Inquiry submissions debunk Sue Neill-Fraser conviction

Submissions by Civil Liberties Australia, academic and author John Biggs AM and writer & court observer Jennie Herrera are just three of the submissions to Tasmania’s Legislative Council’s Committee on Adult Imprisonment and Youth Detention Matters that directly attack the murder conviction of Sue Neill-Fraser. 

Each of these detailed submissions highlights the many failings of the police investigation and trial that have long been challenged by legal and lay observers.

Civil Liberties Australia, for instance, refers to “Key items that were not disclosed in the Sue Neill-Fraser matter” quoting the Etter /Selby papers tabled by the Hon Mike Gaffney in the Legislative Council on 31 August 2021.



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8 Responses to Inquiry submissions debunk Sue Neill-Fraser conviction

  1. Keith says:

    NSW A-G Michael Daley has shown great courage in righting the wrong in the Follbig case. Could Elise Archer show a similar degree of courage? I’m not holding my breath. This remains an embarrassment for Tasmania and a stain on the police, legal fraternity and parliament.

  2. Garry Stannus says:

    I had some difficulties with the supplied link … try this one and cross fingers!

    (I hope it’s the right one!)

  3. Don Wakeling says:

    Has there been any word on the “review” by Taspol appointee, O’Farrell on the police taping of Solicitor Thompso,n ?

  4. Brian Johnston says:

    Sue Neill-Fraser again. Half of Tasmania believe they know who killed Bob. The other half don’t want to know. It must surely be apparent to many by now what has happened in the Sue case and that is, the police have not goofed. I would suggest that there is more to this case than we suspect. Such as the killers of Bob are being protected from high up. Foul play at work. Sue may have been deliberately boxed in.
    Tasmania did not stand up for Martin Bryant and they failed to stand up for Sue.
    PS. Bryant was not driving a yellow Volvo and a black SUV.

  5. Garry Stannus says:

    Thank you for this, Andrew: I will use the link to go to the submissions that you have mentioned. I look forward to reading (and to analysing) them.

    Civil Liberties, John Biggs and Jennie Herrera have each made substantial contributions to public life … and in making that comment I’m looking wider afield than their involvement in opposing the unsafe conviction of Sue Neill-Fraser.

    We have read much from Civil Liberties Australia over years … on many issues.

    I personally have read other documents, some produced by John Biggs and some by Jennie … dealing (respectively) with that proposed Gunns Pulp Mill (in John’s case) and in Jennie’s instance, the Australian mishandling of the situation in either East Timor, Papua New Guinea or both. (I’m sorry, but my memory is letting me down a bit, in recalling what I’ve read of Jennie’s writings which I’d some years ago stumbled across.

    I’m calling on my recalcitrant memory (like a car’s cold gear-box and unsure clutch on an icy morning) and the memory is now returning a weak hit … something which has come back to me, about my disapproval of Gough Whitlam’s justification for letting Indonesia (as the so-called ‘legitimate inheritor’ of the Dutch colonial power that had been in the region) … invade East Timor (Timor Leste). That annoyance had taken me on an internet search and I’d come across some of Jennie’s written advocacy, in support of the East Timorese. She has advocated also for Aboriginal Land Rights in Tasmania. Most supporters of Sue will know her for her years-long public support for Sue, often alone and holding a placard supporting Sue or at other times at the many get-togethers, court hearings, vigils and the like that have been held for Sue.

    Again, Andrew, thanks for this post.

    • Father Ted Whalensky says:

      Have an irresistible urge to offer advice on your T models sticky Planetary Gearbox / clutch problem – played havoc with the Wehrmacht Big Henry trucks in the Russian Winter – the monetary gift to Adenoids HYNKEL (for antifreeze?) Was obviously not a war winner . There was compensation for bombed truck factories in Germany . NOW to the point – The Lunatics were in charge of the Asylum then – and still are in the case of the Tasmaniac SNF shenanigans – The USA Industrialists didn’t appologise for their donations to The Great Leader – The Tasmaniac Legal Purveyors will never appologise to Sue . They operate on a different social moray.

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