Milat in hint he did not act alone

Serial killer Ivan Milat hinted other people may been involved in his backpacker murder spree during a jailhouse conversation, it has emerged, reports MARK BUTTLER in The Daily Telegraph (2/4/24). 

Veteran former bank robber Russell Manser posted online about the maximum security prison exchange in the period before his death last week in Sydney. In one of his most recent Instagram videos, Manser recalled how another curious inmate put it on Milat that family members or others were a part of his murderous activities.

Ivan Milat shortly before his death

The Belanglo State Forest killer’s response was noncommittal. “Let’s hypothetically say I did mention it (to authorities), say I said ‘Someone else was involved’,” Manser recalled Milat saying. “He (Milat) said, ‘What would I get in court? Would I get a reduced sentence?’ “He didn’t deny or confirm other people were involved.”

There has always been a body of opinion that Milat did not act alone during his years of killing strangers. Manser said Milat was an inscrutable figure. “Ivan was one of those guys who was constantly playing mental chess with people. He was always moving his pieces around,” he recounted. “He was a strange cat, that Ivan Milat.”

Milat died in 2019, aged 74, in a medical section of the Long Bay Correctional Centre where he was being treated for stomach and oesophagus cancer.

Milat, who always maintained his innocence, had been serving seven life sentences for the murders of seven backpackers in the space of four years. He was also a suspect in other unsolved homicides. Manser spent 23 years in prison.

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5 Responses to Milat in hint he did not act alone

  1. Jerry says:

    Amazing the evil some men do. Others innocents lives destroyed. The deliberately contrived wrongful hanging of Ray Bailey by South Australian/Queensland police and Judgeships.No appology! Torture of his young pregnant wife. Is a Queensland police torture induced miscarriage murder? Fabricated forensics is fun!(manockism). And stick with those guilty verdicts,youse fountains of wisdom in the “Chambers of Horror”. Australian Courthouses.Where evil verdicts are gleefully proclaimed. Paint is fetal blood (and don’t you forget it). DNA on ya flat foot. Never ever appologise , never ever.Until death do us part .Muchael Chamberlain. Police unpunished murdering of poor Dr George Duncan. That was a great police victory and little John Pat bashed to death by police in front of “disappeared”witnesses. The 30 million dollar Palm Island fiasco of black shirted thug police heroes.Take a guess- who are the true pervayers of evil in Tasmania? What the hell does one do with evil people? The 8 law PhDs who passed the death sentences on millions.The halfwitted appeals courts of Australia- no punishment for their imprisonment for 40 years of an innocent Aboriginal. If had been a mainstream cult leader, his friends of virtue would have got him out in quick time. Himfeller innocent! (of that offence anyway). 50 years for a no apology to Darryl Beamish for a police tortured confession and resulting death sentence. Have you read how many times the Darryl Beamish confession was rewritten by the then much rewarded dear policeman. Milat was evil . What about these other hot shot mongrel mongrels ?

  2. Murray says:

    If Ivan had an assistant, perhaps it was his great-nephew who is currently serving a 43 year jail term for murdering a friend in the same forest that Ivan murdered his victims.

    • Peter Gill says:

      Unlikely, given that the great nephew Matt Meuleman/Milat wasn’t born yet at the time of the Backpacker Murders.

      • Peter Gill says:

        More precisely, his great nephew was under two years old when the last of the Backpacker Murders occurred.

        Matt Meuleman/Milat in the lead-up to his conviction did mention how much he admired Ivan and wanted to copy Ivan. Before it was removed from the internet, Cohen Klein’s audio recording made in Belanglo Forest of Matt killing David Auchterlonie was extremely chilling.

  3. Owen Allen says:

    It would be a brave person to start defending Ivan Milat, but as one contributor repetitively stated, he was not alone; and that goes for Martin Bryant, he was not alone.

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