ZELENSKY, the first book about the world’s newest hero, authored by Australians

Ukraine’s most popular comedic actor was an unlikely President of his country. And now even more improbably, Volodymyr Zelensky has become the world’s most celebrated statesman. Yet more improbably, the first book about him comes from Australia. 

Australian authors Andrew L. Urban and Chris McLeod are the first cab off the rank with a book about the man of the moment; Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine. As he began a video-link world tour of Western Parliaments making his case for military help to repel the illegal, immoral and murderous Russian invasion, the authors were following him online.

It was in those early days of the war that he was dubbed ‘Churchill in a T-shirt’ for his defiant stand and his channelling the great wartime leader’s words to inspire his nation – and us.

Gathering information about this 44 year old phenomenon, the authors have delivered a book that combines the urgent reality with the important background – both personal and political. He leads Servant of the People Party, surely the only political party born as a TV satire, and the majority of seats by far in the Ukrainian Parliament.

For the military minded, the book includes details about the machines of war in the conflict. And of course, there is a look at the important role social media played in his campaign to connect with his people and the people of the world.

One of the most pertinent chapters deals with the 1994 Budapest Memorandum which obliges the US, the UK – and yes, the Russian Federation – to protect Ukraine. So much for international agreements …

Introduced by former US Government intelligence analyst Rebekah Koffler, author of Putin’s Playbook, Zelensky is published by Wilkinson Publishing in Australia and by Regnery in the US.

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27 Responses to ZELENSKY, the first book about the world’s newest hero, authored by Australians

  1. Brian Johnston says:

    Donald: The world knows 9/11 was an inside job. See, Architects and Engineers For 9/11.
    WTC7 was brought down by controlled demolition. If you find the footage you will see the rooftop plant room collapse first.

    Gary: Answering your points in order.
    Firstly, there is no doubt Russia is under attack. ‘They’ tried to bankrupt Russia around 1998. The Globalists are against Russia today.
    Secondly, Ukraine targeted and shelled Donbass civilians in 2014 war/conflict. The Holodomor was under Communism. Putin is not a Communist rather a Nationalist.
    Thirdly, Ukraine government attacked Donbass region and committed ‘war crimes’.
    Lastly, I have no difficulty with Thierry Meyssan.

    Note: Putin went into Ukraine for same reason Hitler went into Poland, to rescue and protect persecuted citizens. I find myself supporting Hitler yesterday and Putin today.
    George Patton said “We have been fighting the wrong enemy”, and wanted to continue to beat Russia. Patton was murdered.

    New link:
    Ukrainian Agony – The Concealed War (Documentary 2015)

    On the Brighteon site. Not for the faint hearted.

    • andrew says:

      If this blog was twitter or facebook, this comment would be rejected for a variety of censorious reasons. But here, we have a sense of black humour and let our readers guffaw at the latest addition to the pile of loony assertions like the notion that 9/11 was an inside job, etc (and I guess the moon landing was faked) … I’m surprised Brian Johnston omitted the Soviet invasion of Hungary in the 1956 Revolution: when the Soviets regained control of the government, official radio was reassuring citizens that the Russian tanks were coming to help us, as friends. This gave rise to the bleak joke when the tanks started shelling, “Good job they are friends, imagine how they’d behave if they were not!” Black humour is often how we deal with dark history.

      Can’t wait for Brian Johnston’s upcoming post, adding his support for Xi Jinping to his support for Hitler and Putin, for invading Taiwan to rescue it from (insert his choice of enemy/danger) …

      • Robert Greenshields says:

        Andrew, without wanting to interfere in the verbal joust between yourself and Brian, and the supposition that black humor trumps all, I would personally prefer the element of fundamental truth to prevail.
        Hungary was among the original nations manipulated by the ilk of the Dulles brothers (John Foster being Secretary of State and Allen being Director of the CIA}, at the direction and insistence of President Eisenhower, through the covert operations of the CIA in its determination to, “crush the threats to civilisation in captive nations”. “Frank Wisner” was their stooge and he ran operations to infiltrate and destabilise nations in Europe, Asia, Central America and Africa, and among them in Europe in 1956 was Hungary. It has been written that he “worked relentlessly” to liberate “captive nations”, and when his Hungarian operatives launched their uprising in 1956 he requested, through a string of communications, assistance from the USA, but none eventuated. Wisner suicided after suffering for some time with mental health problems, possibly moral trauma, bought on by the deceit of recognising the expediency and betrayal of the USA and executive administrators, I have read.
        The world moved along in 1956, England, Israel and France invaded Egypt over the Suez Canal and the desires to thwart nationalist ideology, through imperialist militarism and economic extortion, the USA held elections where Eisenhower was re elected, and down here in Oz we cheered on athletes in the 56 Olympic Games.
        Sadly the similarities to manipulating and inciting dislocation and death have again come to fruition, this time in Ukraine, but again, the resemblance to earlier far right extremisim and links to fascist doctrines cannot, ever, be discounted.
        The majority of the information and quotes I have put forward, that I believe are accurate, and not expediently politically or otherwise aligned, comes from the book “The Bothers by Stephen Kinzer”
        Dishonesty, deceit, and doctrine driven hypocrisy have no place on this site if credibility to achieve results that eventually enable the likes of Sue Neill Fraser, are to be achieved I concur.
        Yet again I’m grateful for the opportunity. Rob. Greenshields.

        • andrew says:

          You are welcome to comment, Robert Greenshields.

          My reference to the usefulness of black humour was meant to highlight how an illegitimate aggressor can claim legitimacy by applying the lessons from Animal Farm…

          President Eisenhower may have had ‘Hungarian operatives’ but they did not launch the 1956 uprising. A peaceful student march was met with machine gun fire … that triggered (sorry) the uprising. I will raise your book The Brothers, with my father’s book, The 19 Days – and here’s a glimpse that reveals what happened through actual news/radio & eye witness reports:

          • Robert Greenshields says:

            Thank you Andrew, and I will read your family input into the evolving European process in the very near future.
            Nothing can replace the existing fact though that Hungary, along with Romania was a formidable part of Churchillan processes known now as the “naughty protocol”, that was the accepted alternative to Great Britain gaining a 90% influential role over Greece. Churchill agreed with Stalin having controlling influences over Russian liberated quisling former Nazi nations, as a buffer zone prior to the conclusion of WW2 hostilities, and irrespective of the USA supposedly not agreeing, that’s what happened.
            While not attempting to dismiss or diminish the work of your relations, my information on this issue is derived from reading “Churchill and Empire by Lawrence James”, along with “Churchills Shadow by Geoffrey Wheatcroft”, and many other historical references over an extended period. All the best. Rob. Greenshields.

  2. Owen allen says:

    I do not feel the love for my enemy, ; President Putin you are draggjng society down. You have the Night Wolves for your personal protection, I ride Harley Davidson, what bikes are Night Wolves riding Urals, I should check.
    I ride with Hells Angels and others. There is no shame in admitting mistake, give it away. The USA will blow you away, and the Hells Angels will push the button.
    Vlad, I admired you as a moderm Russian President, but you have let me down, I pray you come back, Love and Respect, GOD is Love. Owen/aka Michael

    • Owen allen says:

      How, I just researched Night Wolves, I knew of their existance butnot much more except President Putin accepted them. If your are interested in global events, research Night Wolves.
      Ha, I have offered up yesterday preemtive warning, yet I never knew the real purpose of the Night Wolves.
      And the Western Governments have not bothered to understand or research that MC’s stand for freedom, and the clubs were formed by WW2 Vets, that were more than likely suffering PTSD, from War to Civil Street
      and they were targeted from the beginning as unruley thugs, and they were heroes. GOD BLESS MC.

  3. Brian Johnston says:

    Additional reading. One should get the full story before commenting.
    We do not need biased journalism rather, the truth.


    • Donald says:


      You have a difficulty in researching and in deciding on the most likely truth.

      The journalist (and the president) of the Voltaire Network is Thierry Meysen, who is a conspiracy theorist. He also argued that Sept 11 was organized by a faction of the US military-industry complex.

      Ability to navigate through various publications is in knowing how to pick out a reliable and trusted source of information.

    • Garry Stannus says:

      Thanks, Brian: look, I’ve read your ‘additional reading’ and found it interesting but unconvincing. I found within that article a lot of assertions which I had no way of assessing on-the-spot.

      Firstly, there are the matters which are not mentioned … e.g. the failure to mention the prior Russian military build-up around the Ukraine which Putin falsely described as military exercises but which were – in my view – the precursor to the long-planned invasion.

      Secondly, there is a weak claim of genocide having been committed by Ukranians … while yet in that article there is no mention of the utterly sickening, indisputable genocide – the Holodomor – which was imposed by Russia on the Ukraine: the intentional mass death by starvation of the Ukrainian people to remove them from their lands in the pre-WWII years. (This seems to have enabled Stalin to have Russians emigrate and occupy Ukrainian properties … thus along with Soviet imposition of the Russian language, it seems that yes, there are Russian speaking, pro-Russian sections in those ‘rebel’ regions of the Ukraine).

      Thirdly, Meyssan’s use of the OSCE [Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe] to insinuate a Ukrainian Govt attack on the Donesk and Luhansk regions is – in my view – spurious. In Meyssan’s article, we see a nice bar chart showing that between 14th-22Feb2022, the number of explosions observed by OSCE in the ceasefire areas increased markedly. Meyssan seems to insinuate that chart as some proof that it was the Ukrainian Govt behind the increase. My cursory reading of an OSCE Report [https://www.osce.org/files/2022-02-20-21%20Daily%20Report_ENG.pdf?itok=82567] suggests that the majority of observed ‘ceasefire’ infringements were on ‘govt-controlled’ areas, i.e. that most of the explosions observed by the OSCE were incoming fire landing and exploding on govt-controlled areas.

      Lastly, there is Meyssan’s selective use of footnotes. They are, in my view, self-serving and of little value. The first footnote is simply a link to what Meyssan has written in another of his articles … in my view that’s not a proper use of footnotes. The second footnote, in apparent support of Meyssan’s and Russian claims of ‘genocide by the Ukraine’, was a link to an interim consideration by the International Court of Justice: actually, it concluded [https://www.icj-cij.org/public/files/case-related/182/182-20220316-ORD-01-00-EN.pdf]:

      81. The Court considers that, with regard to the situation described above, the Russian Federation must, pending the final decision in the case, suspend the military operations that it commenced on 24 February 2022 in the territory of Ukraine. In addition, recalling the statement of the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations that the “Donetsk People’s Republic” and the “Lugansk People’s Republic” had turned to the Russian Federation with a request to grant military support, the Court considers that the Russian Federation must also ensure that any military or irregular armed units which may be directed or supported by it, as well as any organizations and persons which may be subject to its control or direction, take no steps in furtherance of these military operations.

      That’s hardly an acceptance of the weak Russian claim of the Ukraine committing genocide…

      [In my view, the following article gives a fuller explanation of the Russian invasion than Meyssan’s: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_Russian_invasion_of_Ukraine#Alleged_clashes_(17%E2%80%9321_February_2022)%5D

  4. Robert Greenshields says:

    “Churchill in a Tee Shirt” Andrew? Adequately described if you compare their religious backgrounds and deceitful, warmongering, centric valued empire enhancing, manipulations. Churchill was responsible for at least 6 million deaths in WW2 alone, about 4 million in India for starters, and we will not start on WW1 or the Northern Russian Intervention.
    Do the numbers ring a bell as to comparisons with supposed other figures quoted along the lines of “holocaust”?
    The recognised cowardly supporter of your writings who transparently defined their own seemingly now obvious, guilt ridden shortcomings in the last sentence of a recently released book, confirms the probable illegitimacy of selected interpretations, disconnected from honest history, reality or facts.

    • Owen allen says:

      I love you Robert, you know that, I don’t want to denigrate you, and a great pal also despises Churchill. But from my limited knowledge, Churchill saved England and very well done, with the help of RAF, but he made mistakes later, and sacrificed Aussies, so I believe. War is nasty, people die, innocent civilians, soldiers.
      War is in our civilised society, people are killed everyday, Life and Death, get right with GOD, JESUS LIVES, and IS COMING BACK SOON.
      The Worlds Preachers are saying Biblical Prophecy is moving fast, and every prophecy has taken place to date as time moves forward. Noah is a great example and the Ark is on Mt Sinai, proven by scientists.
      Time I got out my trumpet. Free Sue Neill-Fraser now.

      • Robert Greenshields says:

        No worries Owen. It’s not just Churchill, it’s more about the continuity of selected misinformation and deceitful misrepresentation.
        The cowardly status quo of expected and accepted obsequious conformity, trots its ugly head out at every opportunity when centric valued individuals think that they are capable of reigning in a buck, irrespective of truthful factors and honest history. A quick look at subjects that arouse discussion in our own national context, from Macarthur to Bligh to Edward Kelly have long been distorted by opportunists driving their own agendas.
        Maintain the faith and keep strong and safe, your string of posts indicates to me that you are resisting collapsing under the weight of a form of moral injury or moral trauma, and that in itself is a characteristic many who claim individualistic recognition are devoid of. All the best.

        • Owen allen says:

          Why did I say Noahs Ark is on Mt Sinai? It popped into my head, and later I thought about it. And now researched for confirmation. Noahs Ark is on Mt Ararat, I was not intententionally misleading TRUTH. My memory failed me, and, it can be confirmed, the existence of, is the quality, the location is well haha.
          The Ark Exists. Biblical Proof.
          I have visited, Robert and everyone, where they hanged Edmund Kelly, (until recently I thought he was Ned). A very sombre place to me. He was stitched up, ok he snapped. President Putin, and President Xi Jinping both read Wrongful Convictions. They have their feelers following everything everywhere. Putin has snapped and Xi would like to. President Putin has only one way out. Resign now, ill health, stop it, and confess, and Presdent Xi Jinping should just pull back and look after is own. God Bless, JESUS LIVES.
          I am victim of years of psychological warfare in Tasmania and police protected assault, and assaulted by police. A stamp on the foot, a kick in the shin, and a smack in the face, all by different scum. But they shot and killed a Vietnam Vet a few years before and got away with it. Chio

          • Robert Greenshields says:

            Thanks for your reply and thoughts Owen, always interesting.
            With due respect, Neds name was Edward, maybe you are thinking of or confused with Edmund Blackadder.
            An interesting aside you might be interested in is that another Australian legend came from the area where Ned once lived and eventually came to grief. Sir Edward, (Weary) Dunlop resided
            within the area, and completed his apprenticeship as a pharmacist in Benalla prior to being a doctor and recognised WW2 hero. Weary created and put into action a plan to murder a prison guard nick named “the Lizard”I have read, but, there but for the grace of God, events overtook his actions, and he was called into the camp Commanders office, scuttling his planned desires.
            The point I prefer to believe, is that if a wonderful humanitarian like Weary could be reduced to the status of retaliating with a murderous intensity, Ned Kelly is entitled to be remembered with at least a transparent honesty.
            Try not to allow your negative experiences with cowardly criminal public servants dominate your future. “Tomorrow need never be a direct reflection of yesterday”. Rob. Greenshields.
            P.S. If you have an interest in Ned Kelly and honest history, source and read J.J. Kenneallys, “The Inner History of the Kelly Gang”. Written in the 1930s, it is still available to buy on some net sites. From my reading it’s not totally perfect, but it is far more than just another elaborate dollar devining diversion by another revisionist opportunist.

          • Owen allen says:

            Keyboard error Robert, I dont know about the Blackadder, I might have subconsciously thought about Sir Edmund, Hillary, and not forgetting Tenzing Norgay. My first job was working for the man who manufactured the back packs that went up Mt Everest with Sir Edmund. Mountain Mule packs.

          • Owen allen says:

            Or maybe I was thinking of Edmund Bourke in my subconcious.

  5. Jerry Fitzsimmons says:

    Andrew, for what it’s worth, I’m going to risk putting (not Putin) Brian’s comments down to being a provocateur. I concur with Colin, great timing.

  6. Brian Johnston says:

    Zelensky is a sicko. Playing the piano with ones genitals and wearing high heeled shoes says it all. And the audience laughed, so sad.
    He attacked and murdered Russian speaking Ukrainians who wished to be with Russia than NATO.
    It is Zelensky who is the war criminal. I say none of this because I side with Putin. It is simply the right thing to say.
    Putin was invited in. He was asked to help the persecuted. Know your history.

    • andrew says:

      Putin was invited in? Gee, your sources must be right inside Putin’s inner circle…if we are to believe your allegation/s….as for your role as a showbiz critic, needs work.

  7. Owen allen says:

    I have thought and recollected past events in Tasmania that might be influencing legal decesions regarding Sue Neill-Fraser. I maintain that Tasmania is a Totalatarian Corrupt Society , through my own experience and have evidence.
    But Sue Neill-Fraser has been stitched up, because of protecting locals. This is my thoughts, because I am involved by social interaction, Risdon Maximum Prison.
    I am talking about a criminal family. Devine. Now I had nothing to do with Rocky who was Kitchen Chief in Risdon, an ex Ashley Boy and mate of my befriends from Ashley. Rocky was ok inside and helped me as volunteer pot scrubber, by scraping out the vessels when serving. May sound a non issue but helped me heaps. On the outside Rocky I do not know about, or the other ex Ashley Boys, other than one who was totally disillusioned with society, and I understand why.
    The Power in Tasmania are in my mind protecting individuals that have committed unlawful sexual crime with a minor, and a Devine and the mother of the child, prostituted at 12 years old, are in prison. The ex Glenorchy Mayor and Politician was convicted of sex with under age.
    So I suggest that Devine has been accused of killing Bob Chappel by a witness who left dna vomit on the yacht, Devine can expose the names of sexual predators that have been with held, and so black mailing the Regime, because how many politicians and police fronted up, or who ever, it would rock Hobart if the names were released. Leave our boy alone or we dob.
    Rocky, I hope he is going straight..
    G’day Rocky, and G’day to Gary. Michael the prison pot scrubber.


    • David Smith says:

      I am pleased to see someone is prepared to expose the Truth – This goes back to the Golden Rule – Those with the Gold make the Rules – It is the same as those in Power/Government decide who is protected and those who are expendable – those who can’t fight back – there needs to be a Group who will get together and combine all the Stories they have seen that are Criminal and Corrupt – I have had dealings with Senior Tasmanian Police who are Dishonest and Corrupt – but no one is interested because of FEAR of repercussions from those in Power. Those in Power don’t care if SNK stays in Prison for ever because they can. Fight Back by exposing the Criminals in Power – The Media in Tasmania only Print what they are told to and are not to be trusted. Fight.

      • Owen allen says:

        Thanks David, stay in touch, this is the best place for anyone with evidence against any Wrongful Conviction, or knowledge of, to share and off load any anxiety, or depression. I say this without permission from the org, but I am sure it will be encouraged. Owen.

  8. Colin McLaren says:

    Andrew and Chris,

    They say ‘timing (in life) is everything’. That you choose to put out a book now, it the perfect example of this metaphor. I wish you both well, mostly because it’s a book on a gold plated hero; a man not afraid to take on his adversaries, stand on his UN soapbox and challenge global authority in an era when politics is less than pathetic. I applaud the subject matter, your endeavour and your timing. Colin McLaren

  9. Owen allen says:

    Well done, you are inspirational, as is, Volodymyr Zelensky.

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