Dear Attorney – your silence is damning

We publish this self-explanatory letter we wrote to Tasmania’s Attorney-General, The Hon. Elise Archer, to demonstrate the State’s callous disregard for transparency and for ensuring that justice is served in the case of Sue Neill-Fraser. 

Dear Attorney,

It has been two weeks (email March 24) since I requested your response – as part of our continuing coverage of the case – to the Etter Selby papers that were tabled in Parliament on August 31, 2021, concerning the Sue Neill-Fraser case.

On previous occasions you cited the matter being before the courts as the reason for avoiding comment. But this case has not been before the courts since her appeal was dismissed last November yet you have not engaged with the case of your own volition. As to her seeking special leave to appeal, I referenced legal advice that shows the High Court has not yet been engaged. (see below)

In seeking your comments as part of our continuing coverage of the case, I draw your attention to some of the most disturbing and documented findings in the Etter Selby papers:

New and Concerning Evidence in the Etter Selby papers, August 2021
# What TasPOL knew and ignored from late 2008 about Meaghan Vass and Her Associate Sam Devine. A saga of defective investigation, failure to disclose and why that matters
# Crown Failure to Disclose a Critical Handwritten Note
# The Misleading of the CCA by the DPP – The Grey Dinghy seen alongside the Four Winds
# There was No Evidence of Blood in the Four Winds Dinghy
# The Red Jacket in the Sue Neill-Fraser Case – Yet Another Example of Non-Disclosure

You would be aware of numerous calls for an independent review – and there are well over 30,000 signatories to the petition wanting a review of her case.

Your silence and inaction on the matter lends credence to the notion that Tasmania’s legal system is just ‘going through the motions’ but not really wanting Neill-Fraser ‘getting out’. No-one in the politico-legal community, it seems, wants an enquiry; that is telling. The public can only come to the conclusion that as Attorney-General you have no confidence in how Tasmania’s legal system has handled this case and can not defend it from valid criticism.

This correspondence is now on the record and available to any future review or enquiry into the case; in the meantime it will be published on


Reference: High Court listings of Applicants seeking leave to appeal does not include Neill-Fraser

Cordially yours,
Andrew L. Urban

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29 Responses to Dear Attorney – your silence is damning

  1. Keith says:

    The DNA debacle currently under investigation in Qld couldn’t possibly be happening in Tasmania could it?
    A Commission of Inquiry could tell us I suppose, what are the chances?

  2. Keith says:

    The Folbigg decision is in. Just shows the A-G that she indeed does have the capacity to act, in case she didn’t know.

  3. Keith says:

    Happy Mothers Day to Sue, let’s hope it’s her last in prison.
    I note today that the NSW A-G is quoted as saying a decision on Kathleen Folbigg’s case is imminent.
    Pity Ms. Archer isn’t saying the same thing about Sue.

    • andrew says:

      NSW AG Speakman has already passed earlier announcement date by weeks…I have no confidence in him on these matters. A petition in another case was rejected after several years of inaction, and his office refuses to provide grounds for the refusal to recommend a pardon. All decisions by public servants (incl AGs) must be transparent – obviously. It’s yet another black mark against The System. As for Ms Archer…. she, too, has lost credibility and confidence. The Federal AGs of recent years have all ignored – yes, ignored – polite, respectful requests to at least look into the establishment of a CCRC system in Australia. The kindest way to look at it may be that AGs tend to be incompetent at their job. There are other ways to look at it, too ………

  4. Robert Greenshields says:

    Australia has been adversely affected by the continuity of criminally cultured activities in the highest of administrative organisations since the infamous days of John Macarthur and the notorious Rum Corps.
    Selectively demonising alternative cohorts of our original population, ie, Catholics, Irish, and in general anyone not white Anglo and confirming a conformity to the rapacious British Empires brutality and exploitative extortion, has created an echelon classed cultural deception that is as active today as it was in our earliest of years I strongly believe.
    The nations policing and judicial services have seemingly not progressed since Macarthur and Grose stacked their own courts with fellow racketeering officers to maintain for themselves the positivity of their criminal enterprises, and enormous profiteering. Governors in those early days were removed and or replaced, through the overriding support of supposed legitimately accepted influential allies of the corrupted Macarthur, who were along with others, aligned with fellow travelling class dynamic cultured predominants desiring to to maintain their status as centric valued individualistic and advancing exploiters.
    No wonder, while when in control of the fledgling nations economy and conduits of recorded information, our history is so tainted against nationalists and revolutionaries seeking justice and valued freedom; from the days of the Sydney Castle Hill Rebellion in 1804, to Bendigos Red Ribbon Day prior to Eureka in 1854, and the Glenrowan and district defiance by those now recognised as the Kelly Gang, our ever resourceful populations have struggled against tyrannical misappropriating administrations.
    Fast forward just short of a century and a half, and nearly every day of every week, across the nation media releases inform us of a continuing culture of criminality in compliant, cowardly police forces, and governing administrations. The ilk of the John Macarthurs would be well satisfied with I can only presume.
    The fact that Sue Neill Fraser is still incarcerated while so much evidence and doubtful decision making machinations are being questioned, confirms, sadly, that we have hardly advanced a millimetre in
    policing or our judicial processes since the days of desperation and the brutality
    of psychological terrorism in the colonial era/error.
    Release Sue Neill Fraser now, new Tasmanian Premier, show some decency and respect for 21st century values, and especially to Sue and her family.

    • Owen allen says:

      Yeah Robert you have the pulse. Psychogical Terrorism is what I lived through, it is their weapon still today. And against United Nations Declaration.
      Great work Brother, I have the declaration, but will put it up later.Heaps more than this.
      Cat skin over the fence was a skits. Head on driving for my ex wife was a dangerous threat, and intimidation. By Tasmanian Rednecks, sanctioned by Police, Local Council, State Government. God Bless,

      • Owen allen says:

        Sorry, For saying Tasmania Rednecks, I might lose any case for politically uncorrectness, whilst the bastards murder tourists and lock up university students or murder them.
        The Tasmania Regime instills and encourages social behaviour of the 19th Century to keep the plebs under control. I say to you as I said to the Corrupt Detectives, F*** Off.

    • Owen allen says:

      Easy as, google United Nations Declaration, Torture by public servants.
      It is in section one, clearly defined, I reckon I have a good case.

  5. Keith says:

    The new Premier has come in with a pledge to act with courage and integrity, characteristics which will be necessary for him to take urgent action on the Etter/Selby papers.
    I have written to him on Facebook Messenger to remind him of that commitment, and that it will take that and more, for him to get around the pressure from the Tasmanian legal “boys club” and the police to ignore the matter.
    The more correspondence he gets from SNF supporters the better. Let’s get typing!

    • Geraldine Allan says:

      Keith, I regret to bring you unpleasant news on a Friday night insofar as it appears the Attorney-General (Archer) in the Gutwein gutless government will resume that role in the Rockliff government.


  6. Hans Barend Bakkum says:

    Your email address could not be verified.

  7. Owen allen says:

    I have to say to my family. My mind is blown. To write what I write, is a blown mind. They blew my mind; Tasmania 1991-2004.
    So I have to keep on keeping on. I can prove my experience that I speak about.
    I am living a nightmare, because they proved me their callous disregard to justice.
    Now in saying this President Putin of Russia, Commander of War murdering civilians is disgusting. Tasmanian Injustice is disgusting. Tasmania Murders innocents and protects the guilty. I want to kick the tyres and light the fires.
    Remember, Leader of Opposition told myself and my ex wife, TASMANIA POLICE were TOO CORRUPT TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT.
    Michael Phèlan, or ADF , the enemy is on the inside. Believe me. Check me out.

  8. Owen allen says:


  9. Jerry Fitzsimmons says:

    It would appear that if Andrew’s letter (above) is being ignored, as well as everyone else who writes or contacts those in positions of power, then maybe these embarrassing ‘demagogues’ of democracy are simply hoping that these ‘pains in their ass’ are not getting that much coverage, so their letters can just be disregarded. I would suspect that many of Andrew’s readers are on Facebook, and on opening your messages you have an entry that asks, “What’s on you mind”. FB has world wide coverage and I would suggest that the next thing that comes to mind about Sue Neill-Fraser, post an entry. Tell the world your questions, explaining that you are doing this to spread the word, because those in positions of power, are not acknowledging your private letters.
    Concurring with Robin B., great that this blog is keeping us focused on the disgraceful omissions by those who claim to be the voices of democracy.

    • andrew says:

      Excellent suggestion. And the same anywhere else that spreads the word…

      • Keith says:

        Perhaps, as soon as the new Premier is appointed, we can all write to him/her and ask him/her to take the action that Gutwein lacked the courage to. God forbid if the new Premier is the current Attorney General.

  10. Brian Johnston says:

    I have written to Elise Archer a couple of times with respect to the Sue matter.
    Note: Archer will have her advisers.
    Right or wrong Archer has her reason and/or excuses for not intervening in the Sue matter. Her main reason is separation of powers, which is all very convenient and she cant get involved every time a community disagrees with a court decision.
    I have mentioned Devine amd Gleeson, no difference even though their names were in the newspapers as being on the boat. This is crazy stuff.
    I cannot understand how the pro bono lawyers failed.

    Note: I have had an Australian prosecutor say to me that “Circumstantial evidence is good enough in Australia and I have won all my cases”.
    Needless to say I was quite alarmed by this comment.

    In the Sue case the prosecution did not prove their case of Sue’s guilt.
    Sadly Sue now has to prove her innocence.

    We know Vass was on the boat as a result of her DNA and have every reason to believe she was in the company of Devine and Gleeson.
    What we can’t prove is they were on the boat the evening Bob went missing. Or to put it in another rather clumsy way. Circumstantial evidence put Sue in gaol though circumstantial evidence cannot get her out. And in this case will not get her out.

    There are only two ways to go forward,
    1. More proof.
    2. A civil case. Either the family pay or crowd funding is sought.

    I suspect Sue’s lawyer did a ‘bad’ job of defending Sue because he believed the police had their ‘man’. Gunson must have believed Sue did it.
    It was not Gunson’s place to determine innocence or guilt. He doesn’t know he wasn’t there. Gunson’s job was to force the prosecution to prove their case. To my mind Gunson failed Sue. Strong words come to my mind at this point.

    Has a matter ever been raised that Gunson’s wife may have been employed by the prosecution albeit in a professional capacity. Could this connection have increased or caused Gunson’s belief that Sue was guilty.

    • Joe says:

      I understand that crowd funding has been initiated on more than one occasion…and shut down promptly without adequate reasoning by the platform(s).

  11. Robinbowles says:

    Well done Andrew for keeping Sue’s case alive through your blog. May I suggest the following to show those who say the Sue Supporters are just a bunch of old biddies who belong knitting in their rocking chairs and that at least 28000 people AROUND AUSTRALIA care about Sue’s plight:
    1. Email this blog to Elise.archer@dpac.Tas.
    2. Do as I have done today and email Mr Gutwein, Premier of this STATE OF INJUSTICE and say all good for you to quit to spend more time with your family because you are worn out. What about letting Sue go home to spend more time with her family, who are equally worn out? Make it a parting gesture!
    I hope all readers of Andrew’s blog will ACT. And ACT NOW!

    • Owen allen says:

      Nice one Robin, your comment is priceless, thanks Sister; every supporter of Sue, is a supporter of me, and supporter of every person that visits or lives in Tasmania that could be the next victim. God Bless, Owen.

  12. Rodger Warren says:

    It is obvious to anyone familiar with the Sue Neill-Fraser case that an Inquiry or Retrial is necessary to clear up doubts about what happened to Bob Chappell.
    I hope your letter to the Tasmanian Attorney-General will prompt some action.
    Take care
    Rodger Warren

  13. Peter Martin says:

    My guess is that she will come up with another excuse or just ignore your letter.

  14. Williambtm says:

    Interesting how Premier Peter Gutwein has since resigned; he must have already known the shizer is about to hit the fan in the upstairs ranks of this State’s curmudgeons.
    Today I dispatched a comprehensive email letter to the P/A of Tasmania’s Attorney General, my email letter consisted of allegations along with the appropriate references and confirmations for my laying the blame at the feet of Ms Elise Archer.
    Tasmania’s Attorney-General has gained the reputation for her acting against the best interests of our people and our native forest environment.
    I have since received an acknowledgement or perhaps a confirmation of the delivery from the above referenced P/A.

    • Joe says:

      Gutwein’s resignation is certainly interesting – the second Liberal Premier to resign mid-term following receipt of damning material relating to the unsafe conviction of Sue Neill-Fraser. In my view, there are no coincidences in this sad saga.

  15. Stephen Berry says:

    Hi guys,
    As to the above I too wrote to the premier in the last three weeks and recipe a reply from the attorney signed by another. In the reply the attorney sited the same reason for not commenting. That the matter was before the courts. It appears she, the attorney is as loose with the truth as the original trial was. If anybody wants a copy of the emails let me know?

  16. Steven Fennell says:

    Justice may not be blind* but it sure as shit is deaf!

    * Justice Is Not Blind: A Preliminary Evaluation of an Implicit Bias Training for Justice Professionals
    Rebecca L. Fix
    Published: 15 July 2020

  17. Keith says:

    Ms. Archer has got one job……

    Sadly, she is embarrassing herself and Tasmania in not diligently discharging her duties as A-G.

    When the truth is finally arrived at by the court system, Ms. Archer will be one of the many politicians and incompetent police in Tasmania who will have been shown to be complicit in this whole tawdry affair.

    Archer, Powell, Sinnett et al will be ashamed to show their faces in Hobart and have to live a very reclusive lifestyle due to the shame they share.

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