Derek Bromley leave to appeal referred to full Court

The High Court today (16/9/22) referred the application seeking leave against Derek Bromley’s murder conviction to the full Court; the matter will be heard early next year at a date to be scheduled.

Bromley’s agonising wait – in jail for nearly 40 years – has been cursed by a litany of errors, but none so egregious as the latest denial of his appeal by the South Australian appeal court in what amounts to a decision that is outside the rule of law, according to legal academics Bibi Sangha and Dr Bob Moles.

“It is our view that the appeal court in Bromley has fundamentally failed to pay due regard to the rule of law and to the well-established principles governing criminal appeals. The appellate function is to review the conduct of the trial to determine if appealable error has occurred. If it has, the proper procedure is to set aside the conviction, and in appropriate cases, allow for a retrial. Not to conduct that retrial before the appeal court.” They hope the High Court will see their point.

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3 Responses to Derek Bromley leave to appeal referred to full Court

  1. Owen allen says:

    Meaghan Vass has people looking out for her; Whalensky, apathy is a curse, to have a spirit of caring is a blessing. You are one of the blessed chosen, who understands and values life. Stay safe Brother, Owen.

  2. Father Ted--AKA-- WHALENSKY says:

    Hooray Hooray ( sort of). Now will it take 30 years for the Ones of Superior Being to admit THEIR ERROR ? On a different CASE of mongrel behaviour–is Vass in a safe place ?

    • Father Ted--AKA-- WHALENSKY says:

      The wize advice ? From a Senior of much Law Experience – you won’t win– they lie their EFFING guts out– my question–WHY THEY DO THAT ? Could give you one of the theories as to this NASTY ABUSIVE BEHAVIOUR– KOZ THEY CAN— ITS HOW THEY GET THEIR ROCKS OFF ! Further explanations for the deliberate abuse of power are almost inexplicable and just too bloody insulting————— ABC .JOURNALIST REMARK———————-
      –The evidence was circumstantial————–But it was enough for a jury——————–TO unanimously find HER GUILTY————– DON’T mention the EVIDENCE that was deliberately not shown to the jury– that disappeared—would stuff up our little plan for the deliberate perversion of a fair trial– there should never have been a trial to start with– the Policeymens already knew the yacht thieves responsible .

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