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Wanted: Attorneys-General to help right wrongful convictions

Andrew L. Urban. If you could do one thing as an Attorney-General that would profoundly improve the criminal appeal system and reinforce the separation of powers … why not do it? Why haven’t they done it? Will they do it?

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What is it with prosecutors?

A man in Oklahoma who spent 48 years in prison for a murder he did not commit has been exonerated. Oklahoma county district attorney, Vicki Behenna, said prosecutors had failed to turn over new evidence in the case. That included … Continue reading

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Genuine rape victims betrayed by unsubstantiated claims

As Bruce Lehrmann’s contentious rape defamation trial of TEN and The Project’s Lisa Wilkinson enters its final week, the whole subject of sexual assault allegations and the law are in the spotlight.

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Neither High Court nor juries guarantee fair trials

Andrew L. Urban. On reading the story of the High Court’s refusal to grant leave to Derek Bromley’s appeal, reader Peter Gill writes: “Reminds me of this article about the High Court’s disgraceful 3-2 stuff-up in the Lindy Chamberlain High … Continue reading

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Convictions that changed our world

One of the two most recent “convictions” that have changed our world by triggering violent responses was that Israel had targeted a Gaza hospital as part of its response to the Hamas atrocities of October 7, 2023. The other was … Continue reading

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Should prosecutors take the oath?

Andrew L. Urban.  The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth … that’s the oath taken by witnesses in criminal trials. But not by prosecutors. In our adversarial system, the truth can be an incidental benefit to a … Continue reading

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Call to hold off on Criminal Cases Review Commission “baffling” – Dr Bob Moles

The call by The Bridge of Hope Innocence Initiative (BOHII) to hold off on the development of a Criminal Cases Review Commission “is quite frankly baffling,” comments Dr Bob Moles, “and can, in my opinion, only serve to alienate them from their main client group – … Continue reading

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The wrongful conviction that harms children

Andrew L. Urban. Why am I writing about climate change on a blog devoted to wrongful convictions? My justification is that carbon dioxide has been wrongfully convicted of causing global warming, according to climate scientists, and the alarmism is causing … Continue reading

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CCRC would relieve politicians of impossible choice

As things stand, politicians burdened with the responsibilities of Attorney-General often face the impossible choice of advising the relevant Governor on petitions from innocents convicted of sexual abuse. It should not be their choice; legal matters should stay within the … Continue reading

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Sofronoff doesn’t go far enough on disclosure reform – Selby

The recently released Sofronoff Report into the ACT Criminal Justice System’s handling of the Brittany Higgins rape allegation against Bruce Lehrmann recommends legislation to codify the scope and content of the obligation of disclosure owed by the prosecution in criminal … Continue reading

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