Derek Bromley next at High Court

Andrew L. Urban

The High Court will hear Derek Bromley’s seeking leave application on September 16, 2022, a month or so after Sue Neill-Fraser’s case (August 12, 2022). Both were convicted of murder and both cases display characteristics of wrongful convictions. (See respective case histories via links at the right.) 

There’s more to come; stay tuned. The lower courts are busy making work for the High Court as they botch prosecutions, with some help from the police. Well, that’s the view from this editor’s desk … wrongful convictions followed by failed appeals …

Bromley’s agonising wait – in jail for nearly 40 years – has been cursed by a litany of errors, but none so egregious as the latest denial of his appeal by the South Australian appeal court in what amounts to a decision that is outside the rule of law, according to legal academics Bibi Sangha and Dr Bob Moles.

“It is our view that the appeal court in Bromley has fundamentally failed to pay due regard to the rule of law and to the well-established principles governing criminal appeals. The appellate function is to review the conduct of the trial to determine if appealable error has occurred. If it has, the proper procedure is to set aside the conviction, and in appropriate cases, allow for a retrial. Not to conduct that retrial before the appeal court.” They hope the High Court will see their point.

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4 Responses to Derek Bromley next at High Court

  1. Woodsy says:

    I have the notes from the padre of yatala prison at the time very interesting in all his notes dated from the early 70s he only says he believes this man .? Maybe innocent in all his notes he says no such thing I am not a believier but I knew the man for a long time I belivef in his inocoincenes

  2. Don Wakeling says:

    So, the High Court is going to “sit” again on another Leave application. After 40 years in prison, will the Justices deign to rise up out of their retreats , formally occupy the actual bench of the actual chamber of the Court building and then give this Nation some , even faint glimpse , of Justice being seen to be done. If they don’t, or won’t, they will be held up to justified ridicule and our system of Justice, a mockery.

    • Don Wakeling says:

      I have just spoken to the High Court Registry in Canberra and have been informed that , in the Bromley Leave Application on 16 September, the public can sit and look at the ” hearing” on a screen, because, just like the Sue Neill Fraser debacle, their honour will not be in the Courtroom. Whatever benches they will repose themselves upon , will not be the benches of Justice. They present themselves, individually and collectively as a national disgrace.

  3. Owen allen says:

    Great work, excellent work. Out of my league, experience and knowledge.
    Keep it up, Australia is sliding into the pit; economically, morally, and justly.
    I am committed to your project as a human, male, motorcycle riding; Christian Soldier, a 100%er. Now we can all be 100%ers, non riders and non Christians;
    100% ers, for Justice in Australia. THATS MY MOB…(respect my outreach please).

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