Sara Jane Parkinson’s crooked cop husband evades justice again

BETTINA ARNDT’s update on the infamous Sarah Jane Parkinson case of false rape accusations, and its ongoing damage. 

Sarah Jane Parkinson was sent to prison after making false rape and violence accusations against her ex-fiance, Dan Jones (as we reported). The whole story is featured on Mothers of Sons, as Dan’s mother, Michelle explains the terrible damage caused to their family.

Despite the best efforts of the Jones family and many of my followers to lobby the ACT parole board, Parkinson was released after serving the minimum non parole period of just over 2 years. She is currently living with her suspended NSW police officer husband, Scott John White, in the Wollongong area and has changed her name to Sarah Jane White.

This has given her plenty of time to collude with Scott White who was facing a trial for perjury last week, on the 28th of June. The hearing was put off due to the Covid lockdowns and now the case looks likely to be heard in November.

White was charged with two counts of perjury some six months after Parkinson’s sentencing in 2019 – charges relating to his testimony at her trial in 2015. He stated that he had not assisted Parkinson to write her “statements” but there is undeniable evidence that he did coach her. White was inextricably involved right from the outset in helping Parkinson concoct her villainous allegations against Dan Jones. It was the discovery of their affair that led Jones to break off his engagement with Parkinson, and White and his other crooked cop mates were right in there, helping Parkinson try to destroy Jones and his family.

At the hearing last week, White’s legal representative approached the DPP and stated his client was willing to plead guilty to a lesser charge that did not involve jail time – an intriguing twist after endless adjournments of the matter over the last two years.

The Jones family is nervous that White plans to wriggle out of the serious charges he is facing and have expressed concern to the DPP. Their strong preference is that the DPP reject his “offer” and proceed to trial later this year so that White and Parkinson are put on the stand. Parkinson has never faced cross-examination, even at her own trial. Additionally, the evidence of other NSW police listed as witnesses could lead to additional charges.

The Jones family would love concerned readers to contact the ACT Attorney General Shane Rattenbury – – and put pressure on the DPP not to accede to White’s wishes. It’s very important these people are aware of community concern about the Jones case which has exposed bias and incompetence in the ACT justice system.

After two years, AFP Professional Standards in Melbourne still claims to be “investigating” the behaviour of police in the case – with absolutely no results to date. The Jones’ legal team continues their efforts to seek compensation but progress is extremely slow. And ACT authorities have endlessly sidestepped responsibility, avoiding the issue of an ex-gratia payment for the family as compensation for Dan Jones’ wrongful imprisonment. The saga continues.

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7 Responses to Sara Jane Parkinson’s crooked cop husband evades justice again

  1. Charles Sowards says:

    I think this woman should be made to pay restitution to this family, if not with cash then jail time, she should be doing 10 years min. How and what she put this family through is despicable. I just can’t find the words to fit the evil in this person, And her new love is just as bad, If theres any justice they will be put in a straight line and shot with one bullit, scum like this belongs on a pond, and thats where they should throw the body’s.

  2. Maris says:

    It is a legal system – not a justice system. My husband, family and I know, only too well.

  3. Daniel M McDonald says:

    This is disgraceful. Never should she have be released. What a terror.

  4. Brian Johnston says:

    Of course he will evade ‘whatever’.
    The police stick together. It is them versus society.
    They are a ‘brotherhood’.

  5. Williambtm says:

    Through the agency of so many people having online access nowadays that it’s only a short amount of time that this gross injustice dished out to Dan Jones becomes known to many thousands of people. Even worse is that the State’s Police Force is reluctant to make any comment. In other less Westernized countries, the people would rebel against their police forces knowing this kind of schitt is going on.
    A classic case of how the people in Australia are increasingly unable to trust the police uniform.
    There are good police officers out there, more than there are crooked police officers, problems begin when their work colleagues believe what claims are being made by those bastard crooked police officers.
    Usually, the crooked police are the ones holding high rank, that’s how it is in Tasmania.
    Add to that the State’s dodgy Supreme Court judges, then this State’s justice department, though I do make an exemption for the honorable Justice Brett.

  6. Robin Bowles says:

    Unfortunately, this and many sagas like it continue! Cops don’t commit perjury … if they lie under oath it’s called ‘noble corruption. — yes, they have term for it. It’s used to protect their mates or strengthen a flimsy set of evidence . I’ve signed the petition. I hope all your readers do too!

    • Peter Gill says:

      Mark Geragos wrote an excellent book in which he explains that most witnesses testify but cops testilie – and that most (not all, just most) of the cops do so because they think they’re actually doing the right thing, to keep the scum off the streets, ie they think it’s for the overall good to testilie in court. I highly recommend his book.

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