Meaghan Vass abandoned by the court

Andrew L. Urban.

 Our interview with Meaghan Vass, published yesterday, answers the question why she panicked. It doesn’t explain why the entire court abandoned its duty of care to this witness.  Continue reading

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Meaghan Vass – the aftermath interview

“My 2019 60 mins interview + affidavit is true and correct.” – Meaghan Vass In the aftermath of the dramatic Tasmanian Supreme Court appeal against Sue Neill-Fraser’s conviction for the murder of her partner Bob Chappell, the key witness, a traumatised and betrayed Meaghan Vass, sought safety and comfort among her close friends. But she agreed to this written Q&A with Andrew L. Urban.  Continue reading

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Kathleen Folbigg – science fobbed off; how the law gets a bad name

Andrew L. Urban.

When science clashes with the courts and science loses, the rule of law also loses – not to mention public confidence in the criminal justice system.  Continue reading

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Robert Xie murder appeal failure compounds the errors

The dismissal in February 2021 of the appeal by Robert Xie against his 2017 conviction for the 2009 murder of five members of his wife Kathy Lin’s family compounds the incompetence – or the malice – of the police investigation and the subsequent prosecution.  Continue reading

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Juries or Judges – or both?

Andrew L. Urban.

As learned legal practitioners and academics will tell you, there are convincing arguments for both jury trials and judge-only trials. There is one important difference – judges must give reasons for their decisions – juries must not. On the other hand, juries are more representative …  Continue reading

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Accepting injustice as ‘price’ for justice?

If silence is complicity – in the face of wrong doing – accepting injustice in the course of seeking justice is worse, argues ANDREW L. URBAN, in response to Theo Theophanous, commentator and former Victorian government minister, who says it is ‘regrettable but necessary’.  Continue reading

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Keep Vass off the boat!

Andrew L. Urban.

The legal establishment in Tasmania wants to keep Meaghan Vass ‘off the boat’, metaphorically speaking, because her eye witness testimony of Bob Chappell’s murder on Four Winds contradicts the prosecution’s case against Sue Neill-Fraser. But then how to explain why a terrified young woman would willingly put herself through emotional hell for years and put herself potentially in harm’s way?  Continue reading

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Witness (un)protection

Andrew L. Urban

The broken promise that caused Meaghan Vass to contradict herself in court and damage the appeal against the murder conviction of Sue Neill-Fraser, as revealed by Vass confidante, Andrea (Andy) Brown. Continue reading

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Derek Bromley & the devil’s presence

You could say it was a case of the eye witness from hell, whose vision of the ‘devil’s presence’ notwithstanding, helped convict Derek Bromley of murder in 1984. How could it have happened? Bromley’s friend and supporter ROBYN MILERA explains in her blog Bringing Justice (excerpt below). That conviction still devils Bromley to this day, after South Australia’s Court of Criminal Appeal dismissed Bromley’s latest appeal. But doing so, the Court “fundamentally failed to pay due regard to the rule of law,” as BOB MOLES and BIBI SANGHA revealed (excerpts below).  Continue reading

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Red flag about the blue rag

A buzz of conversation swirled on our comments thread since the March 10, 2021 publication of our story, Sue Neill-Fraser – conviction rests on dark fantasy, raising a red flag about the blue rag from the crime scene on Four Winds, evidence that went missing …  Continue reading

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