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‘The homeless girl’, the bikie, the blue rag, TasPol, the lawyers and how it all went pear shaped

The inside story of eyewitness Meaghan Vass, ‘the homeless girl’ at the centre of the Sue Neill-Fraser drama, told by the woman who became her friend, her supporter and her champion – ANDREA ‘ANDY’ BROWN. 

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Red flag about the blue rag

A buzz of conversation swirled on our comments thread since the March 10, 2021 publication of our story, Sue Neill-Fraser – conviction rests on dark fantasy, raising a red flag about the blue rag from the crime scene on Four … Continue reading

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Blueprint for a fairer system

Andrew L. Urban. Before Walkley Award winning journalist and legal historian Evan Whitton died (5 March 1928 – 16 July 2018), I had the good fortune to exchange a few notes with him about miscarriages of justice. He had written … Continue reading

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Sue Neill-Fraser innocent? Witness Vass says so on 60 Minutes

Andrew L. Urban. In her emotional 60 Minutes  interview last night (Sunday, March 10, 2019, Channel 9), Meaghan Vass told the truth – ‘the objective evidence backs it up’ as Robert Richter QC put it: she witnessed Bob Chappell scuffle … Continue reading

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Sofronoff the empathic judge who does no ‘unnecessary harm’ – next task in Tasmania?

“Walter Sofronoff is an extraordinary man, and an extraordinary judge, one whose empathy other judges should seek to emulate,” writes legal columnist HUGH SELBY in Canberra City News, as he reveals how often the legal profession falls short of that quality, in … Continue reading

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‘I know we’re innocent … these things just did not happen’

A jailed NSW couple protest their innocence as a new podcast – Shadow of Doubt – investigates their convictions for ‘depraved’ abuse. By RICHARD GUILLIATT in The Weekend Australian (April 1&2, 2023) 

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A proven murderer? Or a catastrophic failure of the legal system?

Andrew L. Urban. Since her arrest for murder 13 years ago tomorrow (20/8/2022), up to the latest High Court decision a week ago, Sue Neill-Fraser’s case has moved slowly through the courts. The 2010 trial, the appeal, the seeking leave … Continue reading

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Bromley conviction based on false and misleading evidence & the State knew it

A South Australian man, Derek Bromley, has now served 38 years in prison and “throughout that time the state knew that the conviction had been obtained through evidence which was false and misleading insofar as the status of the chief … Continue reading

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Telling it like it isn’t to the Sue Neill-Fraser jury

Andrew L. Urban. An uninformed or misinformed jury can’t be expected to arrive at a safe, reliable verdict that serves justice. Did Sue Neill-Fraser’s jury hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? It seemed more like … Continue reading

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Non-contentious legal principles to overturn Sue Neill-Fraser conviction – by consensus

In a submission to the Members of the Tasmanian Parliament this week, legal academic DR BOB MOLES of Flinders University, articulates the non-contentious legal principles in the Sue Neill-Fraser case; “if any one of the substantive points is sustained, it … Continue reading

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