New sexual consent laws in NSW will not help – Cunneen SC

Hold on, warns MARGARET CUNNEEN SC, in her talk addressing the Rule of Law Education Centre conference, The Presumption of Guilt, on June 15, 2021.  Continue reading

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What we’ve learned about the administration of the law in Tasmania

Andrew L. Urban.

After eight years of studying the case of mild mannered Hobart grandmother Sue Neill-Fraser, convicted of murdering her partner Bob Chappell on Australia Day, 2009, we have learnt that administering the law in Tasmania doesn’t always work as it should. Indeed, rules to ensure that justice is served were too often broken – with terrible consequences. Such as a 23 year prison sentence …  Continue reading

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Legal Profession Board complaint against …. who was that?

We invited the Legal Profession Board of Tasmania to respond to our criticism (published June 11, 2021) of its dismissal of the complaint against Stuart Wright, Meaghan Vass’ lawyer at the Sue Neill-Fraser appeal (March 1-3, 2021) and await their response. In the meantime, we publish Wright’s reply to the LPB regarding the Complaint. Trick question: who is the complaint against?  Continue reading

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Robert Xie murder conviction – “They have no case against Xie” says QC

Andrew L. Urban.

Five members of a family brutally murdered – no clues, no weapons, no motive, yet the law chased Robert Xie through four trials and an appeal for over 11 years to get a conviction, ignoring the absurdity of their case – and exculpatory facts. “They have no case against Xie” says Kevin Borick QC.  Continue reading

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ENQUIRY into Sue Neill-Fraser’s unlawful murder conviction


Tasmania’s legal system and political leadership have ignored several calls over the years for an enquiry or a Royal Commission into the 2010 murder conviction of Sue Neill-Fraser. Well, if they won’t, we will. After eight years of investigating the case, we are filling that need in a journalistic sense. The following report is prepared by Andrew L. Urban. Continue reading

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Tasmania – where The Law wears protection

The latest example of Tasmania’s legal system protecting itself from scrutiny is the Legal Profession Board of Tasmania dismissing a complaint against a practicing lawyer by mischaracterising the complaint. It follows the pattern of self-serving self protection exhibited throughout the State’s legal world, as demonstrated in the Sue Neill-Fraser case, according to ANDREW L. URBAN.  Continue reading

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Legal Profession Board wrongly dismisses Vass complaint against Wright

Andrew L. Urban.

The tumultuous end (in March 2021) to the latest appeal* against her murder conviction by Sue Neill-Fraser, was detonated by an unfulfilled undertaking from Stuart Wright, the lawyer assigned to key witness Meaghan Vass. Vass complained to Tasmania’s Legal Profession Board, whose dismissal of it (three months later), reveals the dismissal to have been based on a disturbing mischaracterisation of the complaint. Continue reading

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We urge the AG to consider a national CCRC

In the following letter, wrongfulconvictionsreport – with the support of several senior figures in the legal community – urges the Attorney General to consider establishing a Criminal Cases Review Commission, arguing valid reasons and outlining a practical formula. We hope to receive a positive response.  Continue reading

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How Kathleen Folbigg appeal wrongs can be put right – rapidly

Dr Bob Moles

Yesterday (June 1, 2021) it was announced by the High Court that Kathleen Folbigg has lodged an application for special leave to appeal. As a legal commentator and academic I am discussing with my students the significance of this course of action as follows: A concern is that this action might well delay Ms Folbigg’s release from prison by over a year. Continue reading

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Famous last words – the prosecutor’s closing address at the Sue Neill-Fraser trial

Andrew L. Urban

Former DPP Tim Ellis SC claimed Meaghan Vass was bullied, treated ferociously at trial; ironically enough, eleven years later it was Ellis’ successor Daryl Coates SC who, allegedly, did the bullying.  Continue reading

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