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MoJ Seminar in Hobart, November 24, 2022

Legal professionals, politicians, police and the public have a chance to hear how the criminal justice system sausage is made at a seminar “Lifting the Lid on Miscarriages of Justice.”

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Danocracy in Victoria – on the record in Battleground Melbourne

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews truncated democracy with his repressive (mis)management of the Covid response. It’s hard to believe what was done to people protesting Covid-driven restrictions of their freedoms – but seeing Battleground Melbourne is believing. It’s a reminder and … Continue reading

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Risk in ‘no body, no parole’ law

Andrew L. Urban. Immediately after the Chris Dawson guilty verdict was announced this week, Lyn Dawson’s brother Greg Simms called on Dawson to do the decent thing and reveal the location of her body, to allow the family to give … Continue reading

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The lawless country?

Andrew L. Urban. You might sleep soundly in the belief that Australia has a robust, fair and competent criminal justice system. Dream on. The System itself sometimes contributes to lawlessness in the administration of justice. 

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Speculation undesirable (and impermissible) prosecutorial tool

Andrew L. Urban Society does not want prosecutors to win convictions in circumstantial cases based on speculation. It is also impermissible. If it weren’t for professional immunity, the practice would cease. 

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The Boxing Butterfly takes wing – beware its sting

A month after its publication, the book chronicling the career to date of Margaret Cunneen SC, The Boxing Butterfly, is in its second print-run, after a rush of demand, according to publisher Michael Wilkinson of Wilkinson Publishing. The book was … Continue reading

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Further right to appeal passes WA parliament

The Criminal Appeals Amendment Bill 2021, the new statutory right of (second and subsequent) appeal, has now been introduced in Western Australia. It passed the parliament on June 15, 2022, and now awaits formal assent before being enacted.  

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There but for the grace of God go … you

Andrew L. Urban. The High Court adjourned for just four minutes before resuming at 2.45pm on Wednesday, September 11, 2019, with a unanimous decision that Steven Fennell’s appeal against his murder conviction should be upheld. A verdict of acquittal was … Continue reading

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ZELENSKY, the first book about the world’s newest hero, authored by Australians

Ukraine’s most popular comedic actor was an unlikely President of his country. And now even more improbably, Volodymyr Zelensky has become the world’s most celebrated statesman. Yet more improbably, the first book about him comes from Australia. 

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Online discussions on miscarriages of justice with Dr Bob Moles

Three miscarriages of justice – the cases of Derek Bromley, Sue Neill-Fraser and Kathleen Folbigg – will each be the subject of a one-hour online discussion led by Dr Bob Moles, for the South Australian Workers Educational Association (WEA).

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