Sara Jane Parkinson’s crooked cop husband evades justice again

BETTINA ARNDT’s update on the infamous Sarah Jane Parkinson case of false rape accusations, and its ongoing damage. 

Sarah Jane Parkinson was sent to prison after making false rape and violence accusations against her ex-fiance, Dan Jones (as we reported). The whole story is featured on Mothers of Sons, as Dan’s mother, Michelle explains the terrible damage caused to their family.

Despite the best efforts of the Jones family and many of my followers to lobby the ACT parole board, Parkinson was released after serving the minimum non parole period of just over 2 years. She is currently living with her suspended NSW police officer husband, Scott John White, in the Wollongong area and has changed her name to Sarah Jane White.

This has given her plenty of time to collude with Scott White who was facing a trial for perjury last week, on the 28th of June. The hearing was put off due to the Covid lockdowns and now the case looks likely to be heard in November.

White was charged with two counts of perjury some six months after Parkinson’s sentencing in 2019 – charges relating to his testimony at her trial in 2015. He stated that he had not assisted Parkinson to write her “statements” but there is undeniable evidence that he did coach her. White was inextricably involved right from the outset in helping Parkinson concoct her villainous allegations against Dan Jones. It was the discovery of their affair that led Jones to break off his engagement with Parkinson, and White and his other crooked cop mates were right in there, helping Parkinson try to destroy Jones and his family.

At the hearing last week, White’s legal representative approached the DPP and stated his client was willing to plead guilty to a lesser charge that did not involve jail time – an intriguing twist after endless adjournments of the matter over the last two years.

The Jones family is nervous that White plans to wriggle out of the serious charges he is facing and have expressed concern to the DPP. Their strong preference is that the DPP reject his “offer” and proceed to trial later this year so that White and Parkinson are put on the stand. Parkinson has never faced cross-examination, even at her own trial. Additionally, the evidence of other NSW police listed as witnesses could lead to additional charges.

The Jones family would love concerned readers to contact the ACT Attorney General Shane Rattenbury – – and put pressure on the DPP not to accede to White’s wishes. It’s very important these people are aware of community concern about the Jones case which has exposed bias and incompetence in the ACT justice system.

After two years, AFP Professional Standards in Melbourne still claims to be “investigating” the behaviour of police in the case – with absolutely no results to date. The Jones’ legal team continues their efforts to seek compensation but progress is extremely slow. And ACT authorities have endlessly sidestepped responsibility, avoiding the issue of an ex-gratia payment for the family as compensation for Dan Jones’ wrongful imprisonment. The saga continues.

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63 Responses to Sara Jane Parkinson’s crooked cop husband evades justice again

  1. Jane M Mason says:

    After seeing the 60 Minutes report, I had to look up what’s happening now.

    I’ve emailed using the link, urging a prosecution of this case.

    Then follow up and do the right thing: compensate the Jones family.

    • Victor says:

      I just watched the same 60 Minutes piece and it was more than heartbreaking! They should get compensation. Reading more on her story, Mrs. Jones can’t even afford to retire now. She still has to work and her family is all broken. And now the pathological lying and conniving scum of a woman is already out of prison!

  2. Tony says:

    Dective Alexander is a Hero in my book, the type of person we need in Law Enforcment. Honest, Intelligent and Hardworking she saw through Parkinson pretty quickly which begs the question what kind of muppets investigated the case in the first place. The fact that Parkinson had form for this 10 years previously only makes their ineptitude worse. Assaults on women especially of the sexual nature is a heinous crime and perpetrators should feel the full weight of the law but only when the evidence to convict is robust. He said she said is not evidence and in no way a proper way to prosecute people.

  3. William Harich says:

    The real crime here has been committed by the AFP, DPP and the ACT Police, why are they so unaccountable ? their lack of correct procedures has ruined many lives and continue to do so, fancy just suspending an officer WITH PAY, what a joke. No wonder we have lost faith in our police and so called legal system.

    Dan and his family MUST be compensated by the AFP, DPP and ACT Police.

  4. Josh C says:

    Dan Jones compensation, and the need to further enforce penalty for serial false accusers. Is important for the wider society, this case is generating distrust not only for the police on sexual assault matters but is also devaluing sexual assault allegations, which has serious consequences when the system is trying to support actual sexual assault victims.

  5. John Lummis says:

    I am a former UK Police officer.
    As much as I am appalled by Sarah Jane Parkinson ,I am more appalled by the actions of all the Police services and the prosecution system.
    There seems to be a high level of collusion in the Police agencies and prosecutors that resulted in the persecution of the Jones family,
    Dan Jones went to prison, it seems on the word of SJP , with , it appears no investigation and no evidence , how can this be.
    ALL the officers and prosecutors with any involvement in this case should be suspended until an investigation into all their activities has been completed.
    That investigation should be conducted by someone with the authority to interview all those involved, irrespective of rank or position.
    I believe that person should be Leesa Alexander, give her the authority to even investigate people of a higher rank than her, or promote her to the rank required to investigate and interrogate those involved.
    She knows the case and has the trust of the family which is very important, because they know she will be very thorough and leave no stone unturned.
    She would not be intimidated by the officers she is investigating and the officers would know that too.
    Officer white should go through the due process of law which include charges of conspiracy with SJP to convict Dan Jones and harassment of the Jones family.
    The Austrailian Government should compensate the Jones family for all their losses, not just the 600k it cost to get Dan released but the damage ultimately caused to the Jones’s.
    I am extremely saddened by the fact that Dan’s Mum and Dad are now divorced, only because of this case , they are both good people .
    The Government are there to protect and serve good law abiding citizens , not break them , if the systems failures break people ,then these people must be compensated for the failure to protect and serve.

    • Christopher says:

      The ACT has been under a left wing cartel government for 20 years plus.

      Sexual deviancies and the LGBTABCD’S of this world are openly encouraged.

      The designated villain in Canberran society is the caucausian male, especially if they do not espouse to far left tendencies.

      This case is not even known by most people in the ACT.

      Even if it was, I saw a response from one of the other commenters where a so called “Women’s Right Activist” thinks that exposing a harsh reality like this is damaging to the credibility of “their” movement, and should thus be redacted from the public.

      How the hell can people be illuminated by truth with a piss ant philosophy like that?

  6. Trish Marchese says:

    Please! Someone help these people. Please show us that our justice system can say that “we got it wrong”. I have never heard of such an injustice. They just want Justice. Give them back some of their dignity. Take away some of the anger. They deserve more. What happened to Victims of Crime. I can’t imagine what they have gone through or still going through. I don’t usually have a say on Facebook but this really made me fear for our justice system.

  7. Stephanie W says:

    This is a horrific case involving a loving, decent, law-abiding family running into a purely evil woman. I feel so, so badly for everything they suffered for years.

    Sarah Jane White needs to be back in jail. She’s evil personified. She could have had a loving family and new home, but that wasn’t enough for her. She wanted it all and would lie and lie until she got it. But, to thoroughly ruin her ex-fiancee’s family was going beyond the pale.

    This family needs immediate restitution of all that they lost monetarily. Their mental anguish will never, ever go away.

    The police who allowed this to happen need to be on trail…they’re disgusting.

  8. Nola Scheele says:

    Scott White is due in ACT court on the 17th of Feb because he helped Sarah Jane-Parkinson convict her fiance Mr Jones. If justice is really served he will be found GUILTY.

    • Kevin says:

      Albeit what happened to Dan Jones was horrible, he was never tried; indeed, his criminal case was dismissed.

      • Frances Marino says:

        How can you say that? He lost his job, home, and reputation. His family was torn to the point his parents divorced. The financial loss is catastrophic. SJP and her crooked cronies need to be held financially accountable.

  9. Gigee says:

    I happened upon this too..a mother of two boys I constantly warn them that there are some women who are predators and they can change and destroy your life as I have seen on two occasions with a few people I know….as a woman…I feel she is disgusting and should do 50 years in prison with little chance of parole! The women who have fought, and who have had courage to change their lives and work to help others of REAL domestic violence should be outraged…but when I brought this up to a woman who is a ‘women’s adovacate’ she said that if they did that then other woman would be afraid to come forward…which is an ignorant, self-serving comment…NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT to destroy, damage or falsely accuse ANYONE..the Austrailian government should do the right thing and take away White’s pension if any and should settle with the Jones family out of court for damages…the police should be sued for millions for the actual damages done to this family….as a woman I am furious that these types of women are allowed to exist in society basically unchallenged. She WILL strike again!

    • Peggy Bartley says:

      As sad as it is, you’re right to keep your boys informed. There are women out there who’ll abuse the kindness and sympathy of others for their own selfish gain, no matter who it drags down. Sara even lied and told police that Dan was raping and molesting his own daughters, so she had no shame whatsoever. She hurt a lot of people, for the simplest reason that she was bored with Dan. As important as it is that we believe women when they come forward with allegations, we must also consider the facts and evidence of the case. Sara’s story was fishy from the start. The idea that he had time to pin her against a wall while also unwrapping a condom was silly enough, but the photos of himself with his nephew should have tipped off police anyway to the idea that maybe Sara’s story needed to be examined more closely. If Sara were lying because she was mentally ill or something, maybe I’d feel more forgiveness towards her, but she was manipulative and shallow, and her lack of empathy is perhaps even more disturbing than her false accusations. She gets to live a comfortable life now under a new identity, while Dan and his family will have to live with what she did for the rest of their lives.

    • Nyse says:

      I agree, the entire “cop-out” that prosecuting someone who has intentionally made false allegations WILL NOT harm TRUE victims. A true victim is not going to plead guilty to writing false statements and allegations, a victim is not going to do the things that Sarah did, and for the justice system to even imply this SHOWS that they are corrupt. Thos woman admitted to falsely accusing this poor man and destroying his life and the lives of his family members and should be charged and sentenced as the CRIMINAL SHE IS.

  10. Dale Poniewaz says:

    Rejected for legal reasons

  11. Dale Poniewaz says:

    Rejected for legal reasons

  12. Di says:

    Sarah Jane Parkinson must be psychotic! The whole world should be afraid of her … I hope anyone coming in contact with her, or living anywhere near her, avoid her at all costs. My heart aches for the beautiful Jones family, and I was so devasted to learn that the parents ended up divorcing – all because of this evil person! Sarah should NEVER have been released early back into society; she is a dangerous, deranged person!

    • Rob says:

      The system is flawed ,
      The DPP is just as corrupt as she is .. why isn’t she still in jail ? Why is her partner an ex cop not in jail ? Why hasn’t those families been compensated ? Why .. ???
      Multi million dollar lawsuit they are trying to manage
      Keeping an eye on Sarah Jane Parkinson now Sarah Jane white apparently

  13. Kasper says:

    She does not wanna come to Denmark… let me just put it like that.

  14. Prince Briones says:

    I saw a 60 minutes minutes episode about this on YouTube and I’m shocked on how the hell she can get away with not just destroying 1 but 2 innocent families. 3 years in prison was way too lenient imo. I’m not even from Australia and I’m filled with so much anger I had to google what had happened to this case, the results disappoints me even further and I’m deeply saddened that the Jones’ family has not yet gotten their justice.

    • Rose says:

      I just watched this episode on YouTube, too, and feel so frustrated that this horrible woman is not paying the price for destroying that innocent family and others. Where is the justice?

      • Peter Chen says:

        I don’t understand why Dan was sent to prison, wrongfully, for a period of time much longer than Sarah Jones Parkingson who had been confirmed by Leesa Alexander to be a serial liar and obvious abuser of the system ?

        • Thomas says:

          It’s a corrupt double standard. Perjury is minor to rape, robbery, or murder.

          I believe if someone falsely accuses someone that they should serve them same person sentence that they tried to falsely convict the person of.

  15. David Godfrey says:

    This is an absolute disgrace. The ACT police service is not acting in the public interest. How can an organization like the AFP and ACT police fail to form views based on evidence? Where’s the medical evidence to support claim of rape? Then the conflict of interest of failing to declare a relationship with officer White? How hard can it be??

    The jones family spent 600 k to defend against these lies with assistance from a corrupt police officer. How can the public have any faith in the DPP, AFP or ACT police.

    Allegations are not evidence and yet the police form views before the evidence is fully assessed. Surely investigations are completed first and a view formed based on evidence, not the other way around! How can a system fail so badly?

    A full enquiry into this case should be held and heads should roll. Full compensation should be paid to Jones family for all the pain and suffering they have endured. I feel ashamed to be Australian when I read this horror case.

    • Rob says:

      We should set up a go fund ..
      we need to make this right .. a civil action needs to be taken out against her ..
      Sarah Jane .. we are as a community coming after you

  16. pissed off person says:

    the legal system isn’t it. clearly he was wrongfully accused the family should get back everything they spent PLUS the guy should get 5 months worth of work money he missed out on due to being in prison

  17. Having seen Dan Jones in Perth WA in the last year, I’m intrigued and interested. I have written to the Minister ACT. The ACT Police are corrupt. I experienced that during 2013. Remarkable is that one of my daughter’s is Claiming to have married a Mr White. Whilst she left her Mum homeless, living out of a Vehicle. From 2007 to 2021. I “the Mother” was trying to get resolve in the Federal Family Court at ACT. They called the police. I’d been talking to the Queanbeyan NSW Police SGT Paul Bartiso. I think that’s his name. I’d been swindled, out of a house, money , kids and Possessions. I knew nothing about Mr Dan Jones until 60 minutes published “His” story. I was overseas in New Zealand when two Circuit family court registrars swindled me out of Real Estate, during 2011. I came back to Australia to resolve the matter, and found that Red Brick Walls, went up. I remain homeless. I went to AFP recruitment evenings, in Canberra ACT. In the hope that I could join up to fight Corruption & Illicit drugs. Then Dan Jones Story was published. Sarah Jessica Parkinson, was a cunning little minx, but so are the West Australian Police too. The Courts, Lawyers and Registrars. The three that Swindled me, have remarkable links to two NSW Missing Persons Case’s. I hope Dan Jones reads my comments.

    • Rebecca J Velayas says:

      This story saddens my heart. For this woman to falsely accuse this man of such allegations is appalling. I am a firm believer that people that falsely accuse should be tried for this crime and sentenced based on the damage caused by these false allegations. The fact that she is still with her lover says alot about him. I am glad to see he is no longer an officer of the law. It will be interesting to see what happens between them in the future.
      I am not from Australia and am not witness to the corruption in law enforcement there but assume that it is the same as most places today. I don’t understand what is so difficult in making a decision to compensate the Jones for their losses over these false allegations. It is evident that he was falsely accused and imprisoned. It seems to me that this is a no brainers. This family was destroyed by this woman and her lover, which was an investigating officer in this case. It also seems that he was a part of her lies.
      I hope that ultimately this family receive the justice they deserve and I hope the same for the White’s. No one should be allowed to destroy another human being with lies.
      Hopefully, the people that have the power to make this happen do so. The Jones family deserve justice.

  18. Louise says:

    This is horrendous and thank God for the amazing female detective who discovered this womans lies. What happened to this family is appalling, disgusting and they must be compensated. I had a similar thing happen to me – my ex partner tried to kill me repeatedly punching me in the head and then bashing my head repeatedly against a brick wall. I was a petite five foot two woman and he was significantly larger and stronger. I went to police but they failed me badly, not even making a report even though I was black and blue with major head contusions. He ran to police and told them I was a lying nutter who was trying to destroy his life and that I’d bitten his hand for no reason. I had bitten his hand in self defence but he had no injury, not a mark. When police asked me about this I admitted I’d bitten his hand in self defence when he was trying to kill me. I was charged! I’d never had so much as a speeding ticket before and was a hard working successful professional woman. I was dragged through the court like a common criminal. I was severely harassed and assaulted by police. I lost my beautiful home and my life spiralled out of control. I have never recovered, I lost everything. He was never charged despite all my obvious injuries. NSW Police believed his lies and were extremely bias against me. NSW Police destroyed my life.

    • Wow, Similar story to mine. Attacked, Swindled, arrested, charged, told to “Play the Game”. Lost contact with the kids, whom I believe are involved in Gang Crime and Police Corruption from QLD to Tasmania to NSW to Western Australia. Yeah, I’m also apparently Insane, and even though I’ve been battered, bruised and insulted. With witnesses, present WA Police have never taken either Male’s to Court. On assualt Charges. But the WA Police have arrested me, instead. Doing quite a lot of VICTIM BLAMING. They turn, tide. I’ve since seen the house’s, they are all using to ABUSE MY RIGHTS. Illicit drugs and Alcohol Abuses, are a dreadful Horrorbillis 16 Years. What a wreck. But the Australian Government continues to pander to them, the true offenders.

  19. Gina says:

    You should have to pay this family some money for at the very least NOT DOING YOUR JOB. If any I MEAN ANY EFFORT would have been made to verify the claims falsely made against mr Jones they would have been found to be lies from the start.The work that miss Alexander did that ultimately led to the accuser admitting she had fabricated the entire story should have been done 6 YEARS PRIOR and the jones family’s,not to mention plenty of money on your end from being COMPLETELY WASTED.4 months in a SUPER MAX PRISON with the worst criminals you can find as a former c/o WHEN YOU ARE AN INNOCENT WORKING PRODUCTIVE MEMBER OF HIS COMMUNITY. The mental strain on himself and family members that led to the demise of a 30 plus year marriage.Those are just a few of the reasons why this family is OWED its more than money if you ask me but the very least you should do to attempt to make it right is to make them whole again.You should double what they put out to prove their sons innocence but that’s another issue for another time.BUT THE MAIN REASON YOU SHOULD PAY THIS FAMILY IS BECAUSE AFTER ALL THEY WENT THROUGH BECAUSE OF YOUR POLICE DEPARTMENTS MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE OF SO MANY LEVELS,SHE GETS 2 YEARS IN JAIL AND THE POLICE DONT EVEN GET ANY REPERCUSSIONS?? Just plain sad..

    • Garry Stannus says:

      It’s a very concerning story. Gina, you wrote that Parkinson had admitted that “she had fabricated the entire story”. Do you have a link/reference that I could go to to check that?

      I listened to a short excerpt of a police interview … she seems in that to have agreed to the proposition that she drove to her ex-fiancee’s residence and planted the phone.

      A question for you, or for other readers, Gina: She was granted parole, apparently. Does that mean she showed remorse for her crime (i.e. admitted she’d done it)?

      I’ve just read Michelle Jones’ (Dan’s mum) account of the saga:

  20. Maria says:

    These are the only emails since July? C’mon people! Cause a rucous! This could be your family member. If you live in this community, do something! More TV, protests. Make as many people aware as you can. This woman AND the local PD are pure evil! All this family can receive now is compensation…Someone start a gofundme or whatever you do in Australia. Good luck Dan and your wonderful parents. I hope they can come together again. Such a sad and horrific story!

  21. Geri rizzo says:

    Sara Jane White and Scott John White, the people in Wollongong should be very concerned you live amongst them. What horrible horrible creatures allowed freedom.
    John Scott Whites police colleagues are not much better. I hope they all get the full force of the law… yea, what law.

  22. Rosa says:

    Every time I read about this case, makes my blood boil… That women is nothing but the Devil in disguise, my heart aches for Dan , his mom Michelle , his dad and all , the ones , whom in one way or the other had to suffered this terrible ordeal.I truly hope that every single dollar that you lost be restituted but above all your faith and joy for life. Truly hope justice be serve… I’m so happy for that wonderful officer investigator, and for your unconditional and resilient dad, and mom.

  23. Mike Henry says:

    This story is so sickening, it is a sordid affair and shows the ineptitude of the police and the entire judicial system. From my observations many policemen (as well as other para and military men) are extremely gullible, sexually insatiable and partial towards stories told by flirtatious women. In other words if they see an opportunity to sleep with a woman, they will believe anything she says and move heaven and earth to prove her claims via confirmation bias. Many would deny this but it is a part of policing that very few would admit to. Apart from claims of domestic violence, it is also seen with child support claims and false rape allegations. The fact that Sara was sleeping with that officer (and who knows if there were others) his foolish masculine ego and those of his colleagues allowed them to set about proving her ex-fiances’ guilt without even properly examining the evidence. This is why it took a female officer to review the evidence objectively because she was not charmed and p****whipped by that despicable woman. Sara should not be free after 2 years and her corrupt and incompetent husband needs to go to jail for his involvement. It is a shame doesn’t the law allow the family to sue the State or police department for such a horrible injustice?

    • Lorraine Cooke says:

      I was a female police officer and agree completely with everything you’ve said in regards to how male officers can be so easily deceived by flirty females falsely reporting domestic violence, abuse or sexual assaults. Male officers should never be allowed to investigate these cases.

  24. Charles Sowards says:

    I think this woman should be made to pay restitution to this family, if not with cash then jail time, she should be doing 10 years min. How and what she put this family through is despicable. I just can’t find the words to fit the evil in this person, And her new love is just as bad, If theres any justice they will be put in a straight line and shot with one bullit, scum like this belongs on a pond, and thats where they should throw the body’s.

    • Chad says:

      You are correct. The police should pay as well they did little to no investigation and just took her at her word.

      • Neil says:

        Thanks Carles and Chad, yes, that’s really obvious to anyone with ethics. Unfortunately, the Radical Feminism movement has this so stitched that unless a story is this bad or a man is deliberately killed in a vicious premeditated manner, the story won’t even be run in mainstream media let alone restitutions paid.

        • Morgan Rajan says:

          @Neil Has Australia achieved equal pay for equal work because most of the western world is still slowly getting there? I think we can agree that 60 minutes Australie is part of the mainstream media and did cover the story, it ‘s what lead me to this web page.

  25. Maris says:

    It is a legal system – not a justice system. My husband, family and I know, only too well.

  26. Daniel M McDonald says:

    This is disgraceful. Never should she have be released. What a terror.

  27. Brian Johnston says:

    Of course he will evade ‘whatever’.
    The police stick together. It is them versus society.
    They are a ‘brotherhood’.

  28. Williambtm says:

    Through the agency of so many people having online access nowadays that it’s only a short amount of time that this gross injustice dished out to Dan Jones becomes known to many thousands of people. Even worse is that the State’s Police Force is reluctant to make any comment. In other less Westernized countries, the people would rebel against their police forces knowing this kind of schitt is going on.
    A classic case of how the people in Australia are increasingly unable to trust the police uniform.
    There are good police officers out there, more than there are crooked police officers, problems begin when their work colleagues believe what claims are being made by those bastard crooked police officers.
    Usually, the crooked police are the ones holding high rank, that’s how it is in Tasmania.
    Add to that the State’s dodgy Supreme Court judges, then this State’s justice department, though I do make an exemption for the honorable Justice Brett.

  29. Robin Bowles says:

    Unfortunately, this and many sagas like it continue! Cops don’t commit perjury … if they lie under oath it’s called ‘noble corruption. — yes, they have term for it. It’s used to protect their mates or strengthen a flimsy set of evidence . I’ve signed the petition. I hope all your readers do too!

    • Peter Gill says:

      Mark Geragos wrote an excellent book in which he explains that most witnesses testify but cops testilie – and that most (not all, just most) of the cops do so because they think they’re actually doing the right thing, to keep the scum off the streets, ie they think it’s for the overall good to testilie in court. I highly recommend his book.

      • Tony Lawlor says:

        Which begs the question, considering the number of Law Enforcment Officers who have been caught lying in court to futher their case Why do Judges still take the word of a police officer as Gospel.

        • S says:

          Because they’re just as corrupt if not worse, and get off on victimizing people who have no recourse to hold them accountable?

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