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Young Liberals President disinvites Bettina Arndt – event cancelled

NSW Young Liberals president Chanum Torres has given no reason for disinviting Bettina Arndt from a panel discussion organised by Sydney University Conservative Club planned for Tuesday, March 19, 2024, which included Chris Merritt, Vice President of the Rule of … Continue reading

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Lawfare in Australia – with Chris Merritt and Andrew L. Urban – CANCELLED

A panel discussion followed by Q&A will examine the case of Brittany Higgins v Bruce Lehrman at a free seminar at the University of Sydney, organised by the University’s Conservative Club, on Tuesday, March 19, 2024. 

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Jurors behaving badly

Answering a question on Quora*, What things have you accidentally overheard? Do you regret hearing them? former US criminal trial attorney BRIAN KEARNEY, told the following story about a jury deliberation process he accidentally overheard. Warning: don’t read this before … Continue reading

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Rape or sour grapes?

Andrew L. Urban  The day before the rape trial began last month, the complainant’s deception came to light: she had rehearsed a script for a phone call to manipulate the accused into making admissions to a rape that didn’t happen. … Continue reading

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Drumgold loses on 7 of 8 grounds but ACT taxpayers to pay his costs

Andrew L. Urban. In the case of Drumgold v Sofronoff Board of Inquiry … seven of Shane Drumgold’s eight grounds of complaint against Walter Sofronoff’s report were dismissed – yet his costs are to be paid by ACT taxpayers … … Continue reading

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Noel Greenaway – the evidence in his defence

The following excerpt from PRESUMPTION OF EVIL, Andrew L. Urban’s latest book, challenges Greenaway’s convictions for the sexual and physical abuse of teenage girls at Parramatta Girls Training School nearly half a century before the trial. 

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Justice denied – and painted

Andrew L. Urban. Striking intimate portraits in oil on canvas capturing faces of wrongfully convicted and those advocating for them, by Queensland artist Sky Parra, will be displayed in the DENIED exhibition at Salamanca Art Centre’s Social Gallery, (67 Salamanca … Continue reading

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Presumption of evil

In his new book, Presumption of evil, Andrew L. Urban examines one of the most egregious miscarriages of justice: the case of Noel Greenaway, convicted on the say-so of a handful of women. 

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Shopping to improve The System

Andrew L. Urban Jury research, divorcing forensic services from police and quality control of The System – a shopping list for reforms in a new book by Professor Stephen Cordner AM and Dr Kerry Breen AO. 

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The UK post office scandal of wrongful convictions began 14 years ago

ANDREW BRIDGEN, Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire, reveals the back story of this serial miscarriage of justice. “In 2010, as a newly elected MP, nothing prepared me for a constituency surgery appointment with Michael and Susan Rudkin, a … Continue reading

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