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Sue Neill-Fraser – what the jury didn’t hear

By Andrew L. Urban By the evening of Australia Day 2009 in Hobart, the blustery wind was calming down and the fine day was turning into a balmy summer night. Helen set out for an 80th birthday party at a … Continue reading

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South Australia’s appeal court flouts the law

Derek Bromley was convicted of murder in 1984, wrongfully, in the opinion of several legal experts; now, his latest appeal (June 2018) flounders when South Australia’s appeal court “fundamentally failed to pay due regard to the rule of law and … Continue reading

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Sue Neill-Fraser: ABC crime report fails fact check

Andrew L. Urban It is disturbing when a crime reporter gets crime reporting wrong, as did Rochelle Jackson on ABC Radio’s Nightlife with Suzanna Hill on June 28, 2018, talking about one of the most important and controversial legal cases … Continue reading

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The Staircase – step by step injustice

By Andrew L. Urban On a sunny winter Saturday afternoon in Sydney, I started watching The Staircase, thinking I’d spend a couple of hours on it. It was Sunday afternoon, before I finished my binge, only breaking for dinner and … Continue reading

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Sue Neill-Fraser Support Group – a profile of persistent people power

By Andrew L. Urban, Jennie Herrera, Lynn Giddings When the Supreme Court in Hobart convenes for the final, crucial session on August 20, 2018, to hear Sue Neill-Fraser seeking leave to appeal against her murder conviction, members of the official … Continue reading

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Sue Neill-Fraser – video flashback

There are very substantial doubts about this case … the evidence is so weak …. it is hard to see how any conviction could stand … Tasmania’s legal system risks being a laughing stock, if it wasn’t such a tragedy. … Continue reading

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Prosecutorial immunity in the hands of psychopaths? A case study

By Andrew L. Urban. Small time crim John Thompson was nearly executed for a murder he didn’t commit. At his trial in 1985, the New Orleans prosecutors had withheld exculpatory evidence. Then District Attorney – Harry Connick Snr (now retired) … Continue reading

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A law unto themselves, absent model principles

Bill Rowlings* questions how ‘professional’ is the Legal Profession Board of Tasmania. It’s a quango that only recently worked out it needs to abide by model litigant principles, a decade after it was created. And it seems to particularly dislike … Continue reading

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Sue Neill-Fraser – re-reporting from court

By Andrew L. Urban In her long running appeal against her 2010 murder conviction, Hobart grandmother Sue Neill-Fraser is finding new obstacles, compounded by inaccurate reporting: a fellow prisoner, Stephen Gleeson, has been charged with perverting justice (in her favour). … Continue reading

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Time to end prosecutorial immunity

By Frederick Block * JABBAR COLLINS languished in jail for over 16 years for a murder he apparently never committed. He was only freed a few years ago when it was revealed at a post-conviction hearing that the main witness at … Continue reading

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