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Meaghan Vass – (inconvenient) eyewitness to murder

Andrew L. Urban. On 60 Minutes tomorrow (8.30pm, Sunday, March 10, 2019, Channel Nine), Meaghan Vass will confirm that convicted and jailed Sue Neill-Fraser did not kill Bob Chappell on Australia Day 2009. Vass knows because she was an eye witness, … Continue reading

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Undercurrent – the wash swamps the conviction

Andrew L. Urban. Journalists (including this one*) have been saying it for years: the 2010 Sue Neill-Fraser murder conviction is wrong. Meaghan Vass’ DNA found at the crime scene (the yacht Four Winds) should have been urgently & thoroughly investigated. … Continue reading

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Undercurrent Ep 6 showcased at AIDC

The final episode of Undercurrent (7 Network), delving into the case of Sue Neill-Fraser, will be showcased at the Australian International Documentary Conference in Melbourne tonight (March 5, 2019), followed by a Q&A with producer/director Eve Ash and Executive Producer … Continue reading

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Guilty – without evidence and without accountability

Andrew L. Urban. With the example of three current cases on foot across Australia, the legal system is shown to be dangerously flawed. In each of the three examples, the accused was convicted by a jury – without durable evidence. … Continue reading

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Advice for the innocent

Andrew L. Urban. Do NOT be cool, calm, stoic and collected. From the moment you are interviewed by police, innocents even suspected of a serious crime should be indignant and emotional, otherwise you may not be believed. And if you … Continue reading

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What do Justice Kavanaugh, Cardinal Pell and this man have in common?

Andrew L. Urban. The following note was sent to me on Saturday, March 2, 2019, by a man whose life has been damaged in much the same way as have the lives of Justice Kavanaugh and Cardinal Pell, by allegations … Continue reading

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