Hobart vigil for Bob Chappell & Sue Neill-Fraser

The support group for Sue Neill-Fraser, convicted of the murder of her partner Bob Chappell on Australia Day, 2009, is organising a vigil on the Parliament Lawns in Hobart. “The vigil is to remember Bob Chappell and to show our ongoing support for Sue Neill Fraser,” the Support Group said in a statement.

11am – 1pm
Parliament Lawns, Hobart

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4 Responses to Hobart vigil for Bob Chappell & Sue Neill-Fraser

  1. Keith says:

    I note in his first speech as Premier, Gutwein says he will govern for all and with compassion; SNF is his first test. Meet with the AG and Governor and get her out pending her appeal. Too much to hope for I suspect.

  2. Keith says:

    Over the last two days I have made similar postings in the comments section of the Mercury’s articles on the Premier’s resignation.
    Strangely, neither post has been published.

  3. Diane Kemp says:

    I totally agree Keith – his legacy of cronyism and corruption might change – one can be hopeful!!! Maybe a Royal Commission will move forward but what happened to Sue occurred on his watch and he cannot run from that. He lacks integrity, honesty and justice and Tasmania will be better off with him gone. Maybe Sue might receive her freedom now however the justice system is still full of the old boys who will continue to cover up.

  4. Keith says:

    Great to hear the news of the Premier’s resignation. Let’s hope this frees up his successor or the Attorney General to free SNF immediately on his departure.
    Let’s further hope that his successor is not a member of the Tasmanian legal fraternity boys club and calls for a royal commission into her wrongful conviction.

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