Everyone pays the price for silence … Tasmania warned

The Hobart Mercury’s crime reporter David Killick’s Nov. 26, 2022, scathing analysis of Tasmanian Attorney-General’s latest decision makes sobering reading.


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15 Responses to Everyone pays the price for silence … Tasmania warned

  1. Diane Kemp says:

    The Attorney General Elise Archer will never answer or question anything that might rattle her little empire. Clearly, the Premier is unable and/or unwilling to intervene – as was the previous one and the one before him and probably more of them. And so Tasmania continues to be run by a power group and Tasmanians continue to miss out on having effective and honest government.
    What will it take to use your vote and obtain change???

  2. Jerry Fitzsimmons says:

    I’m with you Pauline with regards to the Kumanjayi Walker coronial. Counsel assisting the coroner has brought forth substantial evidence that was disallowed during the trial and in doing so has enabled the public and the family to have a greater understanding of the atrocity that occurred.
    This coronial Enquiry has covered ground that has both shocked and educated those who seek true justice and such an Enquiry may provide public knowledge of the disallowed evidence that even the jury were disallowed to hear that occurred in the trial and appeals for Sue Neill-Fraser.
    So should a change of government occur in Tasmania I would see good reason for a new Attorney-General to approve a coronial if only to demonstrate greater leadership and legal intervention than the current Attorney-General has shown to date.
    In fact the new Governor has not yet been tested in this regard.
    Pipe dreams or not, “Everyone pays the price for [ongoing] Silence”.

  3. Jerry Fitzsimmons says:

    Andrew, I am replying to this article by David Killick if only to endorse the headline, “Everyone pays the price for Silence”.
    Most of your readers have already and will continue to address the Tasmanian Attorney-General’s actions or maybe I should say inactions where it really matters.
    However this beats all. If your readers have perused the Annual Report 2021-2022 TASCAT Civil & Administration Tribunal and particularly pages 12 of 84 under the heading, “Independence” it reads “…provisions establish the membership of the Tribunal and it’s office holders to be seperate from the legislation and executive arms of government”.
    I understand the President of this recently formed body, Mr Malcolm Schyvens has called a meeting with the Attorney-General and the Opposition have also addressed it with the Attorney-General in the parliament.
    Remaining silent on this act of ‘non-separation’ from such an important independent body will only further enhance what is already perceived as political malevolence to obstruct public opinion and proper counsel.
    This is a disgraceful interference by a minister of the crown.

  4. Owen allen says:

    Well written David Killick. So how do we go about bringing International Justice to Tasmania? Put my name, Owen Allen, on the list of Victim/ Survivor complaintant of Tasmanian Cronyism, Nepotism and Corruption of Public Service Officers including Tasmanian Police, and Politicians through, knowledge of corruption and remaining silent; I have evidence over a period of 15 years, and then their are the others. Owen.

  5. Pauline Chalmers says:

    If you have been following coroner Elisabeth Armitage’s inquest into Kumanjayi Walker’s death she is showcasing to Australia how to conduct a thorough investigation.
    All A-G Elise Archer needs to do is follow suit, and admit that Glenn Hay’s coronial inquests into Bob Chappell’s disappearance were inadequate, and she is going to reopen his file, or she needs to stand down! Armitage is demonstrating to her the standards her coronial office needs to rise to.

    • andrew says:

      I think you’ll find that under the rules, the Coroner is unable to differ from the result of the trial.

      • Pauline Chalmers says:

        Andrew – does that rule not need to be challenged, as it is highly restrictive to the inquisitional nature of a coroner’s court, and Armitage is taking a very broad sweep with the scope of her intent to question a wide range of people which she has published on-line for the public to read.

  6. Rodger Warren says:

    Nothing that happens in Tasmania surprises me.

    • Julie says:

      Why is the Tas A-G not seeking justice in the disappearance of Bob Chappell, & the lengthy imprisonment of Sue?

      • Geraldine Allan says:

        Julie, I’m treating your question as rhetorical, since it seems nobody has the answer, but for Attorney-General Archer, and she ain’t speaking.

  7. David Killick tells it as is and should be applauded whats becoming apparent is that Tassie politicians and judiciary and police seem to think they are above the law and untouchable i remind them all they are most certainly not far from it and i further remind them that as Australia is answerable to International law which supersedes what i perceive to be a corrupt legal justice system in Hobart they too are answerable and have to comply with the International courts rulings whether they like it or not. I say to those in Hobart who are sick of this to get their mp to table motions and demand justice from Scott Morrison and investigations into misscarriages of justice and the time to do that is now for inhabitants of Hobart fight back against these oppresive corrupt regimes bring about change for the good of all. Sitting back saying theres nothing we can do is the wrong attitude for gods sake stand up for yourselves and ensure your futures or give up and be suppressed by folk not worthy of you and feel like a prisoner in the what seems like a prison to you and a prison state and police state. You are the only ones who can bring change thriugh actions ive described and the European court of human rights too. So Hobartians get to the task and bring change about.

  8. Poppa says:

    Who does this closed minded clown Archer think she is?
    IMHO better she is outed sooner rather tha later!
    For crying out loud..someone just vote her out of her little Tassies Ivory Tower!

  9. Fiona Peate says:

    Disgusted but not surprised. Unfortunately Tasmania’s dysfunctional Labour Party doesn’t give much alternative.

    • Helen says:

      Exactly Fiona. I am absolutely appalled at the Labor Party’s infighting and a very highly respected Professor Bastien Seidel Rural GP and Health Advocate in Mental Health stood down and left Parliament because of the incessant wrangling with Rebecca White, another Landed Gentry. Rebecca White did not even support Sue Neill-Fraser. Don’t get me started.

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