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Another CCRC established … but still not in Australia

Andrew L. Urban. A new, independent body that will have the power to send potential miscarriages of justice back to an appeal court is on track to begin receiving applications from July 1, 2020 – but not in Australia. It’s … Continue reading

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They executed an innocent man this week

May 19, 2020, 5:55 PM ET: Today the U.S. Supreme Court refused to halt the execution of Walter “Arkie” Barton, after the court of appeals for the 8th Circuit lifted the stay on his execution, discounting evidence of his innocence because it … Continue reading

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Not guilty – but punished by a system we trust(ed?)

Andrew L. Urban. Most people trust the legal system and accept the guilty verdicts of the courts. Is that trust sometimes betrayed – either maliciously or through incompetence? And is it justified? Not if these few examples of innocents being … Continue reading

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Man sues over false rape charges by his ex

The Australian’s Deborah Cornwall reports exclusively today: A Sydney man is suing his former wife, the NSW Police Force and a crown prosecutor for malicious prosecution and damages, accusing them of causing him “severe mental anguish” after persisting with false … Continue reading

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Sue Neill-Fraser and expectations of the appeal judges

Andrew L. Urban.  Three Tasmanian judges will hear Sue Neill-Fraser’s new appeal later this year against her conviction for the 2009 murder of her partner Bob Chappell, amid concerns that the appeal should be heard not by local but by … Continue reading

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Robert Xie appeal to hear “dishonest” witness allegation

Andrew L. Urban. At a directions hearing in Sydney yesterday (28/4/2020) in advance of the appeal against his five murder convictions*, Robert Xie’s representative Belinda Rigg SC told the court the appeal hearing would include allegations that an expert witness … Continue reading

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We are delighted that many readers contribute commentary to our coverage and most abide by the rules applied in the traditional media regarding anonymity. Some, however, use pseudonyms or fake names – often for their own agendas. Given the often … Continue reading

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Sue Neill-Fraser & a legal system lacking morality

Andrew L. Urban. The foundation stone of the law is morality. All laws have a moral basis or background – but not all individuals and/or institutions within the legal system do. Moral considerations ought to inform legal considerations. In the … Continue reading

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If Pell, why not other innocents in jail?

Andrew L. Urban. George Pell’s supporters are backing a review of the way Victoria Police and the Office of Public Prosecutions handled the ultimately failed pursuit of the cardinal. Terry Tobin QC* said that if the High Court was right … Continue reading

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Sue Neill-Fraser appeal delayed (again) to later in 2020

Andrew L. Urban. If it’s not one thing, it’s another; this time, the already delayed May 25, 2020 appeal hearing has had to be delayed again due to the restrictions imposed by the emergency measures being implemented in the coronavirus … Continue reading

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