Release Sue Neill-Fraser now, readers demand

Our readers are angry. They want her released NOW. The long simmering sentiment is fuelled by Meaghan Vass’ eye witness testimony : obviously she didn’t do it, they say. This in spite of the upcoming appeal against her conviction for the murder of her partner, Bob Chappell, on Australia Day 2009.

In the wake of the 60 Minutes interview (March 10, 2019, Nine Network) in which Meaghan Vass admitted she was indeed an eye witness to the murder of Bob Chappell and her subsequent affidavit to the court clearing Neill-Fraser, those who always maintained Neill-Fraser had been wrongfully convicted are now seething.

On August 20, 2019, Sue Neill-Fraser will have been incarcerated for 10 years. She will be eligible for parole three years later; Justice Blow’s original sentence of 26 years and 18 years non-parole was reduced on appeal to 23 years and 13 years non parole.

We publish a selection of readers’ comments demanding her release:

Why should Sue remain in gaol a day longer than is necessary?
Why can’t the panel of three judges hear Sue’s case tomorrow?
Brian Johnston

I again call for the Federal Government to intervene urgently in this matter otherwise we will still be discussing this in 12 months with Sue still behind bars!!!

The really sad part is that due to the slow grind of the legal system, it is likely to be TWO MORE YEARS before Sue’s appeal is heard and granted. Meanwhile, she waits in prison.
Robin Bowles

No more ‘time’ for Susan Neill-Fraser – anywhere else it would not have gone to trial. Anywhere else, there would have been enough ‘reasonable doubt’
Anywhere else, she’d be a free woman at this moment!

…there is now signed evidence to not just support her innocence but completely clears her name, so why must she continue to wait for justice! Its ludacris!
Louise Banks

…yes it appears Tasmania is waiting for the SNF Appeal.
However, as I understand it, a Petition for Release CAN be given to the Tasmanian Governor and Attorney General for their consideration and action.

While she awaits a further hearing one would want to believe that a Government intervention could expedite her waiting time in prison to a Home Detention release, at least until the listing of her Right to Appeal hearing is determined.

My anger grows with each day she is kept separated from her family.
Diane Kemp

How long will Sue Neill-Fraser have to wait until her name is cleared as it has been too long for this appeal.
Nola Scheele

SNF SHOULD NOT have to appeal.
Sue should be let out of jail immediately!!!

Sadly, it won’t happen. Sue Neill-Fraser is still technically guilty of murder and will not be granted bail. The appeal process is expected to take at least a year, possibly two. That’s the legal system in action.

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10 Responses to Release Sue Neill-Fraser now, readers demand

  1. Williambtm says:

    A lot of people are unable to identify that Tasmania’s legal system and justice system is still functioning much the same as was fashionable way back in the 1830s.
    There are those exempted specials that are immune no matter how debased are their personal principles and their sordid actions participated therein.
    Even to this very day that relies on the age-old pomp and legal privilege, then add a generous amount of that era’s prosecutorial discretion.
    When all combined will form the fabric of law that continues to underlay the State of Tasmania.
    A classic example of that era was the flogging parson, the Reverend Samuel Marsden….exempt.
    Sue Neill-Fraser….guilty as pronounced, there will no exception allowed to any further consideration in this case matter.
    All rise as the Honorable Justice exits the court.

  2. Dixie Lee says:

    There is a Federal election coming up in a few weeks time and I would suggest that the ALP state that, if elected to govern Tasmania, they should commence to create a Royal Commission immediately into the murder of Bob Chappell. The present government has rejected this suggestion. I am sure that this idea would be a big vote winner.
    If the ALP would not agree to this, then the individual candidates should be asked their opinion on this suggestion.

  3. marie leone says:

    Our broken legal system has been ignored forever. Sue is not the first to soend years tortured by a disgraceful system which CANNOT be called Justice system.

  4. nola scheele says:

    When Sue Neill-Fraser was granted an appeal she should have been allowed to be with her family.
    The main thing is WHEN will this appeal be heard ???
    Also her appeal is not in a Magistrates Court so all the years she has been and will be in Risdon prison she will not be compensated when proven innocent.

    Apparently it is not only the Tasmanian police but also the Australian Federal police in Canberra in the case not of murder but the case of Danial Jones that split his Mum and Dad up costing them $600.000 to prove that Danial was innocent. They were not able to get compensation because the case was not in a Magistrates court.

    My point is how much is it costing Sue Neill-Frasers family when they find Sue innocent after all the years in prison.

    • Gruntle Massey says:

      Unfortunately SNF must be treated guilty until such time as it is otherwise proven. Her defence team are going to have to meticulously shore up the appeal brief because you dont get a second shot at it if you mess it up. It has to be prepared very carefully and I suspect getting access to M Vass is going to be difficult and protract matters.

      In the quest for law reform , there should be a process injected into the system whereby appeals driven by new compelling evidence can be expedited beyond the normal time frames. The compelling evidence is not hard to decide when you have a witness essentially exonerating the prisoner. Lift your game, Tasmania.

  5. Mauryeen says:

    What are theTasmanian Police doing now that they have all this new evidence to bring to justice the real MURDERERS. Are they to frightened to make themselves look more stupid than they already are.
    Wouldn’t find the real MURDERERS fix everything here????????

    • DK says:

      I ask the same question Mauryeen – why indeed are they not following up on the information given? Any why does there appear to be some sort of protection for the now named person/people? I also call on the good police – there must be some in Tasmania – to do your job and right this wrong even if you have to take on the heavyweights who are determined to block any investigation!!!! Shame on those from the Premier down who continue to sit on their hands and enjoy their freedom each day for however long that might last them!!!!

  6. Roscoe says:

    Sue’s “case” will be heard later in the year? What year?
    One assumes it will be in 2019.
    In the meantime, despite all the evidence, some taken into account, the others rejected by wise folk (gender not named) should be sweating on a rightful retrial that should show the idiocy of the prosecution case, the flawed defence and the shocking bulling of witnesses, including a 15 year old at the original trial. Does not Tas Education support “respectful and inclusive relationships”. Guess that Megan fell through their elitest loop, concerned with their protocols and GSL’s – suffer the children, as some person said a long time ago.
    Who ever is looking after Megan at this point of time, for whatever reasons, you and yours are true champions. Hug her for us and those, that like us, appreciate her bravery. And we look forward to her, and others, to allow Sue to enjoy the freedom so wrongly taken from her.

  7. LB says:

    This is ludicrous…. how is it that all the well publicised calls for an urgent review of this case is still falling on deaf ears? Especially when so many experts have called for action? The Tasmanian government clearly does not seem to understand that the longer they dither with inaction, the more incompetent and corrupt they will appear! Where is the Tasmanian Governor and the Tasmanian Attorney General? The spotlight of the international media and legal fraternities should well and truly be on Tasmania, and refuse to fade until the Tasmanian blinkers are taken off so that Susan Neill – Fraser’s case can be swiftly and fairly reviewed. This is Australia?

  8. Stephen Menadue says:

    I know what it’s like to serve a prison sentence year after year. Inside prison is a totally unique and stressful situation. The prison community doesn’t take long to understand but makes one feel totally helpless and hopeless. However, i was guilty so i can’t imagine what it is like for Sue. She will be a changed person when she gets out. Pressure makes diamonds Robin B. Just keep hoping and loving for your Mum.

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