EDITORIAL New evidence demands reopening Sue Neill-Fraser appeal

Andrew L. Urban. 

The cumulative effect of new evidence in the Etter/Selby dossier is devastating: we are left in no doubt that just about the entire machinery of criminal ‘justice’ in Tasmania failed Bob Chappell, Sue Neill-Fraser and the people of Tasmania. We firmly believe there is an urgent need for the appeal to be reopened. So do our angry readers … 

The Etter/Selby dossier has revealed fresh new evidence that cannot be ignored:





OUR ANGRY READERS (a selection)
I hope the karma train knocks those involved over for what Sue has endured.
with these new revelations, we can appreciate that the Government, being aware of the Etter-Selby documents, becomes either the implement of Justice or its obstruction.
Ego & power have dictated shocking and what to my understanding is odious, villainous conduct that is reprehensible.
Anything I can do to help, I am so angry about this.
The office of the DPP in Tasmania has for a long time promoted itself as being a model litigant – it is time they started behaving like one.
Keep the pressure on the Tasmanian Justice system, that is if you can mention Tasmania and Justice in the same sentence.
this disgraceful conviction that was obtained through lies, deliberate deception, untruths and a story imagined in the head of the prosecution and supported by the judge.
Tasmania is depraved. And that means you Premier and your Government and the Opposition too. Depraved Cowards. Compromised and paralysed with fear from the ” faceless men”, the “old boys club”.
Elise Archer might think she now has to choose between covering up the inadequacies and not letting down people she admires like Michael Hodgman, or doing the right thing and letting justice be seen to be done, which is what she has always said has always been her style.
Wicked is a word that fits this whole elaborate saga of criminality and lies.
I am totally astounded that the Tasmanian Attorney General has not intervened in this case. One has to wonder why.
Anyone feeding from the pig’s trough will not risk losing their financial benefits by betraying or exposing corruption
“We the people”, cannot be silent anymore, as “silence on a known crime, is complicity” and “false imprisonment” is rampant in the state of Tas.
This analysis is so devastating against the trial procedure that one loses all faith in the Tasmanian justice system and the integrity and competence of the police.
One must realize the reality of Cronyism rife in the State of Tasmania.
Beware the judicial old boys club.
Shame, Tasmania! Those in charge of the law have demonstrated in this case (and others) that you are still a petty little penal colony where the Rule of Law and Due Process are held up to ridicule and contempt!
the longer the Tasmanian Govt members allow Tasmania to be represented by one of the worst and persecutory Judicial (sic) decisions in Australian history, the more they allow Tasmania itself to be ridiculed and reviled for their obstinacy and determination to keep torturing an innocent and outrageously wronged citizen.

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5 Responses to EDITORIAL New evidence demands reopening Sue Neill-Fraser appeal

  1. Joana Cubillos says:

    The time has really come to stand by Sue, literally if we must. This is where it stops. I share the opinion that we have to stop the silence, time to speak up!!
    Please follow @freesueneillfraser on Instagram and Twitter. Social Media is a crucial voice, and momentum is everything.

    • Geraldine Allan says:

      Joana I share your view re literally standing by Sue. That time is well past overdue.

      As one of numerous ppl who, over the years, have been walking-the-walk as far as humanly possible, I’m over the talkfests. My feeling is passive support ought now be advanced to actively and loudly, being seen and listened to by authorities, not insultingly and despicably ignored.

      I’m not diminishing the value of social media; my opinion is the level of disgust and dissent needs lifting to a visibility too obvious to ignore.

      My gut wants me to protest to the court about the abuse of process, the misleading of the court and, the court(s) turning a blind eye and pretending they don’t know.

      The three wise monkeys 🐒 🐵 🐒 stuff is unacceptable and an insult to the Rule of Law.

      I’m over it 😡 😤 😠

  2. owen allen says:

    Excellent work Andrew.

    • andrew says:

      Thanks, but it’s “Excellent work Barbara & Hugh” really …

      • owen allen says:

        Yes Andrew, absolutely, but you are providing the platform for information to the public and interested persons.
        I am very happy; very very happy.
        Barbara and Hugh will know what I mean.
        We are coees; it is no secret in Tasmania.

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