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Corruption, lawlessness in South Australia – and that’s the legal system

 Andrew L. Urban. Neither the Major Crime Investigation Unit, nor the Attorney General, nor the State’s Director of Public Prosecution want anything to do with it. ‘IT’ is the legal scandal around Dr Colin Manock’s reign as the unqualified forensic … Continue reading

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Will big question be exposed in High Court?

Andrew L. Urban A question of profound and long lasting importance will be laid bare before the High Court on Friday, August 12, 2022, when the application for special leave to appeal her 2010 murder conviction by Sue Neill-Fraser will … Continue reading

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The Big Folbigg Mistake – reviewed

Andrew L. Urban. There is no worse crime than a mother murdering her own toddlers… four of them. Is there? Well, maybe one: wrongfully convicting a mother of such a deed. In his new book, The Big Folbigg Mistake, author … Continue reading

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Derek Bromley next at High Court

Andrew L. Urban The High Court will hear Derek Bromley’s seeking leave application on September 16, 2022, a month or so after Sue Neill-Fraser’s case (August 12, 2022). Both were convicted of murder and both cases display characteristics of wrongful … Continue reading

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