people both here and on the mainland.
    The appeal verdict was an opportunity for the guilty justice fraternity to admit their error and grant the appeal decision in favor of Ms. Sue Neill-Fraser, at least the heat would have been removed from their necks.
    There was no logical sense by placing Sue in segregation… that was so unnecessary but simply brought about by the unwarranted haughty anger from the now-self snookered State Attorney General.
    Tasmania’s Justice Department indecision only adds further to the shambles and their shame.

  8. Tom Cairns says:

    Cynicism? I love it, especially here.
    It reminds me of a drama situation from years ago when one character, who had no way out, asked: “I’m a dead man, what shall I do?”
    And the reply: “What else can you do, go and get buried.”

    • Garry Stannus says:

      Check this one out…

      A cartoon depicting Pasternak as a GULAG inmate splitting trees in the snow, saying to another inmate: “I won the Nobel Prize for Literature. What was your crime?”

      Actually, it wasn’t Pasternak who went to the Gulag, it was his mistress, Olga Ivinskaya, paying the price for his ‘Dr Zhivago’. Stalin had apparently spared Pasternak, but she was … the sacrificial lamb to the KGB?


      Sue in ‘Mary Hutchinson’ Prison: I had a yacht, what was your crime?

  9. Keith says:

    Ah, the Karma Bus.

  10. Geraldine Allan says:

    And look 👀 the 2010 prosecutor driving the bus along route to Bitter End; front seat passenger CoP Hine and, looks like a desperate PAT President Riley screaming for help from side window.
    Very apt 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    • Garry Stannus says:

      Yes, Rosemary has a talent for pointing out what is so often overlooked by the besmirchers, the peddlers of misinformation and also, understandably, by some of those at a distance: some of the general public who must be scratching their heads, asking:
      – why the Appeal Court is taking so long to decide,
      – why the Commissioner of Police has made a public attack on those who have alleged police incompetence and non-disclosure of evidence,
      – why the Police Association President has made a similar public attack,
      – why the former DPP who conducted Sue’s trial has bought into the fray
      – why the Minister for Justice (and Attorney General) refuses to progress the stalemate, while allowing her Director of Prisons to punish Sue for having written a simple account of a ‘Day in her Prison Life’ … even though it was passed by the prison censor … for transmission in the mail to you, Andrew … to be published on this ‘Wrongful Convictions Report’ blog.

      Rosemary… uses a cartoon-genre as a medium of support for Sue. We need more of her ‘toons’… to illustrate the many anomalies of Sue’s wrongful imprisonment.

      Thanks too, to Andrew, for picking up Rosemary’s work and for using it to demonstrate the absurdity of Sue’s conviction and imprisonment. Of course, it’s not ‘absurdity’ in the common sense, it’s the black-humour which hints (à la Kafka) at the malevolence often behind officialdom… we need an inquiry now, for Sue, for Jeff, for Karen and let its scope include: Steve, Sam, Meaghan (in a welcoming, safe and trustworthy environment ) Tim, Shane, Peter, Colin, Daryl, Jack and so forth. Did I forget our CJ, and our AG and our Past-Premier?

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