Vass testimony & the courtroom war over DNA

Andrew L. Urban.

On Tuesday, DPP Daryl Coates SC, from whom the soured milk of human kindness oozed like puss, was relentless in exploiting the vulnerability of Meaghan Vass and her distressing emotional unraveling to achieve his objective: damage or destroy the credibility of her testimony in the appeal court.  Continue reading

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Meaghan Vass evidence ‘unreliable’, focus on DNA

Andrew L. Urban.

Sue Neill-Fraser’s legal team conceded before lunch on Day 2 of the appeal against her murder convction, that Meaghan Vass, highly stressed and agitated from the beginning, was delivering testimony during cross examination that would not be considered reliable, removing her testimony from the grounds of appeal – and focusing on the fresh new DNA evidence.  Continue reading

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Sue Neill-Fraser was not at crime scene

Andrew L. Urban

When At 11.50 am on Monday March 1, 2021, at the Sue Neill-Fraser appeal in Hobart, Meaghan Vass replied ‘Yes’ to the first question put to her by Robert Richter QC, the pent up anticipation of a five year wait since the appeal process began, was released. Richter had asked her to confirm that she was indeed on board the Four Winds, as her DNA showed, when and where Neill-Fraser was alleged to have murdered Bob Chappell. Continue reading

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Sue Neill-Fraser appeal check list

Andrew L. Urban.

For the benefit of members of the public following the Sue Neill-Fraser appeal (against her 2010 conviction for the murder of her partner Bob Chappell) in Hobart’s Supreme Court commencing Monday, March 1, 2021, we have compiled a brief check list to help follow the proceedings – in person or via the media. Continue reading

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Robert Richter QC to lead Sue Neill-Fraser appeal team

One of the prominent barristers who has always maintained that Sue Neill-Fraser’s murder conviction is unsustainable, Melbourne based Robert Richter QC, has announced in the Tasmanian Court of Criminal Appeal today via videolink from Melbourne that he will lead her appeal team at the hearing starting on Monday, March 1, 2021.  Continue reading

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Parole – not if you’re innocent

Special National Investigation by Andrew L. Urban

It is reasonable to argue that those wrongfully convicted of a serious crime who are genuinely innocent are the most deserving of parole. The cruel irony is that they are the least likely to be eligible, if a) the victim’s body has not been found or b) if they do not admit to the crime (such as murder) because of their claim to be innocent. Does this meet society’s expectations? Is it just? Continue reading

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Sue Neill-Fraser appeal – logistics update

Sue Neill-Fraser’s Melbourne-based instructing solicitor, Paul Galbally’s travel hopes to attend her new appeal against her 2010 murder conviction in Hobart’s Supreme Court from March 1 improved markedly today as Tasmania lifted the high risk level restrictions on travellers from Victoria, no longer requiring a 14 day quarantine on arrival. Barrister Tom Percy QC from Perth, is also free to travel to Tasmania without restrictions. Continue reading

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Robert Xie – autopsies & a secret phone question the verdict

Our wrongfulconvictionsreport ‘sleuths’ have helped investigate this case in the past (see here and here). PHILLIP CHAPMAN, DR ROLAND ZHANG and DR PETER YOUNG are helping us again, with references to evidence from the autopsies and a secret phone.  Continue reading

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Robert Xie appeal refused

Andrew L. Urban. 

In a short, sharp announcement in the Banco Court by NSW Chief Justice Bathurst, Robert Xie’s appeal (on eight grounds) was rejected this morning (15/2/2021), dealing a devastating blow to Xie’s tearful wife Kathy Lin, seated opposite the bench, and of course to Robert himself, appearing via videolink.  Continue reading

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Sue Neill-Fraser supreme court appeal – evidence Fact Sheet letterbox drop

Some 20,000 Fact Sheets (see below) about the Sue Neill-Fraser case will be distributed to letter boxes around Hobart ahead of her latest appeal that begins on March 1, 2021, in Hobart Supreme Court, as a community service on behalf of Continue reading

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