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Private movie previews presented by Andrew L. Urban

Invitation to readers of wrongfulconvictionsreport: please join Andrew for Movies Now, a series of six new movies prior to their commercial release, followed by a discussion with a film industry practitioner; Wednesdays from Feb. 5, 2020. 

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Can juries get it wrong?

Andrew L. Urban. Juries are human. Fallible, often under stress, especially in trials of serious crime, collectively uninformed in law, forensic science or other relevant disciplines. Juries ingest what the prosecution and defence feeds them. Having served on a jury, … Continue reading

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Robert Xie – an evidence-free conviction

Andrew L. Urban. There was no direct evidence that Robert Xie viciously murdered five members of his wife’s family in 2009, nor any credible circumstantial evidence. The appeal against his 2017 conviction has been delayed by the Crown, most recently … Continue reading

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Judge sorry for justice system

Andrew L. Urban. Three men from Baltimore, US, who were sent to prison as teenagers for a murder they did not commit have been released after 36 years. And after overturning the convictions on November 26, 2019, “On behalf of … Continue reading

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Unis have no jurisdiction in sexual assault matters

The Queensland Supreme Court has determined that universities have no jurisdiction to adjudicate sexual assault, reports Bettina Arndt. 

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Victoria’s new right to appeal law passed

Andrew L. Urban. Victoria, as of November 14, 2019, has joined South Australia and Tasmania as states where a further right to appeal is now in place, subject to fresh and compelling evidence. 

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Gordon Wood back in court to press his claim of malicious prosecution

Andrew L. Urban. Three floors above the court room where 14 months earlier NSW Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Fullerton demolished Mark Tedeschi QC’s prosecution of Gordon Wood for being “disingenuous” and “impermissibly straining for a conviction” (for murder) yet dismissed … Continue reading

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Gordon Wood appeal in shadow of prosecutorial malaise

Andrew L. Urban. Gordon Wood’s appeal against his failed malicious prosecution bid last year begins in Sydney’s Supreme Court on Monday, November 18, 2019, in the shadow of a new book by former DPP Nicholas Cowdrey (Frank and Fearless, New … Continue reading

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High Court grants leave for George Pell appeal

The High Court today (Wednesday, November 13, 2019) has granted leave for George Pell to appeal the decision of the Court of Appeal which upheld his conviction in December last year on one charge of sexual penetration with a child … Continue reading

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Sue Neill-Fraser appeal set for March 2020

Justice Helen Wood has set the date for appeal against Sue Neill-Fraser’s murder conviction, for March 2 – 13, 2020, after DPP Darryl Coates estimated it would take two weeks; Neill-Fraser’s lawyer, Chris Carr, had estimated just 3 – 4 … Continue reading

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