Convicted for Cash – false sexual abuse claims as cash cow

Speaking on camera from his New Hampshire prison, Fr Gordon MacRae details how unscrupulous claimants and lawyers can swindle the system out of hefty cash payouts with false claims of sexual abuse. He should know: it happened to him. That’s in America, but not ONLY in America … Readers can make their own deductions and assessments. 

Documentary filmmaker Frank X. Panico interviewed Fr Gordon in prison in June 2023. He says: “I created this short documentary film because I believe that railroading, convicting and imprisoning a Catholic priest through lies and deceitful tactics is an unfruitful work of darkness.”


Background briefing

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3 Responses to Convicted for Cash – false sexual abuse claims as cash cow

  1. Julie says:

    Astonishing stuff! With the errors & recantations & depravity of investigators that has become known over ensuring decades it is unbelievable Father Gordon has not been released & compensated by the state.
    The highly publicised circus of the OJ Simpson criminal trial of the same mid 90’s era comes to mind too.

  2. Brian Johnston says:

    Meantime back in Australia no one fought for Ivan Milat.

  3. JohnTruth says:

    This CRIMINAL RORT by The Cops&Judiciary
    persists to this day because It is they who have the unfettered government support to do so via The Gift of The Separation of Powers which gives them free rein to corruptly collude and cover up their CRIMES against humanity.
    IMHO there’s seriously the prospect of CIVIL REVOLUTION as being the only way to excise this scourge.
    The enemy is The State in every country wherein The English Adversarial Justice System is relied upon to Arrest, Try & Convict its citizens whether guilty or not.

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