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How to fix Australia’s biggest legal scandal

Andrew L. Urban. It could be the start of a black joke: ‘have you heard the one about the chief forensic pathologist of a modern Australian state who was not qualified to do his job, was discredited by the legal … Continue reading

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Innocence Files reveals the really guilty

Andrew L. Urban. Justice at the hands of ‘The System’ is sometimes no justice at all, it seems, as the new 9-part series The Innocence Files (Netflix) reveals how police break the rules, forensic experts use junk science, prosecutors withhold … Continue reading

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Expert Witness 101 – inform, not advocate

Andrew L. Urban. Eve Ash, the Melbourne filmmaker whose documentary, Shadow of Doubt, opened a Pandora’s Box on the Sue Neill-Fraser (many say wrongful) murder conviction, has produced a 4-part eLearning course, Giving Expert Evidence, which has now (July 23, … Continue reading

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Victoria’s Court of Appeal – too many judgements overturned, bring on a CCRC

Andrew L. Urban. Over the past 14 years under Justice Chris Maxwell’s reign as its president, 18 of the judgements of Victoria’s Court of Appeal have been overturned by the High Court, while in the previous decade, 10 of its … Continue reading

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Secret strategies – how they secure murder convictions without evidence

In his book, Murder by the Prosecution (Wilkinson Publishing) ANDREW L. URBAN reports on murder trials that relied exclusively on circumstantial evidence and how these resulted in convictions – since overturned or under appeal. Through exploring these cases he came … Continue reading

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A cancerous phenomenon

One of Australia’s most respected former detectives, COLIN McLAREN, has broken rank from police circles, to speak out against a judicial system he no longer believes in. Indeed, he suffered threats of arrest because he dared to find glaring faults … Continue reading

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Another CCRC established … but still not in Australia

Andrew L. Urban. A new, independent body that will have the power to send potential miscarriages of justice back to an appeal court is on track to begin receiving applications from July 1, 2020 – but not in Australia. It’s … Continue reading

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They executed an innocent man this week

May 19, 2020, 5:55 PM ET: Today the U.S. Supreme Court refused to halt the execution of Walter “Arkie” Barton, after the court of appeals for the 8th Circuit lifted the stay on his execution, discounting evidence of his innocence because it … Continue reading

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Not guilty – but punished by a system we trust(ed?)

Andrew L. Urban. Most people trust the legal system and accept the guilty verdicts of the courts. Is that trust sometimes betrayed – either maliciously or through incompetence? And is it justified? Not if these few examples of innocents being … Continue reading

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Man sues over false rape charges by his ex

The Australian’s Deborah Cornwall reports exclusively today: A Sydney man is suing his former wife, the NSW Police Force and a crown prosecutor for malicious prosecution and damages, accusing them of causing him “severe mental anguish” after persisting with false … Continue reading

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