Why Mark Speakman is the wrong man to lead the NSW Liberals

Andrew L. Urban

There is no such thing, I don’t suppose, as a ‘wrongful leader’ but if there were, I would nominate Mark Speakman, the recently elected leader of the NSW Liberal Party. This is my ‘j’accuse’ …

 My case against Mark Speakman rests entirely on his failure, as the Attorney General of NSW, to offer a man claiming to having been wrongfully convicted the same opportunity to clear his name as Speakman afforded a woman. That woman is Kathleen Folbigg, and a second appeal (conducted by former NSW Chief Justice Tom Bathurst) into her conviction is just coming to an end. I laid out in full why this was an unforgivable error on the part of the Attorney General, on April 22, 2019 – exactly four years ago.

Mark Speakman SC former Attorney General of NSW, Liberal Party leader

In short, Speakman refused to act on the man’s petition for over three years and when pressed, refused to advise why not. The 76 page petition was prepared for the man by a lawyer pro bono, so outraged was he at the injustice of the case. There is evidence in the police brief that clears him, says the man.

“You will understand,” wrote the man to Speakman, “that I feel strongly that I, too, deserve justice. I note that although Ms Folbigg’s petition was submitted three years ago, it wasn’t until just nine days after an investigation into Ms Folbigg’s case was broadcast by the ABC’s Australian Story, (10 August, 2018), that you announced as follows:

“I have formed the view that an inquiry into Ms Folbigg’s convictions is necessary to ensure public confidence in the administration of justice. Today’s decision is not based on any assessment of Ms Folbigg’s guilt. The petition appears to raise a doubt or question …”

“I ask for equal access to a review. My petition also raises very serious doubts – on several issues. The very same sentiments would apply in my case…

“I do not ask you to form a view as to my innocence, only to permit a proper review of my conviction…”

The indefensible decision to neither support a Royal pardon for the man nor establish a review of the case is made so much worse by the cruelty of refusing to offer a reason for that decision. No Mr Speakman, you are not leadership material.

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10 Responses to Why Mark Speakman is the wrong man to lead the NSW Liberals

  1. As a Humanist, life member of the Australian Labor Party and three years from becoming a centenarian, interested in the terrifying cases of Sue Neal Fraser, Kathleen Folbigg, Witness K, et al and yet with no legal background, I shake with fear and disgust at the appointment of Mr Speakman? Have we no conscience? In April 21, I wrote to him, in his role as Minister, begging for more support for women suffering male violence: his answer: “anti depressants”! Meanwhile, all the problems associated with the above persons, remain unresolved! Marion Hosking OAM

    • Owen allen says:

      I, we, all thank you Marion for speaking out as a Labour enthusiast, and also Don for speaking out as Liberal enthusiast. Brian also your comment, and probably correct, we know the faceless men run the show, but it is not admitted by the general populace. And Robert, thanks for reading, and replying, unfortunately inherent evil is eveywhere, in every rank and file, organisation, club, team or society. But there are good people like yourselves out there, but many are too busy trying to survive than take interest in helping the people most in need, or to scared to be involved, and speaking out against corrupt authorities is a scary business. I know, I have been there, and I could only go as hard and as long as I could because I trained in facing fear, for love. My love of flying over came my fear of crashing at low level crop dusting. Inexperienced pilots some, crash and die. I survived after a crash and continued, until I lost my job in Tasmania, engulfed in a war of corruption, that was from the village people to Parliament. The Leader of Opposition told my wife and I Tasmania Police were too corrupt to do anything about. My story and fight goes on for over 10 more years, locked up, life ruined and had to flee; they succeeded in forcing me out, as they do to many people and have done for decades.
      Alan Blow sentenced Sue Niell-Fraser, Chief Justice Alan Blow sentenced a female university student from Singapore to prison for stealing books.
      Chief Justice Blow and other Tasmanian Judges and Magistrates let drug dealers and violent offenders walk. Ex Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgeman who turned his back on Sue Neill-Fraser and handed documents over to Tasmania Police, is now Australia Ambassador to Singapore.
      You are smart people with life experience; what can we do, what should we do, what would you like to do about this and bring Justice to Australia.

      Or should I say, what would you like to do about this, what should we do about this, what can we do about this and bring Justice to Australia
      Owen, God Bless Australia.

  2. Brian Johnston says:

    Speakman may be the wrong person for the people and I am sure he is.

    On the other hand he may be the ideal person for the Controllers.

    And that is the problem. He was put there.

  3. Don Wakeling says:

    As a former member of the Liberal Party for many decades, I , and countless others, have witnessed the utter destruction of the Party by Turnbull and Morrison and the selection of Speakman as its leader in NSW leader is repugnant to the originally stated principle of that
    party: to uphold the rights of the individual. As a former lawyer engaged in the processes of the criminal law, I was appauled at Speakman’s conduct as AG in the Folbigg case.
    His failure to reject the irrational findings of the Review by the arrogant Reginald Blanch ( former Judge of the District Court and former NSW DPP, showed Speakman’s failure as NSW’s first Law Officers. It was only when he was dragged screaming
    in the face of political pressure, that he that he requested the Governor to order a further Review. In May last year he issued speeds release taking some sort of personal credit for this action. His announcement was brief he explained, saying he did not want to prejudice the upcoming Review by former Justice Bathurst.
    Then, just on the eve of that Review,
    he publicly declared, with total sarcasm, that he could understand members of the public would have difficulty accepting that Folbigg was being given another Review. His conduct , from the release of the Blanch findings onward , has been disgraceful. Let’s just hope that he never becomes Premier.

  4. tony brownlee says:

    The matter is far more “shameful” than with respect that expressed here! For Speakman in his past job one he never ever executed successfully not to have ordered at the very least Follbigg a full pardon upon receipt of the Petition by those that clearly “know” as against those that have no f….. idea, is disgusting, ignorant and childish!

  5. Julie says:

    Why doesn’t ABC’s, Australian Story program look into the man’s case

    • meredith mcmaster says:

      The ABC and the rest are just not interested in any issues relating to men. White heterosexual men are quite possibly the most discriminated against in current times. The complete absence of a Minister for Men at both State and Federal levels of government is appalling. Compare that to the services and Ministers advocating for women and girls.

  6. Owen allen says:

    It all makes me sick Andrew and anyone.
    I promise to carry on as a passive introvert, contributing as much as I can to help bring justice to Australia. I would like to establish a volunteer regiment of good guys and gals, ex services and frontline first responders who are so despondent of the declining social, justice, health and education problems in Australia.
    Lets talk, Justice for Australia.

    • Robert Greenshields says:

      A volunteer regiment of ex services and first responders Owen, I tend to think that it just might pay to be extremely careful of what you desire. A quick survey of recent news from the NT, and the recognised and recorded behaviour of an ex services and recent first responder, is not quite what is needed to help resolve any of the issues at the forefront of our social problems.

      • Father Ted Whalensky says:

        The Proud Australian State and Territory Policeymens Gun Slinger Command – Honours/acknowledges and respects the First Responders – oops – the First Owners -their primitive values – lack of paper ownership deeds – their basic decency and naivety – their powerless position – which means we can kick John Pat to death in front of several witnesses who will never apoear in front of OUR stacked jury – car crash injuries – oops -he fell over or tripped on the stairs (Palm Island) $30 million worth of Dogs Vomit Justice from the Panzer Wagoners ! No murder convictions for the First Responders – that’s their privilege ! SNF (that will be the day pigs fly) Talking about pigs – none of these swine will get thru the Pearly Gates whilst me and Galileo is on duty !

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