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Junk science to keep littering courts

Andrew L. Urban National cabinet (that bastard child of the pandemic) has dumped the review by the nation’s Attorneys-General into junk science that was to lead to reforms in crucial evidence presented in courts.

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Laughter in court

We believe in the importance of comedy, and agree with writer, actor, philosopher Stephen Fry who once said, “It is easy to forget that the most important aspect of comedy, after all, its great saving grace, is its ambiguity. You … Continue reading

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Tunnel vision by another name

Andrew L. Urban Tunnel vision compromised the police investigations into the deaths of Bob Chappell in Tasmania and five members of the Lin family in NSW (two of many examples), with Sue Neill-Fraser convicted of the former and Robert Xie … Continue reading

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The 000 call that rang the wrong alarm

Andrew L. Urban Fire, police, ambulance … and a packet of assumptions, all turned up together at a suburban Sydney house on a hot December afternoon, in response to a 000 call by a woman in a red jumper. That … Continue reading

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Juries or Judges – or both?

Andrew L. Urban. As learned legal practitioners and academics will tell you, there are convincing arguments for both jury trials and judge-only trials. There is one important difference – judges must give reasons for their decisions – juries must not. … Continue reading

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Accepting injustice as ‘price’ for justice?

If silence is complicity – in the face of wrong doing – accepting injustice in the course of seeking justice is worse, argues ANDREW L. URBAN, in response to Theo Theophanous, commentator and former Victorian government minister, who says it … Continue reading

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Parole – not if you’re innocent

Special National Investigation by Andrew L. Urban It is reasonable to argue that those wrongfully convicted of a serious crime who are genuinely innocent are the most deserving of parole. The cruel irony is that they are the least likely … Continue reading

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When ‘she said’ removes safeguards of the law

Andrew L. Urban. It is not the first time that police have recklessly charged and detained an innocent man on child sex abuse related charges, just on the say-so of an accuser. Evidence would be a good start … (Most … Continue reading

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The dingo took over my life – book review

Andrew L. Urban. Journalist Malcolm Brown managed to irritate both sides: the Northern Territory Police (and Government) as well as Stuart Tipple, the lawyer for Lindy and Michael Chamberlain, which makes the two men ideal co-authors of Tipple’s journey through … Continue reading

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New Year hopes for old injustices

Andrew L. Urban. Should we call them mis-convicted murderers, perhaps, those poor unfortunate souls who have suffered the catastrophe of a wrongful conviction? As we prepare to leave 2020 behind and look across time into 2021, we must hope along … Continue reading

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