Sue Neill-Fraser paroled

It’s been a bitter-sweet day for wrongful convictions today (16/9/22) with Derek Bromley’s leave to appeal his 38 year old murder conviction referred to the full Court (as we reported earlier) and Sue Neill-Fraser granted parole after 13 years in jail.

Neill-Fraser is the 34th prisoner granted parole in Tasmania this year, but the only one making headlines. has been reporting on her case since 2013, when Eve Ash’s documentary, Shadow of Doubt, first alerted the wider world of the error-riddled police investigation that led to her arrest, trial and conviction. Readers can browse our stories in the relevant section available from the menu on the right of this page.

The first responses from readers has been a uniform “hallelujah!” (one wrote with emphasis “halle-bloody-lujah!).

Neill-Fraser is expected to be released shortly, and obliged to abide by the parole conditions set out in the relevant regulations.

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40 Responses to Sue Neill-Fraser paroled

  1. Owen allen says:

    Great work Sisters and Brothers, we are moulding together as an unbreakable team like the NZ All Blacks. Thats what is required for Justice.

  2. John S says:

    Great news, but still unfinished business. Can’t wait to see conditions of parole. Don’t like the gag, but with that I hope may come other conditions that restore some sense of justice.

    Still many more cases to watch and engage in in pursuit of justice.

  3. Julie says:

    I can’t believe the news! How wonderful for Sue & her family.
    Where to now for Sue’s case?

  4. Brian Johnston says:

    Great news.
    I am surprised.
    What are the parole conditions?

  5. Williambtm says:

    A series of excellent comments with each bearing its due sincerity.
    Of Tasmania’s judiciary, the Supreme Court justice, Mr Michael Brett, is alone in not being tarnished by those who had falsely incarcerated Ms Sue Neill-Fraser.

    Justice Michael Brett is without the standard bias (& perhaps Ms Tamara Jago) that happen to dwell within the nest of Tasmania’s residue of Supreme Court judicial appointees.

    I am very happy for Ms Sue Neill-Fraser, however more so, should she be paroled if not exonerated.
    Tasmania’s since-appointed DPP is almost a carbon copy of the Former DPP Tim Ellis.

  6. Tony brownlee says:

    What bag of legal garbage Tasmania is! I hope once released Fraser give a lengthy interview to 60 Minutes crushing the rubbish of a legal system

  7. Steven Fennell says:

    There will be no greater joy for Sue to be with her family.

    The fight for justice must continue, but I would implore all those that are fighting for Sue to let Sue enjoy some quite family time before seeking either interviews or expecting her to take up the fight directly.

  8. Diane Kemp says:

    So very glad that Sue will be with her family again and spend Christmas with her grandchildren.
    If people believe this is the end, they are so very wrong. The pressure for an independent Commission of Inquiry will continue until one is convened – may take a change of government for that to happen – too many skeletons buried in this one.

    Now we watch to see if police attempt to have Sue returned to prison by using more illegal tactics – many eyes will be watching to make sure she remains safe from them. Now all we need is some relevant comment from Elise Archer now she no longer has the excuse that the case is before the court.
    Over to you Elise but I am not holding my breath.
    This is Tasmania’s disgrace added to many others where government and organisational heads have failed to act and chosen to keep covering their butts.

  9. Peter Martin says:

    It’s a start! Exoneration would be the correct finish for Sue

  10. LizP says:

    I am delighted that Sue Neill-Fraser has been paroled. It must be such a relief to her family to have her home.

    I sincerely hope that she is exonerated in the future.

  11. Owen allen says:

    I am happy Sue and her family will be together again. It is now up to us to continue the fight for Justice and increase the pressure. Are you with me Robert. Whalensky did I hear you volunteer to go over the top whilst the bullets are flying, I know you will, you have already. I was given a weapon for Christmas a few years ago which I treasure and will have to get it out of its case.
    A fair dinkum Parker Pen, it is mightier than the sword. We can rest from the torment now Sue is going home, which should give us energy and inspiration to go hard, and not forget the others throughout Australia behind enemy lines, wrongly imprisoned. I am with you Andrew, Owen. Ps I thank all regular contributors, and I hope too read your future comments in support of the other victims Andrew brings to notice, and I hope to meet with you all in the future at some point and place in time. This is not the end, this is the beginning. Ciao.

    • Robert Greenshields says:

      Like you Owen I am absolutely delighted that Sue will be reunited, outside of prison, with her immediate family in the very near future. The never ending fight against ongoing injustices will be continued beyond the parameters of Sue Neill Fraser being rightfully, eventually exonerated.
      As for your plea, “are you with me Robert”? Though I respect your blatantly transparent input into the discussions on this site, I am hesitant to align myself with the cultures of thundering motor cycles, along with that of those who adopt the images and doctrines associated. As for god bothering societies, well, though I tend to think that there is more than likely something greater than all of us, I very much doubt the agenda driven aspects of Judeo Christianity are without obvious continual expediently exercised gross flaws, and my conscience leads me in the direction of humanist values and older Asian cultures. As far as respect for the ilk of all ex service persons, my thoughts are generally with those who have unwittingly given the most precious of characteristics, ie, their health, to such deceitful and inglorious institutions. The blood stained poppy factor is never far, on a daily basis, from my thoughts. Honest history is important to me, and maintaining misinformation is fundamentally regressive, as I believe how can younger generations or anyone make a just decision if they are obviously being misled. (Ring a bell Owen). Much of what is our honest earlier history has been transposed into financial, dollar divining, grovelling industries, hence the Anzackery of much of our past and present military participations.
      So Owen, regrettably I doubt if I could, or would ever meet your required particular criteria, and participate conformingly within your potentially colossal crusade.
      Best wishes though, and good luck, as this weekend is a far brighter one as I reflect upon the potential of Sues eventual release into the care of her loved ones and future exoneration.

      • Owen allen says:

        Nice reply Robert, it is too late Robert you are already in the squadron, albeit a lone wolf; we are all in the same course, on course for Justice. LOL, We thank you for your service. Owen.

        • Robert Greenshields says:

          Not a problem Owen, I believe unlike some others obviously linked to this site, I do not think that you are supporting Sue Neill Fraser in efforts to self promote, sustain, or establish another primary source of income.
          Some of your posts may not have totally embraced supposedly claimed “forensic detail and research”, but you seemingly wear your heart on your sleeve, and in historic terms, your expressions and contributions confirm to me, a constitution composed of the character to be a good soldier.
          Alternatively it takes a certain type of person to profit through sophism from the likes of a Sue Neill Frasers shocking experiences, whether they be active public servants, or now private citizens with observed desires (delusions) of grandeur, as to their status in communities.
          Continue to enjoy and enclasp your soft spot for something hot and throbbing pulsating between your thighs, as in your motor cycle, many others are devoid of the emotion associated with such simple pleasures as they caress the wind beneath their wings.
          Hopefully Sue Neill Fraser can again relish such feelings of physical freedom when reunited with her loving family. Robert.

          • Owen allen says:

            Taa Robert, I leave the intellect forensic stuff alone, I am not qualified or educated. My forte`is standingn up to corrupt bullyism from the village thugs, through local public service, state public service, state police to state politicians. It was my life, the cards I was dealt and I did not back down from the challenge. They wanted to destroy my soul from the very beginning. They never knew my history; I was a sleeper sent their specifically to gain evidence and undermine the status quo, then blow the whistle. Chief Justice Alan Blow blew it, sending an Asian female university student to prison for stealing books, and lets drug dealers walk. Blow blew the whistle on Tasmania. He was Chief Justice then.
            Wow, what a man. Tasmanian Hero.

          • Robert Greenshields says:

            In reply to Owen September 19th at approximately 2200.

            Do not be discouraged Owen by the interpolation of anyone who claims to be heavily invested in forensic detail and research, when facts and reality seemingly are contrary to the professed credence. An empirical preparation, not just an innate bourgeoisie cultured sense of entitlement, is greatly globally acknowledged.

            This quote by an historically acclaimed author might help place some things in perspective for you; “We lived many lives in those whirling campaigns, never sparing ourselves: yet when we achieved and the new world dawned, the old men came out again and took our victory to remake in the likeness of the former world they knew. Youth could win, but had not learned to keep: and was pitiably weak against age. We stammered that we had worked for a new heaven and a new earth, and they thanked us kindly and made their peace.”
            Peace, I believe, was what T.E.L. discerned as the continuity of the accepted status quo, where self identified (probably cringe worthy and cowardly) predominants, sought to maintain an echelon based structure that comfortably included themselves, at the expense of those who happened to have been actively integral, per se, in the ever on going struggle.

            Those of the group who perceive they are beyond the many who participate and enable are two bob a dray load in our nation Owen, have been for generations, and in many cases are directly responsible for the ongoing denigration of our values and morals.

            Maintain the faith and continue to participate Owen, unlike some who are apparently driven similarly to soldiers of fortune, delusional opportunists ready to reap profit from the tragedy of anothers predicament, your input into helping Sue Neill Fraser is recognised and has long been appreciated.

      • Robin Bowles says:

        What on earth is all this gibberish about? Owen’s rants are bad enough, now we have long-winded proselytising in reply! Oh, puleeze!

        • Father Ted--AKA-- WHALENSKY says:

          ROBIN / Doubt if Greenshields will get into Heaven ! “They” will never decipher his application paper ! Where as sophism and delusions of grandeur will get ME past the post ! ( and my Parker Pen ) Personally I enjoy his long winded proselytising ! My Battered MACQUARY sure cops a hiding ! And some of HIS gibberish is hilarious bullshit !
          ( possibly bloody insulting)–However Robert hits the nail right on the head many times–plus a bit of escapism and waffle is preferable to a MELTDOWN !

        • Owen allen says:

          Thanks Robin, I love you too. I might be the only one person to have gathered evidence against the Totalitarian Corrupt Society from Village Thugs to Parliament, where cronyism, nepotism rule the corruption. It took 14 years, and I am still healing 18 years later, but still in the fight. Just imagine for one minute if I was an aggressive angry person what could have happened.
          Hasta la vista baby. Owen.

    • Father Ted--AKA-- WHALENSKY says:

      Owen / The History of Parker Pens Janesville WI . South of the more famous Oshkosh is an interesting read–At one time a truly decent company of Honesty and Fairness to their people– “their family” you could say–this lead, as one might expect to the great success of the Parker Pen Company . You could also say that common decency in behaviour is THE OPPOSITE TO THE STINKING TASMANIAN JUSTICE SYSTEM ! Doing the “RIGHT THING” seemed to just be natural and expected. It’s just what GOOD PEOPLE DO ! Good people would never find the Australian Justice System Attractive–Let us just say without resorting to the F word — IT effing stinks and all who sail in her !

  12. Robyn Milera says:

    Hi Andrew,

    So happy for the parole decision.

    Re Bromley: The Court has not officially granted special leave to Derek, rather it has referred the question of leave to the Full Court.

    The result is listed on the HCA website as: “Application referred to Full Court for consideration as on appeal” Leave has not been refused but neither has it been officially granted.

    It is a good sign that we’re progressing to the Full Court and will have two days set aside for argument. We’re waiting for a date to be set for that.

  13. Rodger Warren says:

    Great News.
    But LONG overdue.
    Rodger Warren
    But I will not visit Tasmania until Sue Neill-Fraser is fully exonerated.

  14. Robert Greenshields says:

    Freedom with illegitimate constraints.
    A continuity of dysfunctionalism by the outrageously inept Tasmanian authorities does nothing to enhance or ensure any confidence in either policing, judicial practices, or administrative governance.
    The cultures of deceit,collaboration and collusion seemingly override every aspect of the processes and proceedings in this ongoing admistratively choreographed disaster. No professionalism, little to no honesty, and a never ending devaluing of morality and humanity.
    Sue Neill Fraser along with every other Australian citizen is deserving of far better standards than has been the venality and willing conformity to cowardice in this case.
    Where is the enabling lesson for younger generations if what we have witnessed is acceptable as a status quo?

    • Owen allen says:

      Yes, Robert, generationly society is slipping backwards into bastardom, or basic anarchy if the law does not apply the law by way of perversion of justice. Perverts; of Justice, nice name to be remembered by. Ciao, Owen.

    • Rosemary says:

      ‘conformity to cowardice’ is a great summation Robert!

  15. Nancy Carl says:

    Thank goodness Sue will be paroled – now if the legal system will just get to the truth! I hope she and her family can find some peace whilst waiting for the truth to prevail.

    • Don Wakeling says:

      Nancy, Sue Neill Fraser’s release on parole will never absolve the unforgivable guilt and public shame of those who perverted justice to keep her incarcerated all these long years: a Judge who denied her a fair trial ( who still presided over criminal jury trials), a prosecutor who invented “facts” and withheld vital evidence from the defence (misconduct ignored by law/bar societies and elected Attorney Generals, but who now still pract
      ises law; corrupt Taspol investigative methods publicly exposed but nonetheless tolerated ( by both Attorney General and by Minister for Police) to conduct an “inquiry” into itself and even appoint a former Solicitor General who had already publicly stated that Taspol had his complete confidence in it’s investigation of Sue Neill Fraser’s case ! The present Tasmanian Minister for Police does not even know the terms of reference of the”inquiry”, nor the form it will take, nor .the date of its ccomencement. Why doesn’t he demand this information from Taspol? He is the Minister. Worse, is the thought that he is privy to that information and if so he should provide the Parliament and the public with those details.
      This case remains The Tasmanian Disgrace.

      • SH says:

        Hear! Hear!
        I’m sad that Sue’s parole doesn’t come (AS IT SHOULD), with an exoneration as a natural state of affairs!
        Does this mean that she will need to front up to the same shocking courts/people/judges again and again and have to pay for the privilege? What lunacy is this???
        I mean, I heard about the case on moving to Tasmania and decided it was so polarising that I’d read the court transcript myself, FIRST, rather than ask another.
        Imagine my shock! It was CLEAR AS CRYSTAL!
        This woman has been an incredible victim of a continuing line of injustices. It doesn’t seem to stop. Anyone else would’ve been in a straitjacket by now – she’s amazing!

        • Robin Bowles says:

          It’s likely she will have to front up to court ONCE AMONTH to seek an extension of her bail— for the balance of her sentence! What a waste of court time that will be!

          • Geraldine Allan says:

            Sue’s not coming out of prison on bail. It’s parole. I don’t believe any court appearances will be required. Those days are done.
            A parole officer will be allocated to Sue, and that’s how it will move forward surely?

          • Rosemary says:

            Robin, parole is not bail, hence no need of court time. Sue would only be reporting to a police station if she had any reporting to do in her parole conditions.

      • Robin Bowles says:

        Hear ! Hear! Well said! State of injustice indeed! The police
        Investigating’ themselves??? They’ve done such a lousy job with Sue and Jeff Thompson and Karen Keefe I have absolutely no expectations other than. all the police castigated by His Honour Justice Brett ( see his Reasons for Judgement in the Thompson decision) will come out SQUEAKY CLEAN!

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