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Cover ups, corruption …. and that’s just governments

After his book, Southern Justice, exposed police failures and corruption investigating the disappearance of Bob Chappell, failures which led to the wrongful murder conviction of Sue Neill-Fraser, former detective Colin McLaren who infiltrated the Melbourne Mafia – twice – has … Continue reading

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Is Australia fair dinkum about wrongful convictions?

Andrew L. Urban Wrongful convictions in Australia are either a) uniquely infrequent or b) largely left undisturbed, according to a briefing paper by Flinders University legal academic Dr Bob Moles, examining the effect of the recently introduced new right of … Continue reading

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Former Sue Neill-Fraser lawyer Barbara Etter’s mixed results in court

It has taken some seven years but the Tasmanian DPP’s complaint against former Sue Neill-Fraser lawyer Barbara Etter has been dismissed, while other complaints are upheld.

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Jan. 6 Defendant Takes His Own Life, Died of ‘Broken Heart,’

By Joseph M. Hanneman, The Epoch Times Family says Matthew Perna, 37, was prosecuted for his 20-minute walk through the US Capitol. 

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Separation of powers – the downside

The ancient proverb, ‘Physician, heal thyself,’ can be repurposed to our criminal justice system, argues ANDREW L. URBAN. The separation of powers should not be a barrier to much needed reforms, but politicians are as cowardly on the subject as … Continue reading

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High Court decisions could & should trigger reforms

Andrew L. Urban.  If successful, will upcoming High Court appeals prompt reform, including a much needed Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) – as they should? 

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Witness of Fact – “one of the most significant books in the genre of wrongful convictions analysis”

There is still time for South Australian state officials (both forensic and legal) to ‘come clean’ about past failures and fulfil their duty of disclosure to the court regarding former forensic pathologist Dr Colin Manock, says DR BOB MOLES in … Continue reading

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Will the legal system in Australia make 2022 a year of reform?

Andrew L Urban. A legal system not subject to independent scrutiny is weakened, inhibited from needed reform, and hindered in the evolution to keep in step with other institutions and community values. 

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Another ‘bunny boiler’ who must be believed

Bettina Arndt Four days before Christmas (2021) one of our elite Melbourne universities committed an act of total bastardry. They announced they were firing a tutor working in one of their colleges. His employment was terminated forthwith – just in … Continue reading

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Pulitzer-winning Greenwald exposes anti-Assange lies on MSNBC

Andrew L. Urban. December 17, 2021: Deconstructing a two minute clip from MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald reveals Joe Scarborough’s anti-Assange lies, as Assange awaits extradition from the UK to the US – on charges Greenwald … Continue reading

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