Illegal TasPol snooping to be reviewed by TasPol defender Michael O’Farrell SC

Andrew L. Urban.

That great State of renowned legal probity and justice, Tasmania, has announced its response to Brett J’s judgement that police illegally recorded prison conversations for two months: it has tasked a defender of TasPol to conduct an “independent” review. Tsk tsk … take this wet lettuce leaf and smack their wrist. That sardonic response reflects the local paper’s reporting of the matter.

In Hobart’s daily, The Mercury, 2/9/22, crime reporter Amber Wilson writes:

CONCERNS have been raised over an independent review of Tasmania Police’s use of covert recording devices.

The fears were flagged by supporters of convicted murderer Sue Neill-Fraser, plus several Tasmanian lawyers and politicians over the review, which will be conducted by former Solicitor-General Michael O’Farrell SC.

In 2017, while acting in that role, Mr O’Farrell expressed confidence in Tasmania Police and its ability to investigate matters in the Neill-Fraser case. [Ed: Obviously the best man for the job…]

Greg Barns SC, the chair of the Prisoners Legal Service Tasmania, said while he welcomed news of an independent review, he was concerned it was being done at the request of Tasmania Police itself.

“We are concerned to ensure the terms of reference are broad enough to ensure that if there has been any unlawful downloading of material, that is identified and those individuals whose privacy has been breached will be notified,” he said.

Rosalie Woodruff, the Greens spokesperson for Justice, said “Tasmanians also need clear, detailed explanations of what changes will be made”.

“Police will have digitally captured many sensitive and privileged conversations between clients and their lawyers, and potentially other parties including psychiatrists, psychologists, and religious guides,” she said.

“These secret open-ended recordings have the potential to erode trust in police and the state’s justice system. As a consequence of this bungled process, evidence in relation to serious allegations has not been allowed to be admitted to court. This is a lose, lose situation for justice.”

The Australian Lawyers Alliance called for a commission of inquiry into the matter.

“The findings indicate that Tasmania Police engaged in a gross violation of confidential communications between inmates of Risdon Prison and their legal representatives,” Fabiano Cangelosi, Hobart barrister and spokesperson for the ALA, said.

“Such conduct had the capacity to undermine the administration of justice.”

Australians will fail to see ‘a fair go’ in this review. It is not an example of genuine concern for respect for the rule of law in Tasmania. But it is true to form …

Back in November 2013, the late & great Chester Porter QC warned Tasmania’s legal establishment it would be a laughing stock over the uncorrected Sue Neill-Fraser conviction.

The most challenging task facing O’Farrell will be how to word his report. (Suggest he watch a few episodes of Yes, Minister…)

Yes, Minister

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63 Responses to Illegal TasPol snooping to be reviewed by TasPol defender Michael O’Farrell SC

  1. Keith says:

    Hallelujah, at last Sue is free. Now to nail the bastards who put her there.

  2. Father Ted--AKA-- WHALENSKY says:

    Owen/ we all know you crossed Pail Strait on a Hessian Bag of Apples / I like my Nnuckle Head Candy Apple Red ! (mit turbo). Some have suggested the Knucklehead is the appropriate machine for me–pretty DAFT–But even I can know a bastard system when I see it — only Jesus can do the impossible– get JUSTICE FOR SUE ! AND MAYBE HE WILL ?MAYBE HE WON’T–BUT for sure–a few arses are gunner get zapped at the Pearly Gates !

    • FATHER TED says:

      Beyond the Pale-Outside the Bounds OF what is acceptable- or regarded as Good Judgement ,morality,ethics– uncivilised ! Many think we need patrol boats–keep the diseased bastards south of THE PALE ! Even their Dogs are Devils ? WE at least apologised to Lindy Chamberlain— only took 30 years ! Those Little People down there will burn in hell — for this evil DEED ! They will never apologise–NEVER !

    • Owen allen says:

      Whalensky, Brother, aka Father Ted; How? First Nation Greeting from the Americas; I haven’t mentioned recently, I joined an International Tribe of Indigenous Tent Dwellers whilst living in a tent in Hobart after my life crashed. Don’t look it up on google as a biker in England did and didn’t find anything.
      It is a cosmic tribe of the universe. Never say never Father Ted, with GOD anything is possible. I have replied earlier but I went off on a tangent which wasn’t relevant to the Report so Brother Andrew didn’t put it up and fair enough. Keep it up folks, Brothers and Sisters, it ain’t over ’till it’s over.
      I think the power is there for Sue to be released at any time by a pardon and excuse me so sorry. Is that correct? Owen.

      • andrew says:

        Re pardon: a pardon may be sought from the Governor via the Attorney-General. I doubt Sue would want a pardon; she wants to be exonerated, her guilty verdict extinguished.

        • Owen allen says:

          Yes of course, a pardon doesn’t reflect innocence.

        • Father Ted--AKA-- WHALENSKY says:

          Andrew/ I need an explanation from–some one not as thick as a Scotsmans Porridge! How can Vass make A Sworn Statement–( under oath ? )- that explains and describes EXACTLY the events in what seems beyond reasonable doubt–THEN next day completely disown that statement ? Doesn’t this mean–beyond reasonable doubt–that SHE was GOT AT ? Isn’t that a reasonable conclusion ? Is it not true that DRUG SMUGGLING is a multi million business–with Police Involvement ? What other reason would “they ” have to protect murdered Yacht Thieves– than the business arrangement being threatened ! How can anyone just walk away from a Sworn Statement ? The Police must have been furious ! The Judge grabbed the CHANCE– “Now I can see justice served”–We don’t want her back in here– stuffing up our screen play !

        • Father Ted--AKA-- WHALENSKY says:

          ANDREW / Why did you organise ( OR set up this forum) ? WHY ? I’M sure, that in SOME—the sense of a “FAIR GO” seems to be in their DNA . Others–if you question them ( in a sneaky fashion)– are obviously from the DOG eat DOG school . There are some who will risk everything– but stick to their guns–risk of being murdered by OTHER POLICE ! Mendelssohn MILLER wasn’t murdered by His Stinking Corrupt NSW POLICE Comrades (right at the TOP LEVEL ) He had support from some powerful media ! A previous Queensland Police Commissioner Resigned–left the Sunny State after DEATH THREATS to himself and his family-from other Police . NOW THESE AREA SERIOUS QUESTIONS –ARE these the same sort of POLICEYMEN who “GOT AT “Vass ? They felt that there ⁷Crime Network was threatened ? How is it possible that a person can make a statement in a Tasmsnian Court that explains ( including DNA evidence at the crime scene) exactly how the murder was committed by FRIENDS OF THE POLICEYMEN– and then later claim that the account she gave under oath was a stinking lie and not satisfactory to the people she was terrified of ? Was she questioned by the SYSTEM as to why “she shit herself ” ? Why did the SYSTEM make bloody sure she didn’t appear AGAIN in the Court– has she been “disappeared ” yet ? What does the GOOD OLD AUSTRALIAN PUB TEST SAY–Manipulation of the Court From the TOP LEVEL ? Contrary to some opinions– Australia NEVER has been Muchof a country–just another group of monkeys that has executed and imprisoned innocent people–POLICEYMEN MURDER ABORIGINALS with virtual immunity ! Obviously Innocent People are imprisoned by the HOT SHOTS so their fellow travellers in crime can continue–We know who murderer BOB–So do the Corrupt Little Policeymen– Megan Vass could quite easily have SUE RELEASED–And then who would protect her from “THE SYSTEM” ? THE Scroundrel Pigs ?

          • andrew says:

            In answer to your question as to why I set up this ‘forum’ as you call it: it started as my journalistic response to the Sue Neill-Fraser case. I was outraged but all I can do is shine a light on the injustice. It grew from there.

          • Owen allen says:

            And thank you Andrew for shining the light.
            I implore everyone do not give up, stay in touch reading and contributing, vent your anger; this debacle is really serious stuff. Absolute abuse of power, of human, civil and legal rights and why, because they can and have been getting away with it in Tasmania for 200 years. In other States they get pulled into gear, until their corrupt ugly head arises again; but apart from South Australia, I can not remember any corruption busting down there.
            I can smell their rotten stench up here near the Qld NSW border when the southwest wind blows. We must keep at it. Australia will implode eventually if it is not sorted; is that what they want, Totalatarian Police Country, 2 states are there now. Owen.

          • Whalensky says:

            Sorry Andrew– that was meant to be an observation-Not a question. ie. It seems that in some Citizens— the desire to see justice “done “by the System appears almost to be in their DNA . Some of US when we read the description– the systematic methods used to mislead and and manipulate a jury–WE GET MAD ! And if this manipulation is done by the very persons with the training/ expertise/ and absolute obligation to deliver JUSTICE–WE GET EVEN MADDER ! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THEM ? Would a JUDGE deliberately manipulate a court so as to deliver a mongrel verdict on a fellow citizen ? WHY ? Does such a person have some kind of mental malfunction? What is their motivation ? Did their Mummy or Daddy do something nasty to them– did they fall on their head from their COT ? Fascinating questions–Some of us, such as Yourself working hard to right a wrong–those types right up the TOP GUN level- fighting with sometimes halfwit arguments to deny justice– PLEASE Tell me WHY !

  3. Don Wakeling says:

    Is the Minister for Police aware of the Inquiry into police conduct called by his Police Commissioner to be conducted by O’Farrell QC, now also chairperson of the Sentencing Revie w Commission and a declared supporter of the integrity of Taspol. If he is aware of this “inquiry”,will be publicly declare its terms of reference , the intended nature of the “inquiry” and when will it commence. Can theinister be called to answer these matters of obvious and serious public concern, in the Tasmanian Parliament . Maybe, even the Attorney General might deign to inform the Public who elected her and to whom she owes a duty to inform.

      • Fred S says:

        The police minister will likely wait for the report before making any public statements.

      • Don Wakeling says:

        Thank you Geraldine. Given the whole legal debacle of Sue Neill Fraser’s case, her support for Judge alone criminal trials and extending the retirement date for those Judges, would appear an ominous course, at least, presently, in Tasmania.
        The jury didn’t twist or create ” facts in Sue’s trial. The present Chief Justice ( then Blow J ) did that and aided and condoned the Prosecutor to do the same. That same judge, by arrogance and prejudice, refused the obvious need for the recall of Megan Vass and I believe he was the root cause of this whole catastrophic failure of justice. Image him having conducted that as a judge alone trial. He’s the same Chief Justice who has lobbied for the sitting age extension. Not only can he keep conducting trials ( the Supreme Court Registry confirmed that he is still conducting criminal trials) he gets to remain Chief Justice and Leiftenant Governor General of Tasmania. His motives are said to be noble , however , as he is said to have only the concern to reduce the present long backlag of pending cases. Really? I suppose that the next logical step for the Tasmanian justice system will be the appointment of O’Farrell KC to the Supreme Court after he delivers his “inquiry” report on Taspol as requested of him, by Taspol.

  4. Don Wakeling says:

    Is O’Farrell QC , commissioned by Taspol to conduct an Inquiry into Taspol, the same O’Farrell QC whom the Tasmanian A-G appointed to Chair the Sentencing Review Council ? How many hats does this person get to wear? Considering his already expressed view that he holds full support for Taspol’s integrity, how can any really concerned member of the legal profession not scream in protest at this farce blatently tolerated by their own Attorney General ?

  5. Father Ted--AKA-- WHALENSKY says:

    Owen/ thought you escaped from Port Arthur ? That place should be completely removed as were Hitler’s ( and his cronies) Bavarian chalets . Various members of the Legal System visit Port Arthur to grieve for lost powers– floggings when already DEAD– That sort of stuff– FUN FUN . MOSTLY GONE–BUT not the Novel Writing for the Iudge and jury ! The imprisonment of the innocents ! The judges can write a ripping yarn themselves when necessary– to achieve a pants wetting verdict–FUN FUN . A Few Good Men and Women could– in super short time–read the Prosecutorial Screen Plays– chuck out the SILLY ONES. The Forensic Dogs Vomit ! Release the innocents– dig up the executed ! When Hell Freezes Over !

  6. Father Ted--AKA-- WHALENSKY says:

    Owen–one day- when Sue has been released without Compensation–you must relate your amazing escape from Penal Servitude ( Port Arfa) . The doggies at Eagles Nest. Getting across the Pail Strait–a raft of Apples ? Reminds me of Pappillon no less . How many HD you leave behind ? Hope you didn’t resort to Cannibalism? Lots of questions– few answers ! Robert has made me so jumpy about the overuse of exclamation marks– that I start to waffle on a bit–a lot ! Did a few barrel rolls and loops in a Pawnee 235 once . I know one can make a living writing SCREENPLAYS– BUT BUT What is the punishment for using” said device” for having a poor little victim done like a DUCK IN A OVEN ?

    • Robert Greenshields says:

      It is not my intention Whalensky, to inhibit your contributions to this site in support of Sue Neill Fraser.
      Your inclinations to excessively stress points is readily accepted as a transpicuous defining of your devotion to never embracing the general community and government sanctioned and approved indignities, constructed upon deceit and misinformation, that still prevail, irrespective of the long term and exhausting actions by legally qualified and other supporters of the genuinely wrongfully convicted.
      The Che Guevara Quote; “that if you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine”, reigns among the more principled of motivating beliefs and feelings, that when accumulated and acted upon, inspire incorporation into a group of like minded supporters, as in this diabolical case.
      Many citizens are forever overtly incapable of even attempting to follow such a simple philosophy because any confirming or defining individualism is sacrificed/forfeited, when they choose the cowardly path of bourgeois, and bawdy materialism, through extended public service, and its denigrating, though self appeasing, returned in house recognition. Mussolini was supposedly recorded as saying; “that it’s better to live one day as a lion, than a hundred years as a sheep”.
      Institutionalised cowardly police, the quasi militarised, and other supposed legal authorities fit more than conformingly, adequately, and comfortably into such destructive and disgraced cultures I concur. All the best.

      • Father Ted--AKA-- WHALENSKY says:

        Ah Robert / Now I feel all coy ! You didn’t quote Joesph Goebbels– Instruction to the Pervayers of Justice–( my translation) . Lie your guts out over and over — the jury will come round– must be true– even the JUDGE throws in a helping word or two ! Though the Screen Play IS RUBBISH–Goebbels had a Doctorate in bullshit–knew his stuff . Why didn’t Chamberlains defenders DEMAND an analysis of the fetal blood under the dashboard ? Why didn’t SUES defenders demand a reinactment to the court- in situe-of the herculean lifting job done by the little Sheila? And into the NOT blood stained digny . Goebbels would be proud– The Tasmanian “Justice System” is proud of their achievement . Convictimg the innocent is FUN FUN– The Power and The Glory ! Holy Mackerel ( Tasmanian Salmon) I’m becoming exclamatory AGAIN ! Think I’ll write a screen play ! The plot will be–Juryman shouts at JUDGE– “COME OFF THE GRASS YA MONGREL” ! Treading on thin ICE ? The JUDGE made insulting remarks to me before my removal– BUT-I’m a sheep-not a MUSSOLINI LION . Gutless in fact !

        • Robert Greenshields says:

          Ho, ho, and a bottle of rum Whalensky.
          Coy? yeah right. I suppose you might believe that in being of the meek you will inherit the earth.
          Beyond recognised roles each and every person has his. or her own convictions.
          Clarity can be disguised as a lion, a sheep, an altruist, humanist, or badged up, bauble emblazoned uniform wearing, but centric, singularly valued opportunist.

          • Father Ted--AKA-- WHALENSKY says:

            Robert /You sure is perceptive– As my linguist sleeps– I don my rum stained, badged up, bauble emblazoned uniform -reinact the courtroom–the language would make a bullocky blush– a fury of contempt and scathing sarcasm–cheers from the admirers– Sue is set free– others are dug up–I then drift off into sheepdom ! My true self . Hugo Boss and all .

  7. Whalensky says:

    I’m not even slightly sorry for the typos–didn’t read the rant before posting– got a bit over exited about the tragedy of it all–The Judge and his “MATES” must be grieving that they couldn’t execute SUE –another victim of their brilliant NOVEL writing .(poor Ray Bailey murdered by a Queensland PIG-who bloody knew he was innocent) Makes ya proud to be in the SS oops–i mean the Outfit of High Repute . AS the Gendarmes child in PARIS asked — “What you do today Mein Daddy ? Today I send some little children to the exterminators . So just drink your coffee-munch your croissants and know noffink.” A Policeymans lot is not a happy one– l
    I’ll murder an ABORIGINAL TODAY–I’m 10O% sure to be promoted–check the record your self– Young Pat boy– bashed to death– read of his injuries? Read of the witnesses–who lost the power of speach–4 drunken little pigs-went to market -the stacked and very carefully chosen jury of morans ! NOT GUILTY MEIN HONOUR ! Shouted the Proud Foreman ! He fell over . Then run over by a BIG KENNY

    • Owen allen says:

      Totalitarianism Whalansky, when they assume total power and nobody resists. We all can thank the French Resistance and their comrades across the borders during WW2, and people like the White Mouse, Nancy Wake; everyone should research, easy, it should be compulsory reading at high school.
      Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win.
      To add to a recent comment of mine, re assault by Detective.
      I was incarcerated for failing to appear in court. I forgot the date, my lawyer wouldn’t respond to comms or contact me, so I said WTF. Crazy.
      So I’m locked up, first time ever and my life crashed. I wasn’t a flight risk, been in business 7 years. So I am locked up for Failing to Appear. Whilst locked up my charge of Disorderely Conduct was heard in court and I didn’t appear in court, to make a plea, or represent the case. Do you understand? I was found guilty in absence, “they never took me over to court, to defend; ? Because I would accuse the Detective of Assault in the court. Of course it would be denied by all, but it would be on the record.
      Yeah, I have the guff from personal experience; nobody can convince me that Tasmania is a lovely, clean, green, friendly place. It is evil, controlled by evil people. Ciao, Owen

      • Owen allen says:

        PS, I can say this with authority, I fought at every level, local protected bullies in the village; politically connected businessmen, local and state bureaucrats, police and politicians, and I lived with in maximum prison and had friends, victims of Ashley Boys Home, one bloke who helped me out when the prison was screwing me one week in, by not supplying basic health needs such as toothpaste etc, Gary was 52 years old and had been incarcerated for 26 years since child hood. That proves Tasmania is successful in rehabilitation of wayward youth. But if you knew what is coming out in the Ashley Inquiry you might have some sympathy, and I know you do Whalensky and all the contributors to this org, I am exercising my right of freedom of speech in the public domain, for the record on this site, thank you Andrew. Owen.

        • Father Ted--AKA-- WHALENSKY says:

          Don’t be silly– there is no punishment– that’s the beautifullyness of it all ! Like the Japanese Heroes-they GANG RAPED- then murdered the Australian Nurses on Banka Island. A Political decision– no punishment ! That’s the way the WHOLE Justice System Works in Australia– Lie-Fabricate-ignore relevant material-plant evidence- carefully appoint a gullible jury–bring in from Forensics “EXPERT”– The Forensics expert for the prosecution. Then HANG the mug punter ! Punishment for this caper–NAAAR !

  8. Whalensky says:

    Read a full description– as told to Poor Lindy Chamberlain’s specially selected halfwitted Jury– the repulsive tprosecutor wrote the Jury a tedlittle Novel– with a weapon-a fabricated load of vomit about babies blood h and cans of beans– dashing about with camera bags with baby girls IN–Burying and digging up– read it your self ! Can you see it ? From the same Policeymen Sshool of Aspiring Novelists– As the former Prime zMinister said on National Television–yhey learn to lie in police college. Seems they use the Same Basic Fermat yo Fool the jury of 20 builders labourers–Obe od them – in total disregard as to himself majesty on the throne– How The HELL did Sue cart Bob around–when it was shown later that two strong men had difficulty with that task ? Od course in a novel written by an Immoral Scroundred and presented to the gullible hand selected Jury. If this Jury was like the one I was thrown orf – these other Jury members–not one of them- questioned the Jury Foreman supplying further derogatory information to help achieve a conviction- as in the previous case he perverted ! The Judge must have wet his pants at the glory of it all ? Dig up Raymond John Bailey and give “our” an abject APPOLOGY- then slink away to some other Island !

  9. Whalensky says:

    Most common cause of wrong ful convi tons in USA is the eye witness– woman in boat –when not a woman– man with long hair–One can see that the policeyman knew he had a victim in the SNF videos. Went for it– forget the pursuit of justice -forget the yacht thieves– invent Forensics for the jury- blood in the dingy- ignore other Forensics amazingly similarities with the Lindy Chamberlain travesty. They could sense the road to victory-went for IT– Forget common decency–like free jiggy jigs and taking money from prostitutes– total lack of good old Aussie Fair Go.- These mongrels are not Australians– they are something else .

  10. David Dickman says:

    Tasmanian politicians police and the justice system are absolutely the pits ! No rational minded person would after applying ” Beyond reasonable doubt ” to the Sue Neil Fraser conviction condone what has taken place at the hands of these incompetents. One strives to have faith but it is under the circumstances impossible. Yes there are lies and more damned lies coming from those involved in a vicious criminal act of incarcerating Sue Neil Fraser. Where is the body to convict ? Where was the motive ? Lets not now invoke the recent Chris Dawson matter as a precedent wherein there was strong motive along with strong circumstantial evidence. Unlike Sue Neil Fraser there was nought.

  11. Diane Kemp says:

    Are they mad to appoint one of ‘their boys’ to conduct this so called investigation and think that we will believe what he comes up with given the history?? How do the good people of Tasmania remain silent at this ridiculous idea??
    Way way past time for Tasmanians to stand up and be counted and say we will not take this anymore. We will not accept a corrupt system in this State, we will not accept that we are not allowed to speak up because we fear what might happen to us, we will not accept that keeping an innocent woman in prison is just and fair, we have had enough.

    The keystone cops have nothing on Tasmanian cops but this latest whitewash attempt tarnishes any decent police officer in Tasmania – I am sure there must be one somewhere. How do you tolerate your organisation doing this to your reputation???
    Speak up now!!!

    • Owen allen says:

      Diane, The Tasmanian Leader of Opposition in 1996 told my ex wife and I “Tasmania Police are too corrupt to do anything about,” and everybody including politicians do not stir the bear; compromised, Fascism, Corruption, Cronyism, Nepotism. Owen.
      And there was one, who spoke out about a murder by Tasmania Police Special Operations Group. Paul Tapp author, wrote a book titled Disquiet-the Justifiable Homicide of an Australian Vietnam Veteran.
      The Police Ballistics Expert refused to cover up the murder.

  12. Whalensky says:

    You are a Generous Soul-Owen. Been
    riding motor cycles since 1958.-Vellocette-Every Outback Track in Australia with a name- plus quite a few others without– I named some myself. “OLD ANDADO TRACK” across NW. SIMPSON .eg.Could write a long comment on some Ludicrous Police Behaviour. Theft of Expensive Sidchrome Set From my MGB.- The Auto Club LEGAL Advice–YOU WON’T WIN–THEY LIE THEIR EFFING GUTS OUT ! The Police Commissioner and most if not all the cronies were Criminals (proven). One of their innocent victims was executed-Raymond John Bailey. Make YA proud of the FORCE . Have you noticed how they is calling themselves names such as “ROAD TRAFFIC COMMAND FORCE”–or somefink ? They could INVADE POLAND .Two Nasty little Pieces of work I knew in Vietnam,joined the QLD.FORCE” IT could be reasonably asked– What the HELL has this stuff got to do with OUR VICTIM–SUE SNF . I put it to you- this stuff is relevant–As Citizens observing and relating to the horrible experience of a fellow little human– done over by the swine . It must be an herendous experience for a young mother to have her baby eaten by a DOG- then be locked up by a stinking bunch of lying conniving DOGS.–Fetal blood under dash -no less. Give that one to the Jury. Make ya puke !
    mongrels–$ 10 million would be appropriate. How about being born deaf and mute–then sentenced to death. You stinking stinking stinking swine.! $ 450 thousand compensation for that bit of fun was it 15 years in jail ? The REWARD– for that piece of brilliant Police Work–Commissioner–seems appropriate- who better to supervise the swine than another swine . You could ask–why you not admire the Little Lovely POLICEYMENS ? Well the Heroically Powerful Qld. Police Sergeant warned me what would happen if I didn’t shut me effing mouth about me and me brother being abused by one of the heroes with a gun–is it too late? As you know- the mongrels will set out to prove we were of POOR Character. ( deserved to be sexualising molested–just as well we didn’t have any pocket money– actually come to think of it ) Queensland Policey got free jiggy jigs and took money from prostitutes–hope they told their wives and children where the holiday money came from ? Here-son-daughter- get yourself an icecream-its money I took from a prostitute– whats a prostitute daddy ? They is providers of CASH LARGESSE to Policeymen Mein kinder.Why daddy ? Just because that’s the way of the World– mein kinder . Daddy why we have holiday in POLAND all the time ? Daddy– can we go to Tasmania next holiday–Are you mad– Tasmania’s more corrupt than QUEENSLAND .whats corrupt Mein Farter ? It’s the grease what lubricates the Justice System Mein kinder . What’s Justice Daddy ? NOW THATS A BLOODY GOOD QUESTION !

  13. John Biggs says:

    Garry has nailed it. The details are in Undercurrent and Southern Justice. The story there, and in the McLaren/White paper, based on direct, not just circumstantial, evidence of what happened, exposed a botched police investigation and flaws in the original trial, which in any civilised jurisdiction would demand further investigation. But O’Farrell, as Solicitor General, without apparently even reviewing that evidence, discarded it, saying essentially that the Tasmanian Police were not to be criticised, a view backed up by Premier Hodgman. How parochial is that! That endorsement then gave TasPol the license to persecute and prosecute any witnesses for Sue’s defence, including the evidence collected by Sue’s defence lawyer, charging him with “perverting the course of justice”. It’s equivalent to the prosecution of Bernard Colleary for defending Witness J: that is, any lawyer for the defence of anyone the government of the day doesn’t like is liable to be charged with perverting the course of “justice”! That is what you might expect in Russia or China, certainly not in the justice system in a democracy. Of course, the Federal AG Christian Porter in the corrupt Morrison Govt didn’t agree with that but at least on change of government, Colleary’s charge was dropped, as it was, finally, with Jeff Thompson but only because the prosecution there had broken procedural rules in pursuing him. So it’s not just flawed procedure by the police, but that such biassed, unfair and illegal behaviour is endorsed at the highest political levels in Tasmania. That is something that should terrify ordinary Tasmanians. Only an independent, that is nonTasmania, Commission with powers to subpoena witness can help clear this dreadful mess up. Or even, dare I even think it, that a newly elected government would take appropriate action to clear the name of Tasmanian justice.

    • Robert Greenshields says:

      John I find it extremely difficult to accept that supposed credible policing resources, individuals hopefully with a true capacity to confront crime, are not minimised to the status of insignificance and irrelevance through either direct intervention by higher ranking officialdom, or other motivated and politicised influences, ie, as an example, the possibility that accepted cemented cultural aspects of solidarity among police welfare representatives has an overwhelming impact on activities and the transparent flow of honest information.
      It seems apparent to me that a culture of collaboration and deceitful collusion between investigative elements and legal processing authorities, irrespective of recorded, (rightly or wrongly) known facts, has been a weaponising dynamic in machinations utilised to establish and ensure the desired choreographed outcome, in this continuing catastrophe.
      Sue Neill Fraser,after in excess of a decade, along with members of her own and extended family suffer the continuing indignity as brave opponents of petty officialdoms oppression and injustice, just as history has it recorded in the NE of Victoria during the desperate years of extremely stratified colonial brutality and administrative terrorism in that defined area of Australia over 150 years ago.
      About the only thing that has not been implemented by the inglorious Tasmanian authorities, is a chained line of ferocious dogs across the narrow isthmus between morality/integrity and humanity/honesty, and well recognised and recorded reconciled venality and state sanctioned corruption and terrorism, similar to what was put in place by prior authorities at Eaglehawk Neck near Port Arthur.
      Maintain the faith Sue, you are not alone.

    • Geraldine Allan says:

      John, TASPOL failure to 1) observe prescribed rules and processes, and 2) be held accountable for those most serious offences, has sent a passive message that bias, “unfair and illegal behaviour is endorsed” at both the TASPOL supervisory and “political levels in Tasmania”.

      Indeed, it ” … is something that should terrify ordinary Tasmanians”, and certainly needs to be hung on the public airing line for all to see.

  14. Pauline Chalmers says:

    Andrew Urban – your humour shines ABOVE the protracted frustrations. TasPol simply can NOT comprehend they might be wrong, and be guilty of engaging in erroneous practices, and now Sue’s supporters have concrete evidence! Is this only their FIRST time?!?!? A Commission of Inquiry would find out! The Tasmanian government has NO CHOICE but to action one!

  15. David Smith says:

    Those involved including Police – Prison Officers – Politicians – any Public Servants – must be Criminally Charged with Perverting the Course of Justice. To date there is nothing that Police have said cannot be believed – Once a Liar always a Liar. The Problem is – there is nowhere in Tasmania where you will find an Honest Independent Investigator. They will have to be brought in from elsewhere. That is why there needs to be an Independent Inquiry. Or the Governor can give Sue a Pardon and finish this matter now. But the problem still stays there – TasPol are Dishonest and Corrupt.

  16. Don Wakeling says:

    Does police commissioner Cowling reveal whether “last week’s interview” with Vass was recorded, audio, or a written record? Either way, why does Cowling resist making a definitive public statement that a record of that statement by Vass exists ( and in what form )?
    Could the truthful and shocking answer be that it does not exist?
    The Police Prosecutor would have been breifed, in writing, by the officer instructing him that Vass, at the stated interview, replied to all other questions, ” No Comment”.
    So what is true? What the Police Prosecutor told the Magistrate or what Commissioner Cowling told the public .
    The Attorney General makes a mockery of her ” inquiry” and openly insults the public by appointing Farrell whose dealing with Richter QC’s white paper has been questioned. Has Farrell ever publicly denied that he made the white paper’s contents known to Taspol?

    • Keith says:

      I’m sure FOI could sort it out.

    • Don Wakeling says:

      Has the Attorney General announced the specific terms of reference of the Inquiry she has commissioned Farrell QC to conduct, and, when does it commence?

      • andrew says:

        The inquiry is not commissioned by the A-G; the police have instigated it themselves (self-policing?) and we don’t know when it will commence.

        • Don Wakeling says:

          Thank you Andrew. I had thought it was the AG. But an Inquiry commissioned BY the police into themselves?? Is the who Tasmanian Government insane? Does the Law Society of Tasmania or the Bar Association call on the AG to correct that farce?

          • andrew says:

            My answer would be considered sarcasm, ridicule or plain old disrespectful of the institutions you mention …

          • Owen allen says:

            Don, wake up, Tasmania is corrupt, they are all buddies protecting one another. This is human nature at its worst. 3 tiers of government with all the attached bureaucracies with less than 500,000 population, most of them living in Hobart. They are all complicit and silent because their life in Tasmania is over if anyone speaks out; but; it is no excuse. It was descibed by the Leader of Opposition as ‘ The Tasmanian Way’, 1996 who also said Tasmania Police are too corrupt to do anything about. Owen.

  17. Owen allen says:

    Excellent Work, Brother Andrew; and Robert and Garry, you are certainly members of the team backing up, I rejoice when I read of Brothers and Sisters against injustice and corruption; it is only us that can bring about change and we need everybody helping, with knowledge and or advice, and supporters for Eve Ash petition for Sue Neill-Fraser. What can we do?
    I am working on it, but I am a crippled, body (pain in the leg), crippled mind (Tasmania Abuse Victim, 2 case scenario’s) and an introvert; but perhaps I am in introverted egotist. I would love to meet with and talk to Eve Ash, Psychologist.
    I will stand up to bullies and suffer the consequences; that is the story of my life.
    Keep it up guys, thanks, Owen.

    • Owen allen says:

      Sorry Gals, you’re input has been amazing. Woke??? Gals, Guys, team members; lets go for broke; what are the limits;? Stick with Andrew and Eve, and spread the WORD.

    • Whalensky says:

      Introverted egotistical–evangelical as well– keep that up–Owen- me thinks you think too much–this case and many others place the Australian Justice Ststem beyond the PALE.– Google That ! Just remember–there is immense satisfaction in convicting the innocent–the feeling of power ! The pleasure Prison Guards get tormenting the Victims of the Pompous Judges and halfwitted Hand picked Juries Was a juror once–a truly disgusting experience–The Jury Foreman had been on several successful– that is–HE achieved the Verdict the system required- No doubt went on to a long and successful caree as a Professional Juror. My knowledge and advice would be USELESS– I was DONE LIKE A DINNER ! One is up against professional SWINE ! OF COARSE THEY WIN ! The whole stinking justice system needs a revamp . A Jury should consist of 20 at least Cynical Builders labourers–and not a secret little group of State Appointed easily Manipulated Morons. Each Juror should then be required to EXPLAIN THEIR VERDICT –and be questioned by 20 other Builders Labourers. The punishment for stupid verdicts– use your imagination ! Not too many exclamations — Robert ?

      • Robert Greenshields says:

        Feel free to refer to me individually, and be overtly excessively emphatic in what ever mode you choose to utilise Whalensky.
        The crux of the issues here, along with the welfare of Sue Neill Fraser, are the diabolical injustices being perpetrated by petty officialdom that essentially includes the comfortable conformity to what can only be looked upon as cultures of incestuously initiated and accepted, long term, in house corruption.
        Your ongoing reference in comments to sections of Builders Labourers ignites memories of past construction jobs I was employed as a tradesman on, and though I looked upon those experiences as excellent forms of education, I find it difficult to remove the smile from my dial as I write. Consistent requests to add a coffee scroll to supplement the much needed sugar rush, by an organiser, readily come to mind.

        • Whalensky says:

          It’s with admiration my asking for advice and acknowledging my overuse of exclamation marks ! Just a bit of fun !. IF Owen and me went on a motorcycle tour of TASMANIA wit youse– we would certainly need the MACQUARIE ! ALL I KNOW IS–SUE DIDNT DONE IT ! No hot shot Organisers either! Sorry to be overtly excessively emphatic with the builders labourers suggestions— it just that the current jury system is an easily manipulated failure–and provably so ! Have you noticed the manner in which scoundrel judges use the jury as an escape route–,”Im not going to question or overturn the juries verdict”!–completely brushing aside the fact that the jury was fed and swallowed dogs vomit. How can anyone respect the verdict of a jury what has been manipulated–and “they” bloody know IT IF SUE’S JURY of non builders labourers was clearly told (informed) in plain English of the facts– no blood in dingy– DNA on the deck– impossible task of Sue
          lifting that weight (Bob)– out of the lower cabin area– clearly explained that the women seen in the boat was long haired bloke .( of what reputation). Of prevalent thieving on yachts ! There is your motive ! How about the drugs concealed on yachts without the owners knowledge ? Transported down from -Whence she came ?

          • Owen allen says:

            God Bless you both, Robert and Whalensky, Brothers. I am tearing up with laughter, I have found my family at last. I come off night shift and checked in, add more later.
            Thank you Andrew Urban, another Brother from another Mother. Owen.

  18. Noeline Durovic says:

    Michel O Farrell QC. Then Tasmanian Solicitor General who kept his White Paper Copy? – Surprise, verbatim all up from inside! As far back 2017 emerges to Tasmania Police?
    Conclusion Michael O Farrell Q C (kept only copy) appears to have released some content of the suppressed agreed white paper addressed to the premier of Tasmania by a small delegation headed by Richter QC! It came into Tas Police rhetoric 2017 As others kept to the rules of credibility and confidentiality! Duty of all present proposed and accepted!..
    Now the follow up ‘Yes Minister’ ex Tasmanian Solicitor General supposing to put to bed Tasmanian’s Police’s improper actions!
    Tasmanian Police and Justice department caught out snooping illegally!
    A reminder..; Yes Minister!
    The main character Sir Humphrey Appleby! GCB KBE MVO
    Open Government?
    the master of open government of obfuscation and manipulation to confuse and fatigue?
    ‘What a Tangled Webb We Weave’of the law and Government bodies do we not?
    To for-see all kinds of unforeseen problems; if one could see them, then they wouldn’t be unforeseen
    Just call me God?
    Who reads the newspapers?
    Just the public!
    Quality demands?
    Simpfycity within boundaries?
    Stereo vision?
    Advice on snooping?
    Giving constrain and advice and approval to Tasmania Police?
    In Yes Minister Michel; O Farrell. I have confidence 2017!..
    On the protracted proposed inquiry of the gross violation against legal client priverlage abused?
    A white paper of utter wrong doing – see Etter Selby documents of on who it relates too? Tasmanian Parliament.
    ‘{Yes Ministers’ } it is a simple fact an independent inquiry Commission of Inquiry is required by us the public in Tasmania..Ministers google all the newspapers across Australia in agreement.. Newspapers that moof into Tv, Pod casts and twitter accounts..Such a Commission of Inquiry to realise the truth and restore damaged must occur..rhetoric so dishonourable, we must restore confidence and punish wrong doers..Justice denied is justice delayed!

  19. Robert Greenshields says:

    A tangled web indeed they weave.
    Policing officers, present or past, in general, cannot ever be trusted or believed to be acting impartially, professionally, or in any manner that reflects honesty and morality, if recorded evidence accrued over generations is even remotely considered.
    Sue Neill Fraser as the victim in this debacle, an unadulterated fallacy initiated through recognised and failed processes by cowardly and deceitful sophists, who consistently struggle to obtain an iota of trustworthiness or dependability in any section of society beyond their own culturally entrapped, cringe worthy clique, should be released henceforth, while the dysfunctional and evidently inadequate Tasmanian officials inquire into the criminality and breaches of protocol within their own administered organisations.
    A fundamental misnomer to ever trust a copper, irrespective of the perceived images attempted to be created to be seen to be acting in the interests of morality, legality and justice. Mindful trust is needed and required in Sue Neill Frasers crisis, not the blind trust pitiably associated through perceived, conjured, historical beliefs that participants and officialdom requires and utilises to maintain its outrageous supporting illegitimacy.
    Keep strong Sue.

  20. Garry Stannus says:

    Pages 186 – 189 of Colin McLaren’s “Southern Justice” detail that 11May2017 meeting [Richter, Ash & McLaren with then Premier Hodgman, then acting Attorney-General Matthew Groom and then Solicitor-General Michael O’Farrell]

    McLaren writes of his misgivings at one copy of the ‘White Paper’ [aka the ‘Richter Dossier’] being left in the hands of Michael O’Farrell.

    That document appears to have then become available to TasPol … who started playing ‘hard ball’ … Thompson arrested on what were ostensibly ‘fabricated charges’ and docs relating to SNF seized; Ash’s offices in Sydney raided and all SNF-related material seized; Keefe charged with ‘pervert justice’ – charges based on flimsy speculation … dropped much later; Gleeson charged with ‘pervert justice’ and offered early release (parole) if he’d roll over; McLaren flees the country – he is the obvious target (police seeking to counter all the new evidence … seem to believe that he is attempting to pervert justice); Etter harried/pursued through the Legal Profession Board etc; and Vass, picked up on the street waiting for a bus:

    “So Meaghan gets stalked by plain clothes detectives in an unmarked car at a bus stop… Claiming they have a Warrent for her arrest for fail to appear… A charge that she showed up in court for and her name wasn’t read out… She was told she didn’t have to even go… So in the car her bag is rifled through and they find one measly bud of marijuana and take her to glenorchy where those cops hand her to good ol Damian George who got her to recant her last statement…. She says no comment no comment and no doubt some expletives and is bailed…”
    (Andrea Brown, a friend/associate of Vass’s …

    And then, the police spin machine comes into action:

    Emily Jarvie (The Advocate, 11Mar2019) wrote that:
    Assistant Commissioner Richard Cowling said police re-interviewed Ms Vass last week when the program’s promotional material suggested a new version of events.
    “The version of events given by Ms Vass on 60 Minutes is contrary to her previous police interview, contrary to her sworn evidence in court and contrary to last week’s police interview,” Commander Cowling said.
    “We continue to have full confidence in both the original and current police investigators and reiterate that Sue Neill-Fraser stood trial and was convicted by a jury.” [‘New affidavits will be considered in Susan Neill-Fraser’s appeal’:

    Andrew Urban was finally able to unpick the web of police deceit with his:

    “Open letter 2 to Tasmanian Attorney General Re TasPol & Meaghan Vass in matter Sue Neill-Fraser” and released a transcript of Prosecutor Goodwin (18Apr2019) telling Magistrate Daly that Meaghan Vass:
    “was cautioned by police and asked a series of questions and she agreed the items were hers.
    and that Vass had
    “Provided no comment to all other questions put to her.”

    REFLECTION: Oh what a tangled web they weave, when again they practise to deceive. [With apologies of course to Walter Scott]

    • Whalensky says:

      Who- in their right mind- would visit Stinking Tasmania for a holiday ? The Tasmanian Policeymen and Justice System is obviously a rotten APPLE. One could be dragged from a bus stop and have ones bag searched– might plant a Gideons Bible . Could get 20 years for that The Tasmanian Political Class must be a gutless mob ! Altogether too risky! As for sailing there and parking me humble yacht–the protected boat thieves seems to be quite untouchable ! MURDER AND ALL –SYDNEY TO HOBART– NAAR ! SYDNEY TO AUCKLAND sounds more sensible ? Even the 🍎 apples might not be as tainted ? Tell them what they can do with the third World dump–don’t go there while Sue is a prisoner of Police Corruption. Thieving from yachts anyone ? Little bit of MURDER ? YOU’LL BE APPLES .

      • Owen allen says:

        I love you Brother Whalensky, do you have a motorcycle licence? You can ride one of my bikes anytime, HD, when I get it together; and that goes for all supporters at this , org; Owen, and in time if I dont follow through, hold me to account; you all inspire me to keep going, thanks.

        • Whalensky says:

          The Bass Strait needs to be renamed THE PAIL STRAIT !
          I’m not going “Beyond The Pail”–there is some thing in the water down there- what ain’t good ! Went swimming in Constitution Dock one night in winter– drunk as a —-fell of HMAS BARCOO. Found I could swim OK. in Burberry and boots– no fire extinguisher however . So sorry OWEN– not comming down there even for free HD. Ride. However will be down in a flash for the celebrations when Sue is released with FULL NOT GUILTY AND GROVELLING APPOLOGY–Plus some suitable punishment for the mongrels– jail time ! What a party we will have– have given up the booze–how about a nice APPLE CIDER–Not Tasmanian. No amount of money will be suitable– but it has to be enough to make the swine flinch ! Any Authority that keeps someone imprisoned for an offence they couldn’t have committed and IT becomes more and more obvious the known guilty persons are on the loose–Needs to be punished in a way that hurts–remove their greedy little nest egg for a start–A multi million hole in the Stinking State Coffers for a second. The Federals could dismantle the whole Tasmanian Justice System as Breaching the International Human Rights Conventions– the Ashley Juveniles Torture Centre needs to be flattened . What kind of — dirty mongrels would treat children like that ? We know the exact answer to that– power drunk swine ! Did you know that 8 PHDs were at Lake Wannsee meeting where it was decided to murder at least 6 million men- women and kinder. We know what rises to the TOP don’t we ? 20 builders labourers would have delivered justice to SUE ! Not uppity hot shot arrogant pigs.

        • Whalensky says:

          Don’t mean to be funny– yes I do. How many got ? I will carefully check its nuts . Pan Head–Shovel Head-FAT Boy Knuckle Head– hey that last one is a good name for THE JUDGE and the Tasmanian Justice System. Knuckleheaded Boofhead –can’t-or doesn’t want to see the obvious–Pig Headed fits –All very or maybe slightly amusing–BUT WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR SUE IS BLOODY HORRIBLE– NOT AMUSING– TEAR INDUCING SHAMEFUL ! Did you know there are some decent people in the World–what is actually wrong with dispensing justice ? I can tell you what’s wrong with that stupid idea– doing people over is much more satisfying– It’s FUN FUN you can’t take that away ! What’s the point of working your way into a position of power and then not abusing that power ? Even GOD drowned all them nasty kinder !

        • Whalensky says:

          Owen- Will I bring me own helmet ? Didnt wear a helmet in Wyoming–wind in the hair on the I 25 . LOTS of sheep– not many people–Meadow Lark in the moosh ! Only when Our Sue is free as a bird 🐦.

          • Owen allen says:

            No worries, Brother; my anniversary of escape from Tasmania clicked over August 31/September 1. 10 years later I heard of an interstate lawyer practising in Hobart with great credo. I visited her and she researched my history. An arrest warrant out on me; I attended a Public Seminar, in a Public Place, chaired by Criminal Lawyer Greg Barnes.
            The dirt thought they would hang another, ” breaking restraining order charge on me,” and I recognised a man in a suit who looked me in the eyes, I recognised him. He had previously punched me in the face one night when I was getting in the back of a Tasmania Police Patrol car, hands behind my back, cuffed, after being arrested by Tasmania Uniform Police for harassing them about corruption.
            So I recognised him and realised they wanted to lock me up again, and I would get the max.
            This is totalitarianism at its worst, bearing in mind I was busking guitar the same area which put me in Risdon Maximum Prison for 7 months. So I split, and the Detectives gave me a cheerio close to Devonport where the Bass Straight Ferry docks. They over took me, and laughed their heads off.
            The arrest warrant was out for 10 years and my lawyer asked for the file, couldn’t find it, disappeared.
            Lest We Forget, in 1996 in the office of the Tasmanian Leader of Opposition, my ex wife and I were told, Tasmania Police are too corrupt to do anything about. Yep thats truth.
            Owen; so therefore he smashed my mind like a mashed potato; and we work it out for ourselves and follow our own path.
            Not their path. Thanks Brother.

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