There but for the grace of God go … you

Andrew L. Urban.

The High Court adjourned for just four minutes before resuming at 2.45pm on Wednesday, September 11, 2019, with a unanimous decision that Steven Fennell’s appeal against his murder conviction should be upheld. A verdict of acquittal was entered. “I was in my cell about to eat my yoghurt when prison officers came to the door and said, `you’re going’,” he told The Courier-Mail

Steven Fennell, 60, returned home for the first time in more than six years, following the ruling that a jury’s guilty verdict was unreasonable. Fennell had been sentenced to life in 2016 for the murder of 85-year-old Liselotte Watson on Macleay Island in Moreton Bay. Wrongfully.

What do Fennell, Scott Austic, Lindy Chamberlain, Robert Farquharson, Sue Neill-Fraser, Henry Keogh, Joby Rowe, Gordon Wood and Robert Xie have in common? They are all law-abiding Australians without a prior criminal record who were (all of them wrongfully, we maintain) convicted of murder. Some are still in jail, some have appealed successfully after years in jail and some will never leave jail. You could be next. All it takes to launch such a miscarriage of justice is an overreaching police investigation characterised by tunnel vision, and the Crown not prosecuting the case as a model litigant should. Sometimes, judicial error adds to the misery.

In five of these cases the deaths were not caused by a human killer; in the other four, the victims were murdered by persons never pursued, charged, convicted….

In all but one of the above-mentioned cases (Fennell), the murder victims were beloved children, partners or treasured family members of the accused. They all protested their innocence, they all expected their innocence to protect them from the System. For example, Sue Neill-Fraser underwent her first extensive police interview without a lawyer, thinking that as she had nothing to hide, why would she need a lawyer. The prosecution found inconsistencies they would characterise as damning lies. She was convicted of murdering Bob Chappell, her partner of 18 years, who, she told the court, she ‘loved dearly’.

Henry Keogh was engaged and about to marry his 29-year-old fiancée Anna-Jane Cheney. She died in her bath. The State’s forensic pathologist, Dr Colin Manock, who was known to be unqualified and incompetent by the State, gave evidence that Keogh’s fingers and thumb left bruising on Anna-Jane’s leg that proved Keogh grabbed her leg and drowned her. Keogh spent 20 years in jail before Manock’s evidence was trashed and Keogh was released.

The accident reconstruction work in the Robert Farquharson case was done within this environment that was inherently compromised, an incubator of bias…. no evidence that the car needed to be steered

Chris Brook’s book, Road to Damnation, is the result of a two-year investigation into the case of Robert Farquharson, and the science of the evidence that convinced two sets of juries that he murdered his three children by drowning them in the family car in a dam, contrary to his claim of having blacked out and losing control of the vehicle. He loved his children. Brook shows how and why the scientific evidence against him is wrong. Farquharson remains in jail.

Robert Xie, convicted of murdering five of his wife’s family, including his two much loved nephews, declared his innocence to the court when sentenced to life without parole. Not even the prosecution could argue to the jury (nor is it required to) why he would have committed the mass murder of his family by marriage.

Never assume your innocence will protect you. Flinders University legal academic Dr Bob Moles has the following words of advice to law abiding citizens:

“It is common that when people are first approached by the police – without even thinking that they may be a ‘suspect’ their first inclination may be to help the police in any way they can – explain where they were, what they were doing, how they know the people involved.

“However, the police may well regard the person they are talking to as a possible suspect, and will review whatever they have said with some degree of suspicion.

“If the interviewee is in a situation of panic or distress, the information which they provide to the police may well be incomplete, contain inconsistencies or subsequently turn out to contain inaccuracies. All of which is perfectly understandable in the context of where they are coming from – but to the police, coming from a different perspective, each of those things may be interpreted as resulting from an intention to mislead.

“Henry Keogh mentioned insurance policies – but only mentioned three of them in his first interview – within a week he brought two more policies to the attention of the police. They interpreted his first explanation as self-serving to deflect suspicion from him.

“Neill-Fraser famously mentioned being at Bunnings at a certain time. It appears that she may not have been there then. Instead of the police allowing for the fact that in shock she may have been confused about time dates and places, they said that she was trying to establish a false alibi. The problem with the police explanation is that if a person was in fact trying to mislead the police to cover for the fact that they had committed a murder, you can rest assured that they would get their ‘facts’ straight.

“Regrettably, and contrary to one’s inclinations, whenever anyone is about to be asked questions by the police in situations where a criminal or unexplained event might have occurred, the only sensible advice to give to them is to refrain from answering questions or engaging in discussions without being given prior notice of the questions – so that one can first check the accuracy of any potential answers – or to refuse to answer questions without a legal advisor being present.

“A while ago some friends of mine had an older relative who had been involved in a two-car collision in which a person had been killed. I immediately suggested to my friends that they should advise her not to speak to the police as they might approach her whilst in shock or suffering from the effects of medication (which they did). I also said that she could be charged with a serious offence (which she was). It took some considerable effort to persuade her to act contrary to her inclinations (to assist the police) and to not speak to them before carefully considering how best she might assist them, without putting herself in unnecessary jeopardy.”

We all want criminals behind bars. And that includes those responsible for crimes for which an innocent person has been put behind bars.

NB One of the earliest attributions of the saying ‘There but for the grace of God go I’ is to John Bradford, an English Reformer, who supposedly said it as he watched people led to execution for their crimes. In a more secular use, it can mean, “I’m glad that didn’t happen to me.” 

Not only in Australia ….

Police have refused to apologise to a man wrongly jailed for 25 years because officers lied at his trial, even after the now-retired appeal court judge who quashed the conviction told the Guardian that the force should say sorry.

Cheshire police said that while they were “concerned” at the wrongful jailing of Paul Blackburn, who was convicted as a teenager in 1978 for the attempted murder and sexual assault of a young boy, no apology was needed as procedures at the time of the investigation were “very different”.

Blackburn, then in a reform school in Warrington, Cheshire, was arrested shortly after he turned 15. The only notable evidence against him was a confession he signed after four hours of questioning by two senior officers, with no parent or lawyer present.

Reported by Peter Walker, The Guardian, January 2020

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40 Responses to There but for the grace of God go … you

  1. I'm Pissed says:


  2. Owen allen says:

    Julia, there are wars, and there are wars. United We Stand, Divided We Beg. Julian Assange is another war, and that might be why Greg Barnes doesn’t have any focus on Tasmanian Corruption. He has other fish to fry?!

    Sorry Julie/Julia

  3. Owen allen says:

    Neddy Smith, who remembers him? A crim protected by criminal cops on the take, but Neddy was eventually busted. And later blew the whistle, to do something good. I just read it on you tube. I remembered his name, as a crim and researched. Deborah Locke, NSW Police Officer objected to Police Corruption NSW.
    I was given personally by Deborah, her book, and signed at her Booklaunch Tasmania. God Bless Deborah and her family, and Neddy Smith for coming across.
    I am waiting for a Tasmanian on the inside, to have the courage to expose the Truth in Tasmania from the inside, and a cop or 2. Who will blow the whistle first, cops or crims, I would suggest crims are more likely to blow the whistle, ex Ashley Borstal Boys. FEAR NOT. Owen

  4. Owen allen says:

    We are watching everymove, all the time. You call me stalker.
    YOU ARE STALKERS. Michael Barber, Tasmania Police, corrupt, busted from D, not kicked out, thug, just the way they like them, according to a polical jenny at a political launch where Prime Minister John Howardc shook my hand.
    Yeah, I have been with highest in the land and lived with the Maximum Security
    Prisoners, all in Tasmania; because

    • Owen allen says:

      Because I honor the ANZAC’s and all the Vets. Tasmania is not a democratic state. It is corrupted and controlled by persons no matter what political party is in power. Get your head around that Feds. Michael Phelan, Prime Minister, Governor General.

      (I will not let social anxiety contol me to silence.) AMEN.

  5. Jerry Fitzsimmons says:

    Julie. I wholeheartedly agree with you there. Although this site provides for much ‘good reading, and genuine feedback, I’m afraid that’s just how the ‘lawmakers and prosecutors who take ‘control’ of wrongful convictions think also ie ‘ good reading’, and then they continue on as though that what’s being pointed out to them is not their concern. But not only that. Should you make the time to disturb their precious time, you are either ignored or pushed aside like you don’t matter. Geraldine points out a great example of how these sanctimonious, and highly likely, corrupt lawmakers who form laws to prevent ‘free speech’ in a democratic society provide no recourse to what is discussed in a jury room. Julian Assange is an example of sanctimonious governments who have allowed one of their own citizens to have been treated the way he has been. It’s disgraceful, but for most of them, unfortunately, our words are simply ‘good reading’! We must however continue to write about what’s important and make good use of sites such as this. The wheel turns slowly.

  6. Owen allen says:

    Is it confirmed? Sue Neills_Fraser case is going to High Court Appeal?

    • andrew says:

      Application has been lodged

      • Owen allen says:

        Thanks Andrew, so who are the Judges at High Court Appeal in Tasmania? How many are there and where do they come from?
        I was protected by the Federated Airline Pilots Union in 1993 in Tasmania, and in due course a Commissioner of the Federal Industry Commission from Melbourne ordered a hearing in Hobart against my employers in Tasmania who sacked me and attempted to wrought me, steal from my children; but it was all about the neighbours truck early starts, an environmental health and civil and human rights issue; my complaints which led to my dismissal, which was not an issue at the hearing. And so it was on, career gone, night shift taxi driving, years of harassment, intimidation, property damage, physical threat, ex wife subjected to Wally driving head on in a firewood truck, that is why I have not stopped. I do not need to emphasise anymore anguish.
        It was real, and it is still real, It Is Going Down.

        • Owen allen says:

          Error, 1991 Federal Commission, started business 1993 Harley Davidson and Sidecar.
          Scenic Sidecar Tours. 7 years. Lost business, life crashed when I missed a court appearance by mistake, and they refused bail, an evening court with JP, I was held back, no legal representation, and once again police lied.

        • andrew says:

          The High Court is Australia’s highest court (natch!) and is based in Canberra. All information about it can be found on their website, including the seven judges, all appointed by the Federal Government (Attorney-General).

          • Owen allen says:

            Thanks Andrew, see I am so non savvy I should have that out myself. That is how I missed court. Yet I phoned my lawyer several yyimes,visted his work premise to no avail,to find out my court date. No matter my IQ whatever that isn’t, I have social dysfuntion, but I am on course, what ever the pain.
            God Bless Wrongfull Convictions and everyone participating. I have only just reregistered my car after 7 months and 2 blue slips nsw.
            But I have been riding my Harley everyday. I dont need a car anyway, but they have uses.

      • moni says:

        Thank you Andrew for the confirmation.

        Strength and courage to Sue, her beloved family and the team leading the challenge.

  7. David Smith says:

    An Innocent Target of an Inquiry in Queensland was convicted and then on Appeal Cleared – One Judge saying – This charge does not exist in Law – To Justify the Inquiry – Witnesses were threatened – Evidence disappeared – One Witness admitted to Perjury (Nothing happened) – Prosecution so determined to Convict – The Jury Retired and then were Locked up in a Hotel for the night – The Prosecution Celebrated and Partied in the same Hotel that night – A Floor below – and guess what – the Jury had a Decision the next Morning – Guilty – QC lied to Appeal Judges – Judge in Trial made many errors – WHY??? – Then promoted to Higher Court. Convict at all costs. Justice is something you receive when the decision is in your favour.

    • Owen allen says:

      Thank GOD the appeal was successfull, that gives me hope, thanks David, some of the other comments screw me up even more.
      Keep it up people, blow the whistle, they won’t dare go near you if you release truth here.

  8. Robert Greenshields says:

    I was told about an interesting honest history documentary series named, “Making a Murderer”, on Netflix, many readers may have already watched it. It’s out of the USA and concentrates on the localised cultures of policing and the judiciary in the area near the North Eastern Great Lakes. Basically it’s about a man who was framed by police and then wrongfully convicted.
    The terms “purposeful conduct, conspiracies of silence, and withholding of information” have been readily used during the episodes I have watched, and when I have sat and thought about them, I have wondered what among the criminal cultures of law enforcement officialdom in the USA, varies much from the transparent, and now recorded venal behavior of our nations own policing forces today, which, to reuse the words in an introduction to a much heralded book I enjoyed, “All previous books and publications were almost exclusively written at the suggestion of that blind national or local prejudice which displayed unthinkable contempt for the sacred virtues, Truth and Justice.” {JJ Kenneally; The Inner History of the Kelly Gang. 1929).
    The “Loaded Dice” was a term often used to define policing and judicial violations and transgressions in the colonial era, and the subsequent Royal Commission into the police “misrepresentation and discreditable conduct” of the police, confirmed the corruption and ill perceived cultures active back then. Sadly for our community, 140 years and more later, the immoral, uncivilised customs continue, seemingly encouraged and accepted by officials, irrespective of the conspicuous detriment to our broader society.
    Many posters to this sight have written of their own, and others negative experiences with our nations policing and judicial organisations (and in reality they are probably but the tip of the iceberg), and it’s obvious Sue Neill Frasers case is in dire need of a complete and complex review of the all the investigative and legal processes, that have created the debacle instrumental in her long term incarceration.
    If a Royal Commission could be carried out in a publicly transparent, impartial manner in the 1880s, why, given the amount of contrary accumulated evidence, cannot one be initiated today in Tasmania, or are the problems of incestuously biased based contradictions and corruption, far too big a problem to confront?

    • andrew says:

      A Royal Commission cannot be imposed from outside the state….unfortunately. So it’s up to the Attorney General and/or Premier to instigate one. Don’t hold your breath …

      • Owen allen says:

        Andrew, I am disturbed by what you say. Now, I do not know Constitutional Law. But by my reasoning, I would assume the Prime Minister of a Nation, and Governor General have the power and duty to protect citizens within. The enemy is within. If the Federal Government will not help, it must be up to the citizens, to bring about Justice.

  9. Father Ted says:

    Moni-knew the system was poor– seems its completely rotten– Fact is it’s not the cream that rises to the top –its the sh—

    • Robert Greenshields says:

      ….and that is confirmed Ted, by the cultures of closing ranks to protect the criminals within their own pitiable ranks. It takes a certain kind of coward to conform to a corrupted set of values, and nearly every day media stories expose the continuity of venality/corruption in our nations policing forces.
      Being harnessed to a system built upon insincere opportunism, and not on morality, education, skills, or any other accumulated, respected, realistic values, regresses to the status of inconceivable insignificance when in house promotions are looked upon with an aspect of credibility, after years, sometimes decades, of acquiescent, cringe worthy cowardice. Desperately clinging to that pedestal, echelon style of irrational representation is the forte of many who surrender themselves to the obsequious obedience, and compliance to chosen (probably last resort), uniformed public service lifestyles.
      Australia is continually further regressed while the criminal elements within authorities use culturally stratified, and initiated coercion to control criminally based policing practices, and, sadly aspiring ignoramuses seemingly do not have the intestinal fortitude to break the shackles of deceit, misbehaviour and misconduct, because they know they have no recognisable attributes desired by the community, or by any prospective honest employer.
      Australia is in a well recognised precarious position Ted, and it is certainly not assisted by retaining the thug and criminal cultures and behavioural practices of our correctly disrespected criminal policing forces, as the accepted status quo.

  10. -Father Ted says:

    Andrew–maybe–er obviously–juries don’t have to be stacked to arrive at amazing verdicts ! But if our necessary evil go to the sometimes halfwit extent–planting material evidence with smeared DNA– bringing Forensics Halfwits with no morals from overseas -long papers have been written on getting forced false confessions–all that effort– one may as well stack the jury as well–here is a question for you–can a suitable Authority of some sort investigate a juries selection- – names-even years later– are there records of Juries full identies– If so it would be very easy to show the records of “MY” Jury Foreman–the records office should be given no notice of a raid–or if that’s not on–then some outfit should be looking at Jury Names at time of selection–that Joe’s Jury selection method was known to quite a few people involved in the process- – I would be absolutely Flabbergasted if I was ever called for Jury service again–this means there is a list–so look at the list–if Joe Blow of 15 Poo st appears more than once– have a look at that–trouble is there would be ways around that–false names and addresses–“they” wouldn’t do that–YES “they”would–Just take a look at totally innocent people sentenced to death as a result of Police Mongrelism– regarded with admiration and promotion amongst that marvellous group–lying in the traffic courts is part of the training–Queensland had to bring in a Police Commissioner from down Mexico way–HE left because of the death threats to his family– they sure are a lovely bunch–Appeal Judges should be looking very closely–can they interview the jury members- sus out the plant ?obviously NOT SO–even I can see the faults in the SNF–Verdict If one Judge can see– out of 3- then the appeal should be placed before a panel of – the jury should be recalled and informed of the “STUFF” that the mongrels hid from them–shown how they were tricked ! Shown that the Forensics were a clever trick–the Jury should be paid COMPENSATIONS–I Want damages for what was done to me as a result of Jury service—the Jury should then decide on the compensation for Sue–$ 5 million would be a ball park– stop doing IT !

  11. Noeline Durovic says:

    Andrew, Observing wrongful arrests, stacked Juries, ignorant juries. Persons innocents? Yet sentenced hideously for crimes they not only did not do would not do and were innocent of of the notion to do it! How could they based on factual evidence, DNA proving their innocence evidence or simple lack of strength to a crime? Methodology of reason? .Ridiculously they could not do the crime and have guilt! Meaning their-in and concluding such persons were so very obviously fitted up by the so called law of the land. Or a range of criminals also covering crimes cunningly set up to blame innocent people many times fitting them up. As suck criminality of stolen/money or peddled drug money in greed for gain motivates terrible hostility to motivate the bastardy of criminals ! Plus of course manufactured evidence to fit a person up by dishonest police/DPPs enabled justice departments and some tarnished. Judiciary? Politicians whom I call baggage carrying culprits whom are likely know to have some darkness to hide or colour the truth to hide there own criminality! It happens? Graft and corruption their in is the result through and through. However overwhelming within my comments is the sinister persecution of the innocent victims. The utter ctuelness of the human right lost to ‘the innocent’ of the ruination now befallen them. This is the terrible darkness I see of innocent persons persecuted for a crime they did not do nor would they think to do?

  12. Father Ted--AKA-- WHALENSKY says:

    Andrew–Have tried a few times now to describe my experience of Jury “Service” in Queensland. You can read for yourself self how Joe’s Jury foreman was slotted in –thats a story worth reading –descrines in detail how it was done- and they did this darstardly deed–even with all the interest in that particular case ! If this detailed story of Jury Stacking is not true– then it’s one hell of a good yarn ! We selected our Jury Foreman because when we were discussing- in the Jury room -who was going to be Jury Foreman- this getleman– bold as brass–explained to us his Jury experience– including as a Jury Foreman– So obviously “we” the jury- being non professionals-made him- the professional –Jury Foreman ! He later described to me how he had a battle on his last Jury-getting the guilty verdict HE required ! Of coarse this same method can be used to achieve the NOT GUILTY verdict . In hindsight– which is a lovely thing- and I’m very distressed about this– I would have-in the court–asked the Judge where they got the Jury foreman– IF his Honourable Answer was not satisfactory– and how could it be ? In a loud voice–I WOULD HAVE EXPLAINED TO THE ACCUSED–YOU HAVEN’T GOT A BLOODY CHANCE–If that meant Contempt of Court– Well “GET STUFFED YOU CU–‘” THEY “Were planning to do the poor barstard over– Where I come from-thats a privilege reserved for Policeman and other SWINE ! The trouble is–even though I had seen more than most–War zones-military justice crap– prison- oops he fell over– etc etc. Murky water at the bottom of dock yards–i for some reason didn’t realise how horrible these barstard were–i sure as hell could have got that Jury Dismissed– The only Honourable solution -to such discrace for ME is probably suicide ! As my Legal Advice in a relatively minor problem– ” You won’t WIN-they lie there effing guts out”

    • andrew says:

      Thanks – another nail in the coffin of trust in the justice system…., correction, the legal system.

    • Geraldine Allan says:

      Being one of twelve “chosen” ordinary citizens, my personal experience of wrongdoing happened inside a jury room, yet I’m not permitted to discuss it, otherwise I can be jailed I’m told.

      Having witnessed most distressing, disturbing and prohibited-by-jurors occurrences within the jury room, I felt compelled to take a stance. I did, thus the presiding judge resumed the court and was very quick to silence the jury foreman before he could report the problem.

      I wish I could expose the rest of the story yet I not allowed. It was deplorable and extremely traumatic. Having kept a precise record of events as happened, it still haunts me when I hear/read the words “convicted by a jury”.

  13. WHALENSKY says:

    What kind of prison was that– I never got any bloody yoghurt– life sure was a bastard in them days–still was using bashings in my little cubby ( Boggo Road) Bathurst too.

  14. Moni says:

    Andrew, we can also include poor defence in possibly all of these cases. Then to rub salt in the wound some of these same people end up on the bench. Perpetuating the same old, same old.

    Examples from Perth (no names printed):
    In 2014 the instructing solicitor we engaged said to us in his office, “there’s no such thing as justice”. He joined the bench in 2020.

    Another defence barrister said as she joined the bench in 2020, “I don’t know what justice is, but I do know what injustice is”.

    Second in charge at the DPP, is known among the legal fraternity as a blatant liar with dirty tricks. She joined the bench in 2021. In a 2012 case, delays from the same DPP meant XYZ would have been in custody eight months longer than he potentially needed to be, tipping “the scales of justice” in favour of bail, Justice McKechnie, a former DPP, found.

    “This case illustrates what may be a systemic failure to comply with prosecution disclosure obligations,” he wrote.

    Justice McKechnie found the DPP “misinformed” two judges over whether it had disclosed all relevant evidence and highlighted contradictory statements by lead prosecutor XX as “troubling”.

    And she is a Supreme Court Judge now.

    The DPP involved with Mallards trial also went to the bench. Shadow AG said in 2012, “the DPP failed to disclose evidence which could have cleared Andrew Mallard, who wrongfully served 12 years in jail”.

    Another barrister admitted to the bench in 2022, agreed that the reason why she refused to follow client instructions was because she did not want to jeopardise her work with other colleagues.

    I have reached a point where I now hold the view the reform required to start to change the broken framework, is that judges should no longer hold their office for life. Currently, the system lacks scrutiny and transparency. We need to know more about what systems are in place to protect them from observer-bias, de-brief from layers of trauma they are exposed to due to the constant criminal cases they are overseeing. who do they answer to? Who audits their work? And how is their conduct managed? One magistrate at a deposition hearing in 2013, came in saying, “what have I done, to wake up today and have to listen to this…”.

    On top of that, the level of power afforded to these people – where they are fawned over, egos stroked, rare oversight, fosters an environment for the system to deliver the same broken results.

  15. LizP says:

    The High Court decision is very welcome news, Andrew.

  16. Jerry Fitzsimmons says:

    Andrew, as usual, your great advice to us all, about refusing to co-operate, until a legal representative is present, when approached by any person of authority, and especially if their approach has occurred unannounced, is excellent advice.
    This also applies in workplace situations, should corrupt management make unfounded accusations, that has been contrived, to dismiss someone, particularly in the case of a person who is exposing wrongdoings in the workplace ie bullying. It happens so often, with the ongoing harassment of the accused individual resulting in self-harm, if legal support is not sought, ASAP.
    Always having a legal representative present at interviews, or even after that first unsuspecting discussion, but preferably before, is so important, as was seen with Sue Neill-Fraser’s case.
    Sue’s publicly televised police interview told the world a lot about her treatment, in the system, that all of the above mentioned accused were convicted in.
    Andrew, you also mention that all of the above mentioned cases have something in common.
    However, in Sue Neill-Fraser’s case, which none of the others, I believe, had in common, was the highly discussed likelihood of drugs. Drugs hidden on the yacht, drugs involved with a number of witnesses and lack of follow-up on named suspects, by police. Why?

    • Owen allen says:

      Yeah, it is a non issue, fire extinguisher, it all makes me sick

      • FATHER TED says:

        We never got yoghurt in Boggo – more likely to get bashed by the screws–they would have stolen the stuff–and our other stuff !

        • Owen allen says:

          My cell in Risdon Maximum, had previously shelves for prisoner convenience. (Ha). The cell next door did, mine didn’t. I asked for shelves, was denied, still have the paperwork.😂 My mattress had wire poking through it. Didn’t waste my time asking for another mattress. Just bought 2 floor mats. One for my mattress and one to be used as a doona. The cells were open air in Hobart. 😂 What a journey, learni
          ng process, living with hardened criminals from childhood borstal, and I lay blame on the establishment. How is the case against Ashley going, I have not seen any news.?

  17. Owen allen says:

    I must repeat, I was so much on the Tasmania Police hit list, a constable stuffed up like an idiot he was. The biggest mistakes Tasmania Police make, is cronic perjury. They are the Mafia, deny deny deny.

  18. Owen allen says:

    Sometimes the police want to crucify some one so badly, they get confused themselves and make mistakes. I was so much on the Tasmania Police hit list, a constable stuffed up like an idiot he was.
    I exited the car park to the left, it is a no right turn. ( My first arrest the detective exited turning right, I said you just broke the law, he said he didn’t see the sign.)
    I must have personally been a person of interest to this constable, because my first arrest he approached me first before the detectives closed in on me.
    This night I turned left, and the cop was at a red light diagonally opposite on a one way street. Light turned green, he pulled behing me his flashers on, I pulled over, he approached me and asked me, why did I turn right. Before I answered he realised I didnt turn right, he did, he turned right to follow me, I turned left.
    So he knew the area, and signs and thought he had easy pickings. What can I say?
    Victimisation? Police Stalking?

    • Owen allen says:

      I must repeat, I was so much on the Tasmania Police hit list, a constable stuffed up like an idiot he was. The biggest mistakes Tasmania Police make, is cronic perjury. They are the Mafia, deny deny deny.

      • Father Ted says:

        OWEN-How come you is allowed to repeat– if I come even close to repeating comments about stacked juries–i get shut down ! I think Jury Stacking is much more common than we realise–certainly explains some of their amazing verdicts

        • andrew says:

          Juries do not need to be stacked to come out with ‘amazing’ verdicts…we have reported how unsuitable some jury members are, ignorant of even the basics like the presumption of innocence. But we’d be keen to hear of any evidence of jury stacking, provided without identification of individuals for legal reasons.

    • Julie says:

      This was all good reading!


      • Owen allen says:

        Julia, there are wars, and there are wars. United We Stand, Divided We Beg. Julian Assange is another war, and that might be why Greg Barnes doesn’t have any focus on Tasmanian Corruption. He has other fish to fry?!

        • Owen allen says:

          But in saying that, he did act as Chairman at a Seminar in Salamanca Place, the Salamanca Arts Centre. A public place, a public seminar on Prison Reform. As a guest of Tasmanian Prison System in the Pink Palace aka Risdon Maximum Prison I attended.
          But apparently offended everyone for attending whilst exercising my freedom of movement.
          Which was regarded as “stalking” or breaking a restraining order, because a “victim worked in the “area” “, and yet the “victim”, approached me on the sidewalk breaking the restraining order, and spoke to me breaking the restraining order again, she showed no fear of me, I was not a threat, she new that, this was all a Corrupt Tasmania Game. That is how they work.

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